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Does Your Two Wheeler Insurance Cover Riot Damages?

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Uncertain events often come uninvited and one of them is riots. Riots can emerge any time owing to any unanticipated disturbance in the economy or contradiction of beliefs of different groups. Getting stuck in the middle of a riot can be dangerous not only for yourself but also for your two wheeler. It is always advisable that you take protective shelter during a riot. Having a two wheeler insurance cover ensures that even if you have to leave your two wheeler behind and it suffers from any damage, you can have adequate cover for it. 

Your two wheeler insurance cover must be comprehensive and robust to provide all-around protection under all circumstances. Riots are unexpected and you may require repairing costs due to damages from one. Read on to find out whether your two wheeler insurance covers riot damages.

Types of Two Wheeler Insurance Plans Which Cover Damages By Riots

There are three types of two wheeler insurance plans available in the market. However, damages by riots are covered under 2 of them namely Standalone Own Damage Two Wheeler Insurance Plans and Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance Plans. The “Own Damage” component of these two plans covers riot damages. A Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Plan does not provide coverage for damages due to riots. 

Damages by riots may include broken headlights, dents due to stone pelting, fire, theft, loss of the vehicle and more. With adequate proof, it is possible to claim cover for such damages to your two wheeler. A Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance Plan is a robust insurance policy that provides sufficient cover for many contingencies like riots and even natural disasters and more. It is best to opt for this type of two wheeler insurance plan as it is truly worth the cost.

How to Make a Two Wheeler Insurance Claim for Riot Damages?

You can make a two wheeler insurance claim for riot damages in the following manner - 

  • Inform your insurance provider as soon as possible. However, since riots are unpredictable events that can cause much trouble, delays in informing are considered in most cases. Remember, the damage must not be deliberate and caused by the policyholder. Otherwise, the claim for riot damage cover might be rejected. The delay in information is considered if it has occurred due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • Upon intimation, the insurance provider will provide you a claim intimation number which can be later used by you to track the progress of the claim.
  • After registering your insurance claim request, the insurance provider will send a surveyor to your place to assess the damage incurred by your two wheeler in the riots.
  • The surveyor will submit a damage assessment report to the insurance provider basis which your claim will be accepted or rejected.
  • Upon acceptance of your claim request, the insurance provider will help you with the repairs of your two wheeler. You can choose to either get the two wheeler repaired at one of the network garages of the insurance company or a garage of your choice.
  • In case you get the repair work done at a network garage, the repair bill will be directly settled by the insurance provider with the garage and you would only be required to pay for the applicable deductibles. Whereas, if you choose a non-network garage, you will be required to pay the repair bill yourself and raise a reimbursement request with the insurance company for the same. The reimbursement usually takes 7-10 working days.

On his way back to home from work in February 2021, Mr. Sharma was unfortunately caught in the midst of a riot. Thankfully, he had been able to leave unscathed but his bike had taken a few hits from stone pelting. As a result, there was some damage on its body. He decided to claim the benefits from his two wheeler insurance provider from whom he had purchased a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy in June 2020, so that he could get the best repairs done for his two wheeler. He informed his insurance company on the next day itself via reaching out to their Customer Support team on call. He was provided with a Claim Intimation Number upon successful registration of his claim.

The insurance company then sent a surveyor at Mr. Sharma’s place to inspect his two wheeler and report the findings. Once the inspection was complete, and the damage report was accepted by his insurance provider, he was helped by his insurance provider in getting the repairs done for his two wheeler at the nearest network garage.

Documents Required to Make a Two Wheeler Insurance Claim for Damages Due to Riots

To successfully claim from your two wheeler insurance policy, you must provide sufficient proof of the riot and incident as well as submit all required documents. The following are the usual documents required to make a two wheeler insurance claim for damages due to riots:

  • Copies of two wheeler insurance policy documents
  • Duly filled and signed claim form with accurate information present
  • First Investigation Report
  • Fire Brigade reports and accounts if applicable
  • Valid assessment report that accounts for all damages that have been reported in the claim
  • Original receipts of repairs or replacements done as a result of damages caused by the riot

Best 5 Two Wheeler Insurance Plans for Protection Against Riots

There are many two wheeler insurance plans that are available from various two wheeler insurance companies. To help you make a better choice in choosing a two wheeler insurance plan, here are the 5 best two wheeler insurance plans for protection against riots on the basis of the claim settlement ratio registered by them in the financial year in 2019-2020.

Two Wheeler Insurance PlanClaim Settlement Ratio FY 2019-2020*
IFFCO Tokio Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance95.30% 
Royal Sundaram Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance92.66% 
Universal Sompo Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance90.78% 
Oriental Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance91.76%
HDFC ERGO Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance91.23% 

(*Data As Per IRDAI Annual Report FY 2019-2020).

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