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Does Your Two Wheeler Need The Engine Protection Add-on Cover?

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Purchasing an insurance plan online for your two-wheeler can be confusing. With such a wide range of products, it can be really difficult to choose one from the choices available. The trouble does not end there - the jargon and complex technical language makes it harder to pick the one that suits you the best. At the time of buying a two-wheeler insurance, it is best to focus on maximum coverage at a reasonable premium amount. Investing in additional covers like Engine Protection is a great way to stay financially secure. Since the engine is the most important part of your bike, it is important to make sure you give it the care and protection it deserves. Read on to know how you can do that -

What is Engine Protection Cover? 

Engine Protection Cover is an Add On cover coupled with a Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan to provide financial coverage against any fixing cost in case the engine or any of its parts suffer damage. 

A standard Comprehensive insurance plan does not cover the fixing cost suffered by the enginer or its parts. In case of a road accident, various parts like the engine’s cylinder, pins, gearbox, etc may encounter damage. Under an Engine Protection Cover, your insurance provider will compensate you for these damages along with the regular repair cost. This cover ensures you have a financial safety net against the damages to your engine due to spilling of grease or oil, hydrostatic lock, or even water entering the engine. 

If you live in an area that experiences year on year floods, you will be familiar with the trouble of water entreing your vehicle. This water, along with the toxins it carries can be harmful for your two-wheeler. Damages sufferred by you in such scenarios are not covered under your ordinary insurance plan. Therefore, it is an absolutely necessary for you to purchase an Engine Protection Cover, if you reside in a flood-prone area. 

How does an Engine Protection Cover Work? 

A two-wheeler engine is the most expensive part of your two-wheeler. Hence any repair or replacement of its parts will be equally expensive as well. A two-wheeler engine protection add-on will cover damages and losses to the engine and its components.

Let’s understand this with an example: 

Anupam Kumar met with an accident while riding through the ghats. The fix or substitutions of motor parts like driving rod, cylinder and pins, chamber, and so forth can cost you a powerful Rs. at least 1,05,000. This is selective of the metal and plastic part costs, which could be an extra Rs. 20,000. 

On the off chance that you had a complete vehicle protection strategy as it were: 

You'd need to pay the whole motor fix costs and a piece of metal and plastic parts. 

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you likewise had the motor defender add-on cover: 

Your insurance agency would settle the whole sum for motor fixes or substitution. 

A motor is the core of a vehicle. A vehicle with a harmed motor is garbage. Useful for the two-wheeler port. Yet, not for driving. So feel free to secure your vehicle's heart, ensure your's motor with a motor insurance cover. 

What is Included in the Two-wheeler Engine Protection Cover? 

The Engine Protection Cover is in addition to the regular comprehensive cover with unique features and benefits. The insurance company will reimburse up to the amount specified in the policy for expenses towards repair or replacement of engine parts that are damaged. Below are the features and benefits of two-wheeler Engine Protection Add-on:

  • Damage due to leakage of lubricating oil inside the engine is covered.
  • Damages caused due to water entering the car engine.
  • Physical damages to components of the engine such as gearbox, pistons, connecting rods, etc.
  • Damages arising out of a hydrostatic lock, caused when trying to start the car when the water has entered the engine.
  • Beneficial, especially during monsoons, flooding, natural calamities, etc.
  • It is also beneficial if you have bought a new car or if you have an expensive car since the bill for engine repair or replacement of parts can be expensive.

What is Not Included in the Two-wheeler Engine Protection Cover?

Like all insurance policies, there are some exclusions in the Engine Protection Cover add-on. Read on to find out what is not covered in the Engine Protection Cover Add-on:

1. Force-Start the Engine

When the two-wheeler is submerged in the water, there is a good chance that water has entered the engine. Do not start the engine forcefully, this can lead to rejection of the claim.

2. Consequential Damages

The policy will not cover consequential damages or losses if the insured vehicle is driven after an accident. Insurers tend to reject the claim during such incidents.

3. Limited Claims

During the policy period, the policyholder can raise only two claims against the Engine Protection Add-on. This add-on is offered with limited validity.

4. two-wheeler’s Age Limit

The add-on is not available for two-wheelers older than 5 years. Hence, it is limited only to two-wheelers which are not more than 5 years old.

What documents are needed to file a claim under the engine protection cover?

To raise a claim to repair or replace components of your two-wheeler engine is similar to the process to raise a claim for your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. By following a few steps you can register a claim two-wheeler insurance for engine protection cover:

  • Step 1: Inform your insurance company about the damages or losses to your two-wheeler’s engine components.
  • Step 2: The insurance provider will assign a surveyor to assess the damage to settle the claim.
  • Step 3: You can get a reimbursement for the repair bill towards the repair or replacement of engine parts such as pistons, connecting rods, gearbox, etc.

Scenarios where your bike insurance company may reject your claim under two wheeler engine protection cover

1. Claims arising out of Consequential Losses

If you drive a damaged two-wheeler which further deteriorated the condition leading to engine damage, then such losses will not be covered under the two-wheeler Insurance Policy.

2. Driving a modified two-wheeler without intimation

When you took the insurance policy, you made some declarations on two-wheeler specifications like engine capacity, alloys, or others. This is what the policy will cover for you. But after some time, you got an upgrade in the two-wheeler’s engine and did not intimate the same to the insurer.

So, if you meet an accident, the insurance company has the complete authority to reject the claim on the grounds of un-notified two-wheeler modifications.

3. Negligence

Any kind of negligence that contributes to the occurrence of losses will not be covered. Like if you drive your two-wheeler in flooded areas despite the manufacturers manual which states the two-wheeler will breakdown if driven in such condition. The claim arising in such a situation will not be paid.

A two-wheeler Insurance Policy helps us to redeem the loss amount which we would otherwise spend from our savings. It will be prudent of you to not commit any mistake that may lead to the rejection of a two-wheeler insurance claim

4. When you drink and drive

You know that drunk driving is a legal offence and it will lead you to criminal processing. Imagine it was a friend’s party in which you consumed alcohol with your friends. After dinner, you were driving your two-wheeler but lost control and banged a third person’s two-wheeler. The traffic policemen may immediately grab you and the loss bearing party files a claim.

The insurance company will investigate the case and on establishing the fact that you were drunk which led to an accident and claim, they will deny further execution of claim.

Who should get the two wheeler engine protection add-on cover?

When do you buy engine protection cover along with comprehensive two-wheeler insurance? This add-on is an excellent add-on for you:

  • If you live in a flood-prone area.
  • If you own an expensive two-wheeler.
  • If you bought a new two-wheeler.
  • If you want to cover all risks and not leave it to chance.
  • If you are looking for that extra cover for the engine too.

Please note that the coverage differs between insurance companies. It is essential to read the terms and conditions two-wheeler fully before opting for the same.

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