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How Can You Calculate a Two-wheeler Insurance Cost in India?

By Juhi Walia
09 September 2022, 3:47 PM

A bike insurance calculator is an online application that estimates your two-wheeler insurance rate. Simply input your two-wheeler's make and model, date of registration, city of registration, and kind of bike insurance policy, such as third-party or comprehensive, and the online bike insurance calculator will create a quotation for you. This may be further optimised by including any no-claim-bonus, add-on, or alternative covers that you may like.

Actually, online insurance plans are beneficial since they cut out the middlemen, are quicker, involve less paperwork, and are frequently cheaper. By visiting the websites of individual insurance companies or by comparing the rates on insurance aggregator websites, you may compare the cost of two-wheeler insurance premiums online. 

Use an online two-wheeler insurance premium calculator to help you analyse your demands and find the finest options for your particular circumstance as you make your choice. Countless free online calculators are available. To calculate the premium amount, simply input some basic details about your two-wheeler, such as the IDV, cubic capacity, registration zone, and vehicle age. The IDV is the sum that the insurance will always pay you in the event of damage, theft, etc. Depreciation is subtracted from the manufacturer's declared selling price to calculate it. However, that does not include the price of insurance or registration. Pay with the sum determined online.  

Importance of a Bike Insurance Policy for You

The biggest reason to have insurance is that you may make a cashless settlement when you need to take your two-wheeler to the mechanic. This makes it easier to cover losses caused by third-party individuals or property. In reality, a comprehensive bike insurance policy will cover bodily injuries sustained by the driver or a third party.

However, it is critical that you renew your policy before it expires to avoid a gap in coverage. Aside from that, your bike is insured against damage caused by unanticipated circumstances such as theft, personal injury, third-party responsibility, and many more. Purchasing comprehensive bike insurance is unquestionably worthwhile.

Because an online bike insurance premium calculator assists you in making your selection, it will assist you in evaluating your needs and provide you with the best solutions for your individual situation. Choosing the best bike insurance policy is as important as selecting the best two-wheeler for your needs.

Calculating Two-wheeler Insurance Premiums

As we all know, there are several bike insurance policies on the market, each with its own set of perks and features. Calculating the two-wheeler insurance premium before purchasing the policy allows you to compare many plans depending on your budget and then select the one that best meets your demands. 

Here's why you should use the bike insurance calculator tool to calculate your insurance premiums?

Assists You in Choosing the Best Plan

A bike insurance premium calculator allows you to make an informed decision about financial protection for your two-wheeler. The online tool allows you to compare several insurers and the bike insurance packages they provide. As a result, you can easily purchase the best bike insurance policy.

Aids Lowering the Premium for You

A variety of factors influence the computation of two-wheeler insurance premiums. You can use the tool to determine which elements, like add-on covers, influence an increase or decrease in the bike premium price. Using a bike insurance premium calculator, you may find an appropriate bike insurance cover within your budget.

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Affordably Priced Alternative

You can use the online two-wheeler premium calculator to get an insurance coverage that is both inexpensive and meets your demands. Furthermore, it enables you to comprehend various plans and their benefits, as well as encourages you to select the most cost-effective bike insurance plan.

How Do You Use a Bike Insurance Premium Calculator?

Pick any 'Bike Insurance Calculator Online’. You will be led to a new page where you will be asked to input the following information:

  • Registration number of your bike
  • Your contact information
  • The birth date
  • Whether or not your bike is registered as a business vehicle
  • Whether or not you have bike insurance

Once all of the required information has been entered, click the 'Get Quote' button. Continue by providing information about your bike, such as:

  • The bike's make and model
  • Type of fuel
  • Additional vehicle-related information
  • Then, decide whether you want to get third-party bike insurance or comprehensive bike insurance. You are finished after providing a little personal data as prompted. The tool will calculate and display the bike insurance premium on the screen based on the information you've entered.

How Does the Two-wheeler Calculator Function?

Given that you are now familiar with how to use the bike insurance calculator, it is logical that the tool comes into use when calculating the bike insurance premium. A bike insurance calculator is your go-to tool for determining the cost of your chosen two-wheeler insurance policy, whether you're wanting to obtain a new bike or a used one. 

Here's how the bike insurance calculator works when purchasing insurance for a new or used motorcycle:

For Used Bikes

When purchasing or renewing a bike insurance policy for an old bike, the tool assists in determining whether or not there are any premium deductions. Because the age of the bike affects the insurance premium cost, it is essential to consider this element.

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For Brand-new Bikes

Purchasing insurance for a new motorcycle necessitates significant study and examination. It is easy to compare different insurance policies when using a bike insurance calculator tool. Furthermore, based on the rates obtained, you may proceed to purchase a policy that provides comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.


So, now that you know how to calculate your bike insurance price, go online and receive a precise quotation for your bike insurance policy. When purchasing bike insurance in India, you will be able to make an informed selection based on the many estimates you obtain.

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1. Can I use a bike insurance premium calculator anytime?

Yes, an online calculator is easy to access anytime, 24x7. 

2. Is it wise to use a bike insurance calculator online?

Definitely! This online device helps you in taking the informed decision by letting you know the exact calculation of your premium online. 

3. What is voluntary deductible in bike insurance? What are the advantages?

The voluntary deductible or excess is the portion of the claim amount that a bike owner knowingly decides to pay when the claim is settled. This sum is in addition to the mandatory deductible that you must pay as part of your two-wheeler insurance coverage. Bike owners choose a voluntary excess or deductible to reduce their bike insurance rate. If policyholders choose voluntary deductibles, they receive a premium reduction. However, it is not wise to choose a large voluntary deductible to lower premium costs because you would be getting less compensation from your insurance company at the time of claim settlement.

4. What is "mandatory excess"?

Compulsory excess is the same as mandatory deductible. It is the percentage of the claim amount that a policyholder must pay when a claim is settled under two-wheeler insurance.

5. Is there any drawback to purchasing bike insurance online?

No, there are no downsides to purchasing bike insurance online. On the contrary, it is incredibly useful since it saves time, money, is more convenient, and is safer.

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