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Essential Elements Of New India Assurance that Safeguard Your Two-wheeler

By Vikas Chandra Das
11 October 2022, 11:38 AM
Bike Insurance

The New India Assurance two-wheeler insurance brings you the benefit of several package policies and liability-only offerings. It provides wholesome protection to you and your two-wheeler and covers liabilities arising from third parties. 

New India's third-party bike insurance coverage is currently servicing millions of customers all over India. With several practical offerings, such as servicing across approved garages and 24*7 claim assistance, customers can benefit from a wide range of valuable services of bike insurance online

Availing of two-wheeler insurance online provides several benefits to the policyholder. From availing cashless claims, different add-ons, and quick claim settlement to a no-claim bonus, there are many ways in which the insurance option safeguards your two-wheeler. Let us get to know about the features of New India Assurance. 

Even if you compare bike insurance options from different policy providers, you will find that the claim procedure at New India Assurance is relatively simple and hassle-free. New India offers mainly two types of bike insurance policies. These include no-fault bike insurance that covers physical injury to third parties, responsibility for property damage and personal accident bike insurance for owners or drivers. 

Features and Advantages of New India Assurance 

New India bike insurance policy offers several features and advantages, making it a desirable option for two-wheeler owners. It also offers optional covers, including road safety insurance which provides compensation for hospitalisation costs in the event of an accidental injury. 

The policy also provides coverage for personal accident damages up to the limit of INR 15 lakh. Paying an extra premium can also give policy owners access to add-on coverage such as accessories and personal accident coverage. 

  • It provides 3rd party bike insurance and several policy packages.
  • Provides coverage for physical hurt to an individual and protection for liabilities towards third parties in the event of damage due to policy owners' two-wheeler.
  • Through comprehensive policy offers compensation for losses that occur due to natural/man-made calamities such as earthquakes, cyclones, storms, typhoons, strikes, riots and more.
  • Cover for the personal accident of the owner or the driver.

Types of Policies and Variants 

There are two types of two-wheeler insurance policies offered by New India Assurance.

Liability-only Policy: This type of policy is mandatory as per the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act. It protects third-party against property damages, injuries, bodily harm, or death due to an insured two-wheeler. It is mandatory to buy at least third-party bike insurance to ride safely in India. 

Package Policy: This type of two-wheeler vehicle insurance takes care of any legal liabilities arising from bodily injury and property damage to a third party involving accidents due to an insured two-wheeler. It also covers accidental damages and losses to your two-wheeler, which can occur due to fire, burglary, strikes, earthquakes, floods, cyclones, terrorist activities, riots, strikes and more, which can occur during transit.

Insurance Add-ons and Exclusions 

The New India Assurance comprehensive bike insurance provides add-on coverage to your bike, including:

  • Coverage for losses and damages to accessories fitted in your two-wheeler.
  • Personal accident cover for passengers and paid drivers.
  • You can also take an add-on for taking care of any legal liabilities for employees.

The following items are excluded from the purview of the motor insurance offered by New India Assurance:

  • Damages to vehicles occur due to drunk driving.
  • Regular wear and tear to the vehicle.
  • Driving a vehicle without a legal licence.
  • Consequential damages to the vehicle.
  • Damage due to electrical and mechanical failures.
  • Negligence of contributory nature.
  • Accidents that are staged.

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How to Choose Cover for the Policy?

Any person who owns a two-wheeler is eligible to buy two-wheeler insurance. You can choose the cover of the bike insurance policy according to the insured declared value, which is the amount insured per motor policy.

In a scenario where the two-wheeler is stolen or suffers complete damage, the policy's coverage amount is payable based on such insured declared value. Usually, the insured declared value of a two-wheeler is determined based on the vehicle's selling price by the manufacturer, depending on the brand, model and variant of the vehicle. 

In case the two-wheeler is older than five years, the insured declared value of such vehicles is determined based on mutual agreement between the insurer and the insured.

What Makes New India Assurance a Good Insurer for Your Two-wheeler?

What sets New India Assurance aside is its complete coverage through online third-party bike insurance and comprehensive insurance plans, making it among the best bike insurance companies.

Apart from these two covers, policyholders can also avail of several optional covers through road safety insurance, through which policyholders can avail of compensation for hospitalisation costs in the event of accidental injuries.

Customers can also opt for two-wheeler insurance renewal through a hassle-free renewal process through the policy provider. 

No-policy coverage discounts remain around 20%-50%—the discount rate depends on the vehicle and the number of years without policy coverage. 

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1. Is it beneficial to purchase a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan from the New India Assurance company?

It is ideal to obtain full coverage against your risks, for which comprehensive bike insurance is ideal. This type of coverage from bike insurance companies protects against losses or damages to your two-wheeler, along with injuries or damages to a third party. Moreover, you also get an option to purchase several additional benefits such as roadside assistance covers and return to invoice cover with such insurance options. 

2. At New India Assurance, which factors determine the cost of the premium for first-party bike insurance?

The quantum of premium payable for a policy from New India Assurance depends on factors such as the model of the two-wheeler, the geographical zone within which the policy falls, the engine's cubic capacity, the insured's age, and the insured's declared value (IDV).

3. Is it possible to purchase the original policy and bike insurance renewal online from New India Assurance?

You can use the bike insurance calculator tool online at New India Assurance to purchase an original policy or renew one. The policy can be issued online and downloaded from the website of New India Assurance. In addition, a copy of the policy will also be emailed to you on your registered email ID.

4. Can I avail bike insurance renewal for my New India Assurance policy online?

Online renewal of your bike insurance policy from New India Assurance is possible. The cost of the premium for such renewal is determined based on the insured declared value, the age of the two-wheeler, the geographical zone of the vehicle, the cubic capacity of the engine and the additional covers opted by you.


5. Which documents are required to lodge a policy claim from New India Assurance?

New India Assurance may seek the following documents at the time of filing a claim- A copy of FIR or police report, a copy of the policy for the two-wheeler, a driving licence, form for a claim, which should be duly filled and signed, certificate of registration of the vehicle, and relevant receipts showing the amount of premium paid. 




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