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List of Essential Bike Insurance Add-on Covers This Monsoon!

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Monsoons are a delight when they come, but not so much for your bike. Rain as well as harsh winds can harm your bike if left unprotected. If storms are common in your region, your bike can get damaged by flying objects. Your two wheeler insurance must be available to provide comprehensive protection in the monsoon.

To enhance the protection provided by your two wheeler insurance plan, you can opt for add on covers too. To find out how better you can protect your bike in monsoon and about add-on covers, read on.

What Are Bike Insurance Add-on Covers?

Bike insurance add-on covers provide more robust protection in addition to what is provided by the base insurance plan. They are additional covers that are available with both comprehensive two wheeler insurance plans as well as standalone own-damage two wheeler insurance plans.  

They are available in many varieties and cover a wide range of concerns. The policyholder is free to choose among them and need to pay a separate nominal premium for availing them. The premium for add-ons may appear as an additional cost but it provides significant protection against contingencies that might result in hefty expenses at the time of a claim settlement.

List of Add-On Covers that Protect Your Bike in Monsoon

Following are a list of add-on covers to choose from, in order to protect your bike during the monsoon season

1. Tyre Protection Cover: Tyres are susceptible to damage due to water as well as stray debris that might be present due to monsoon weather conditions. This add-on provides protection against bursting, in-tyre bulging, and other damages usually incurred by tyres during the rainy season.

2. Engine Protection Cover: If you live in a heavy-rainfall region, this add-on is worth consideration. Water damage to engines is common and repair can be costly. To cover your engine from such damage, make sure to get an engine protection add-on.

3. Roadside Assistance Cover: A Roadside Assistance Cover two wheeler insurance coverage and assistance if your bike faces any problem in the middle of the road. It covers all kinds of roadside assistance that might be required including towing vehicles, flat tyre, fuel shortage, lost key, emergency accommodation and more. Since roads are often worse during the monsoons, this is a good add-on option to avail.

4. Hydrostatic Lock Cover: A hydrostatic lock is a common occurrence when water seeps into your bike’s air valves. It is quite understandable if your bike is stuck in a water-logged area or puddle. A hydrostatic lock can severely damage your bike and its mechanisms. If the engine is damaged, it can be quite costly. A cover like this can come in handy at such times.

Ms. Shruti purchased an ICICI Standalone Own Damage Two Wheeler Insurance Policy in May 2020 along with a Hydrostatic Cover. In July, due to the water-logging in her area, water seeped inside her two wheeler, causing a hydrostatic lock. Since she had a Hydrostatic Lock cover with her two wheeler insurance policy, she decided to contact her two wheeler insurance company to claim the benefits. 

She contacted ICICI General Insurance customer care team and filed a claim for the incurred damage. Upon filing her claim, she was asked to get an inspection done for her two wheeler. After inspection, she submitted the necessary documents like the filled claim form, a copy of her driver’s licence, etc to the insurance company. Her claim was soon approved of and she promptly got her two wheeler repaired at one of her nearest garages.

5. Consumables Cover: The consumables of a bike are parts such as its nuts, bolts, grease, clips, bearings, fuel, various oils and more. A consumables cover provides cover for such items. Although they are small, they can be easily damaged during the monsoon and pile up for a hefty expense. Therefore an adequate cover for consumables is a wise decision.

5 Tips Protect Your Bike During Monsoon Season

Besides having protective covers, it is also your responsibility to protect your bike during the monsoon. Here are 5 tips with which you can do that:

  1. Park Your Bike in Spots with A Roof: Whether you are at your home, or someplace else, always make sure to park your bike where there is a roof. Not only will it protect the bike from rain, but also from stray branches and more, that are frequent during the monsoon. It is a simple but effective precaution to protect your bike from harm.
  2. Clean Up Air-filter: Make sure to regularly clear up your air filter. This is especially essential during the monsoon season. Such regular cleaning will keep your bike clean and help it function better.
  3. Check Oil Chains, Levers, And Headlights: Whenever you are taking out your bike, especially on long trips, make sure to check these components carefully. During the monsoon, they can get easily damaged due to neglect. Proper maintenance can increase their longevity and effectiveness.
  4. Clean Your Bike More Frequently: Monsoons can make your bike dirty, very easily. Puddles, mud, stray debris and a lot more can cause severe damage to your bike if you do not attend to it. This is why it is important to clean your bike even more frequently than usual. With just a little care, you can ensure the better functionality of your bike.
  5. Get Timely Servicing of Your Bike: Regular services, especially during the monsoon are a must. Professional cleaning is more thorough and can reveal defects you didn't know your bike had. Servicing from time to time helps you better maintain your bike.


Monsoons can be difficult on your bike if the proper steps are not taken. However, these proper steps are easy to take. Make sure you get sufficient add-ons and follow the simple tips above for the betterment of your two wheeler.

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