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How to Trace Bike Owners by the Vehicle Registration Number?

By Juhi Walia
28 July 2022, 11:02 AM

Bike owners have to register their vehicles with the state transport office in India. This means it's now possible to search bikes using the registration number. If a bike theft happens, you can enter the details of your stolen bike on the official website of RTO and find all the bikes registered in your state.

Hence, the bike registration number plays a crucial role in India. It provides valuable details like the owner's name, address, city, and state. The bike registration number can apply in multiple ways. It makes it easy to trace the name, report a theft, or register your motorcycle, which is essential for a two-wheeler insurance claim. 

It is also helpful in knowing bike insurance information and verifying thefts before claiming compensation. You will require a bike registration number if you want to sell your vehicle or check your old two-wheeler insurance policy.

What are the Different Ways to Determine the Bike Registration Number?

The bike registration number is a 12-digit alphanumeric code printed on a sticker and pasted on the frame of the two-wheeler. This number acts as the vehicle's identity and helps track the owner. The registration number is also the RC book number or RC bookmark.

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) issues the registration number once you have applied for your bike license. The RTO issues a unique number to every vehicle and this number will be used for all future transactions like two-wheeler insurance.

Once you have received your bike registration certificate, you need to maintain it carefully because you will require it in case of bike insurance online claims after an accident, theft or other covered eventualities.

There are different ways to determine the bike registration number. The most common and easy way is to look at the vehicle plate number. In India, all vehicles must have a registration plate issued by the RTO office. The registration plate contains information about the state, district, and the RTO office from where it was issued.

The second way is to search through online databases like Vahan that store information about every vehicle registered in India. You can do this by entering your bike's make and model, colour and engine capacity, and its chassis type and body type.

Online Search

VAHAN is a government initiative for vehicle registration and tracking. It has made it easier for all vehicles to register, track and monitor. This helps everyone who owns vehicles and wants to track their vehicle details at any time.

It is a trusted platform through which bike registration details can be searched and obtained. It ensures a centralized database for all the vehicles registered in India.

You can follow the step-wise instructions for tracing the bike ownership that can be used for two-wheeler insurance online claims:

1. Visit the official website of VAHAN at www.vahan.nic.gov.in.

2. Enter all details such as the state, vehicle type code and vehicle serial number in the fields provided.

3. You will be sent to another page and add all the necessary details for searching for the two-wheeler.

4. A list of all two-wheelers matching your search criteria will appear on your screen.

Once all the bike details are registered at the RTO, you can easily trace the bike owner, which is crucial for two-wheeler insurance online.

Offline Search

1. Go to the nearest RTO office with the bike and registration number to search for the details.

2. The officer at RTO will give you a form and ask you to fill it up with all your details.

3. After filling up the form, give it back to the officer, and he/she will make photocopies of it, one for the official record and the other for you. Keep it safe in case of any future verification by the RTO or the police department (if any).

4. The RTO will take your contact details and text you the information on your registered mobile number.

Why is the Bike Registration Number Essential for Claiming Bike Insurance Online?

If you own a bike and want to claim the two-wheeler insurance online, you must have your bike registered. If you do not have the registration number of your vehicle, getting a bike insurance policy for it will become very difficult.

The first step in claiming your bike insurance online is registering yourself with the police department. This registration will require you to provide details about your bike, including its make, model, and engine capacity. Once you have provided this information, they will issue a unique number to your vehicle, which will be referred to as its registration number or RCN.

This RCN can be used by anyone who wants to check out the details about a bike, even if they do not know their owner’s name or address. This means that if someone comes across an accident where both the vehicles involved have been damaged badly and cannot move anymore, they can use this number to find out details about both vehicles involved. It helps in taking further action or even filing a two-wheeler insurance online claim on behalf of one party involved in this accident.

Wrapping Up

After knowing the importance of the bike RTO number, you should go to the vehicle authority and register your bike. If you want a no-claim bonus in bike insurance and any other benefit of bike insurance online, ensure that you take the registered bike RTO number on the day of filing your bike insurance online.

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1. Why is it essential to claim bike insurance?

If you are involved in an accident and the other party doesn't want to take responsibility, you can use your vehicle registration number as proof that it wasn't your fault. The other party would be forced to pay compensation if they were at fault.

2. How do you search for bike owner details in India?

There are many ways by which you can find out who owns a particular bike in India using its registration number. You can use both online and offline methods for retrieving details.

3. Why is the bike registration number significant?

Bike owners get a unique identity for their vehicles by providing the bike registration number to any service provider or authority. This number helps identify the vehicle more effectively and efficiently when compared to other means like name, address, etc.

4. What is a bike registration number?

A bike registration number is a 12-character alpha-numeric code on the registration certificate. It is also known as vehicle identification number (VIN) or chasis number. It is essential because it helps in identifying your bike from a log of bikes in India.

Illustrate an example of the importance of the bike registration number

Raj Kapoor has purchased a new motorcycle and wants to claim the insurance of the same bike. He gives the bike's registration number to his insurance company, which then searches for this number in its database and confirms whether it belongs to Raj Kapoor or not.

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