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Checklist For a Long Road-trip on Your Two Wheeler!

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

As a rider stuck at home, how often do you find yourself lost in fantasies about going out on a long, adventurous road trip? Well, with the opportunity just around the corner, it seems like its the right time to hit the open streets. While you pack your backpack, we decided to compile a checklist for your road-trip. Read on to know if you are covered (intended pun) - 

Checklist for your Road-trip  

1. An up-to-date-smooth functioning bike: 

Wait, we are predicting your reaction will be, “Well, of course!” But before heading out is to ensure your bike is running without any trouble.

a. Tires: Get your tires and tire pressure checked. 

b. Engine Oil: Talk to a specialist about the nature of the motor oil and if it will last the long ride.

c. First-aid Kit: Carry a first aid pack with painkillers and anti-fungal ointments for rashes. 

d. Air Filter: Long rides mean more dirt and residue, so your air channel needs to be perfect.

2. Mobile Accessories

What better way to vacation that to ride across the country roads with your favourite songs playing? Add those headphones and Bluetooth. You can synchronize maps with your Bluetooth and get directions without looking into your phone (after all, nothing beats the GPS). 

3. Power Bank 

This goes without saying but you should never leave on a road trip without carrying one or even two extra power banks. Since you'll be using your telephone for the GPS, music, and Insta-worthy pictures, it is important to keep your battery charged. 

4. Spare Gloves 

To protect your hand from getting numb, carry a pair of gloves. However, since gloves tend to get sweat-soaked pretty quick, you will need an extra pair. Do not ride with wet gloves as they can lead to infections. If you do not have an extra pair of gloves, stop, hang your pair to dry in the sun and enjoy the view. 

5. Map (on paper) 

While Google Maps is a reliable guide, there may be a few zones with poor or no availability during your ride. For those areas and in case of emergencies, keep an actual paper guide handy to help get you through. 

6. Documents

Since you will be travelling across state borders, it is important to have your paperwork. Here is a list of documents you will need - Registration Certificate (RC), Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC), Driving License, Valid Two-Wheeler Insurance. 

How To Get Your Bike Insured? 

As a responsible rider and citizen, you should have valid two-wheeler insurance before starting your trip. This ensures both you and your bike are secured in case of injuries or damages due to any unforeseen events. Apart from the Third Party Liabilities, two-wheeler insurance also covers Own Damage (OD). You can easily buy the policy online through the insurer’s website or compare quotes using an aggregator. 

Why Two Wheeler Insurance Matters? 

  • Riding Without Two Wheeler Insurance is Illegal

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, bike protection is mandatory across India. It is a criminal offence to ride around on a bike without a valid two-wheeler insurance protection. If caught, you will have to pay a hefty fine.  

  • Long Road-trips are Risky

No matter how great a rider you are, Moreover, the truth of the matter is that everything doesn't rely on you. There is a chance of a mishap, especially during a long trip. You must be well prepared for things that are out of your control. 

In case you're engaged with a mishap and support injury to yourself or an outsider, the expenses can give you a budgetary difficulty. Here's the place where protection acts the hero by dealing with hospitalization costs. 

  • Protection Against Natural Calamities

While you are out and about, depending on the area, you may encounter natural calamities like floods, storms, or earthquakes. If you are going to the mountains, be prepared for unannounced avalanches. Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance offers protection against these events. It also covers man-made calamities like theft, riots, fires, etc.


Getting back on the road is exciting but you need to be cautious. Remember to doublecheck your bike’s tires, engine, paperwork, and validity of your two-wheeler insurance. If this is your first trip, don’t be afraid to explore but remember to be financially secure with a bike insurance plan.

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