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How to Maintain Your Two-wheeler's Paint?

By Juhi Walia
28 September 2022, 11:05 AM

We always want our two-wheeler to last long and look the best at all times. But sadly, with some ignorance, the two-wheeler faces worn outs, faded paints, and scratches, making them less visually appealing. Hence it will not be out of the place to mention that having two-wheeler insurance by the side can save you go through a lot.

Maintaining your two-wheeler's health from the outside is as essential as it is from the inside. In this article, we will cover how to maintain your two-wheeler's paint job. We will go through 7 tips which will help you ensure that the paint job on your two-wheeler stays in the main condition.

Don't Wash Your Vehicle Too Much

So, you first must not wash your vehicle regularly and specifically talk about your moto cycles. You don't have to wash them daily. Many people may disagree with this point, but believe me, you don't have to wash it daily. You can do the dusting daily if you want instead of washing it.

You can use a soft dusting brush and cloths, chain clean, and chain lube-like substances to clean the body and the chain. You can also use the tyre shiner spray to give a new black shiny look to your old/used greyish tyres. One more tip is when you buy a tyre shiner, go for an oil-free one, as that would not make your tyres slippery on roads. All these tools and products are easily available on the market and amazon.

As far as washing your 2-wheeler is concerned, you can wash them once a week, and that's it. You can also wash your two-wheeler with shampoo once a month to get rid of all the dirt and grime, as these impurities get hardened on the surface over time and cause permanent damage, like scratches on the paint job. To ensure that no such build-up occurs, a thorough and deep clean once a month is required.

While washing your two-wheeler, you should be careful about using too much water to wash your vehicle, which may adversely affect battery terminals, spark plugs, etc., because you would never like to damage internal parts of your two-wheelers in search of a bright shiny outer look.

Keep It Under Shade

Tip no. 2 is very simple and straight. You need to park your two-wheeler shade. You cannot let the sunlight spoil the paint job on your two-wheeler. So yeah! Parking in the shade is really important.

Use a Two-wheeler Cover

You can always cover your bike with a parking cover that will protect the paint job from harmful sun rays, dirt, dust, and bird poop. The less your bike gets dirty, the more you save the time, effort, and water you use to clean.

Waxing the Paint Job

Waxing your two-wheeler is important as wax works as a lubricant between the paint and the external elements. It prevents impurities such as dirt and dust from accumulating on the paint job by making these fall off the surface.

Wax safeguard your paint, give your two-wheeler a shiny look and increase the life of your two-wheeler's paint job. There are many good wax polishers available in the market and on amazon.

Touch-ups are Important

No matter how careful you become, some minor scratches and marks are almost inevitable. You need to take care of the chip part. The paint portion that is chipped off and needs to be maintained must be taken care of.

You need to paint them back because that portion can get rafted. Remember, the raft is a paint-killer. You need to take care of the raft. The smart way to prevent your two-wheeler from getting scratched more often, you can cover the paint job with transparent film.

Teflon Coating on Your Paint

You need to do Teflon coating at least once a year. Teflon is a non-sticking chemical known as PTFE (Ploy Tetra Fluro Ethylene). Teflon coating is not all that expensive. It costs you around INR 300.

Get Your Two-wheeler Insurance

To keep your two-wheeler safe from the risks discussed above, like the paint fading and lighting over time, a two-wheeler insurance cover must avoid looking worn out and less attractive.

Now you can easily purchase the best bike insurance online at your convenience. The online two-wheeler insurance renewal process is also very easy. 

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1. How do I apply wax to the paint job?

Applying wax to a paint job is very simple. You can directly spray it on the surface from a distance of 8 inches or can also spray on a soft paper towel or any lint-free cloth and then gently rub it on the surface.

2. Can I paint over my existing two-wheeler's paint?

If the paint of your two-wheeler is faded or there are a lot of scratches and many places are chipped, you can surely think of painting over your existing paint job as that will give your two-wheeler a brand-new glossy look.

3. What are the threats of sunlight to my two-wheeler's paint job, and how can I avoid them?

The Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the sun are not just dangerous for your skin but for your two-wheeler's paint job too. It makes your paint colour fade and lighter over time, especially if your two-wheeler's colour is anything other than standing colours like White. Black, Silver, Grey, etc. 

Apart from the threats of sunlight on the outer part of the two-wheeler, it also causes fuel evaporation, fuel decomposition, and damage to engine oil, tyres, and other accessories.

Hence to avoid these problems, you can try to park your two-wheeler in shades or cover it with two-wheeler covers whenever you park outdoors under direct sunlight.

4. How do I protect my two-wheeler from rusting?

Rusting mainly comes from the accumulation of dirt on the surface of the paint job. To avoid rusting, you can install fenders and frame protectors over the wheel areas as it saves sensitive parts of your two-wheeler from direct contact with dirt and mud. Keeping the surface well-lubricated is a must to avoid rust.

5. How do I dry my two-wheeler after washing?

After a wash, you can just let the bike out for about 10-15 minutes to dry naturally, and you can also use soft paper towels or lint-free cloth to soak the water from the surface. Never use a blow-dryer to dry your two-wheeler, as the excessive heat causes damage to the paint job.

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