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How to Make Sure That You Pick the Right Insurance from Raheja QBE

By Juhi Walia
21 September 2022, 12:52 PM

If you wish to keep driving your bike legally without the possibility of a red mark, then you need bike insurance. It has been made mandatory as it is one of the best financial aids for two-wheeler drivers. It offers damage cover for the insured's bike or two-wheeler and possible cover for the third party. This is best if you are liable and responsible for the damages caused to the third party. 

The unpredictability of accidents is what makes two-wheeler insurance necessary. Applying for a safety cover is the best option that keeps your mind stress-free regarding unseen damages while focusing on more human factors and the effect on the drivers' mental peace post an incident.

Availing a Two-wheeler Insurance Policy  

When you have set your mind to buy a two-wheeler, you must be looking to buy a two-wheeler insurance policy. You can choose from three types of bike insurance policies: Liability or third-party bike Insurance, comprehensive bike insurance, and own-damage policy. 

Buying a bike insurance policy requires a thorough walk-through of the complete coverage and terms enclosed. But the most important point to consider is the common mistakes you must avoid when purchasing Raheja QBE bike insurance online.

A two-wheeler vehicle insurance from Raheja QBE enables more favourable bike insurance plans to meet the client's demands and deliver a pleasant experience. The services provided are satisfactory and of optimum value at the best price while ensuring that the plan is easy to peruse for a better understanding. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Buy Bike Insurance Online from Raheja QBE

Raheja QBE provides a very straightforward procedure for buying two-wheeler insurance online. To ensure that your coverage offers you the best possible options, you must exercise caution and avoid making some mistakes. 

  1. You often forget to research properly before buying the best bike insurance online. You can look at many options when buying a bike insurance policy. But if you are too hasty and do not look properly to compare the best options, you might land on an expensive deal with minimum return benefits. Therefore, compare bike insurance online to find the best offered at affordable prices and deliver advantageous results. This way, you can get the best coverage features, premium, and more.
  2. The offers to buy cheaper insurance policies attract you to make the wrong decision. While you might look for first-party bike insurance for formality and go for the lowest premium option, the returns on that policy might not be enough to cover major losses. That is when your pocket will suffer a heavy blow. Hence, it is necessary to balance between the premium and expected returns.
  3. The Insured Declared Value (IDV) in bike insurance chosen might be wrong. This value represents the current market value of your two-wheeler. The lower it is, the lower you have to go for the premium. But that also means you get a low IDV amount if you wish to avail yourself of the bike insurance policy. Hence, in this case, the best strategy is to balance the amount by going for a slightly valuable IDV to register for the best bike insurance.
  4. The terms and conditions of the policies are overlooked, and fine points are missed. When buying a two-wheeler insurance policy online, always review the terms and conditions and any fine print. This is because you might be stuck during the claim just because you didn't know about the inclusions and exclusions of the policy and relevant terms.
  5. The policy lapses due to negligence. The negligence is registered when you do not submit the premium on time each month. If you are too tardy, the policy relapses, and what you submitted as a premium holds no value for you anymore. To ensure this does not happen, it is important to be diligent in premium pay.


The above-listed pointers highlight mistakes one might make if you are not invested in looking up the policy before purchasing it. Most of these can be avoided only if you are being thorough in studying and reading all the fine points mentioned.

You can avail the best motor insurance by going for the bike insurance calculator to find the best deal for you. Only the best bike insurance companies can provide you with all the details till you are satisfied with buying third-party bike insurance online.

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1. Is it necessary to buy a bike insurance policy if I do not have an expensive luxury bike?

As per the Indian Motor Law, every two-wheeler owner must purchase two-wheeler vehicle insurance no matter whether the vehicle owned is a basic type or a luxury model. Additionally, motor insurance serves as financial aid in unforeseen incidents on the road. Hence, everyone must avail of bike insurance.

2. Is there a possibility of a no-claim bonus with Raheja QBE?

Yes, Raheja QBE offers a no-claim bonus in the case when you do not claim the entire tenure. You can also get an additional discount in the case of a personal damage premium when you go for the bike insurance renewal.

3. The bike insurance policy under Raheja QBE covers which policy plans?

Raheja QBE offers 3 different coverages under varying policies. 3rd party bike insurance plan covers legal damages caused to the third party. A comprehensive policy covers third-party liability and the insurer's vehicle. A personal damage policy covers only the insurer's vehicle in case of damages. In each case, some restrictive terms and conditions must be considered.  

4. Who are the best candidates to opt for zero depreciation?

Zero depreciation insurance for bike is required to receive the best claim amount. Hence, it is advisable for new bike owners, luxury vehicle owners, inexperienced drivers, drivers/owners travelling around vulnerable areas to opt for zero dep insurance for bike.

5. Do I need to buy the add-on bike insurance cover?

Going for the add-on cover is not mandatory when purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy. These add-ons are complimentary and optional to enable an advanced level of coverage to your existing bike insurance cover.

6. What are the documents that I need to present for bike insurance renewal?

The list of documents for the two-wheeler insurance renewal online includes personal policyholder information, details regarding the driver's licence, existing policy number, vehicle registration certificate and number, and payment method details for online premium payment.

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