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How Two Wheeler Insurance Saves You During Heavy Rains?

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

It is incredibly dangerous to ride in heavy rains. It is important to take steps when doing so to ensure the safety to you as the rider and those on the road with you. Security is important, and you need to ensure that you are alert and cautious when riding in the mud, avoiding unwanted difficulties like accidents. However, because of water damage to the roads and two wheelers, monsoon is also a period when crashes and injuries are frequent. You can prevent mishaps by routinely maintaining and securing your two-wheeler.

Types of Two Wheeler Insurance Which Saves You From Heavy Rains

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, it is compulsory to have a third party two wheeler insurance while riding a two wheeler. During heavy rains, you must have a valid insurance for your two wheeler since it is prone to higher risk. Following are the types of two wheeler insurance during a rainy season:

  • Third-party Insurance - In the event of an accident, this form of coverage will only cover the damages incurred by the aggrieved party. The failure or harm to your own two wheeler is not covered under this plan.
  • Own Damage Bike Insurance Policy - This own damage two wheeler insurance policy protects a two-wheeler from losses and damages caused by:
    • Natural disasters such as rain, fires, floods, lightning strikes, earthquakes, and so on.
    • Theft, robbery, riots, strikes, malicious acts, and terrorism.
    • Externally induced accident.
    • Damage by air, rail, road, and water travel.
  • Comprehensive Policy - Comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy covers your two-wheeler against theft as well as damage caused by fire, riot, flood, or terrorism. It also provides the rider with accidental coverage in the event of an accident. It also covers third-party liability, or the amount that must be paid to a third party at the time of the accident.

How Two Wheeler Insurance Saves You During Heavy Rains?

It may be difficult to remain completely dry or avoid braking in traffic during heavy rains. This is where an insurance policy helps you. Two-wheeler insurance covers losses caused by fires, lightning strikes, earthquakes, floods, typhoons, hurricanes, landslides, and other natural disasters. Additional coverage under the two wheeler insurance include pillion rider injury coverage, spare parts coverage, and zero depreciation coverage which can be helpful in case of any accident due to the heavy rains.

Two Wheeler Insurance Add-ons You Must Have To Keep Yourself Shielded In Rains

There are various add-ons available in the market that may come in handy to keep yourself shielded in the rains. These are:

1. Engine Protection Cover: The standard insurance policy does not cover engine damage caused by water infiltration. To avoid being charged heavily for engine repair, it is wise to buy an engine protector add-on for your two wheeler. The engine protector add-on cover entitles you to compensation in the event of water-related engine damage, oil leakage into the engine, or a gearbox problem. This add-on is available when purchasing a new policy or renewing an existing one.

2. Roadside Assistance Cover: Two wheeler breakdowns due to waterlogging are a common occurrence during the rainy season, and you may find yourself in this situation at some stage. When this happens, getting a roadside assistance add-on cover comes in handy. Beneficiaries of this add-on are entitled to on-site assistance, such as battery jump starts, fuel refills, and tyre repair, as well as the provision of a crane if the two wheeler has to be towed to the service centre.

Mr. Seth goes to his workplace everyday on his bike. However, in July 2020, during a particularly heavy rainfall, his bike broke down on the way. He was anticipating this would happen as the bike had mistakenly been kept out in the rain the previous day. He immediately reached out to his insurance provider because he had purchased a Roadside Assistance Cover with his IFFCO Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance Policy.

Upon calling the IFFCO Tokio Customer Support team, he was asked to verify his identity via a few simple questions. After that, he was asked to give the particulars of his location and the nature of the assistance required. He was provided with prompt assistance as he had requested. The roadside assistance cover did not only help him get the required on-road assistance but also helped him reach his office in time.

3. No-Claim Bonus Protection: All it takes is a minor accident or an engine problem for your two wheeler to grow and you'll lose your no claim bonus all at once. If you have not claimed insurance during the policy duration and have benefited from paying lower premiums year after year by using your no claim bonus, you must purchase this add-on feature. With this add-on, even if you raise a claim, all your accumulated NCBs will remain intact. 

4. Consumables Add-On: Traditional two-wheeler insurance policies do not cover expenses for minor component replacements such as engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, nuts and bolts, wipers, and so on. However, the total cost of these components is considerably expensive. During the rainy season, it is highly probable that these components are damaged due to water infiltration. To prevent this expense, it is recommended that you buy a consumable cover add-on.

Tips to Avoid Bike Damages in Rains

You can make use of the below mentioned tips to avoid damages of your two wheeler during rains -

  • Ensure That Your Bike Is Serviced On A Regular Basis: Dust particles and water droplets collect on the two wheeler's body parts, reducing the two wheeler's efficiency. Regular maintenance can protect your two wheeler from damage caused by dust and water in the rain.
  • Examine The Braking System: In wet weather, the vehicle's stopping power is reduced. When riding on muddy, slick roads, perfectly working brakes ensure maximum protection.
  • Apply Lubricant To The Chain: Chains lose their lubrication during the rainy season, becoming rustic and ineffective. As a result, grease your two wheeler's chain to keep it in good working order. Rains can also do damage to levers and hinges, so they should be greased.
  • Park In A Shaded Spot: To prevent water from collecting on the two wheeler's various sections, it's always a good idea to park it in a covered region.


Above all, make sure your two wheeler is in good working order and is well maintained. Keep all of the above safety tips in mind while riding a two wheeler in the rainy season, particularly if you're travelling. You will ensure the optimum protection of both your two wheeler and yourself by doing so. Furthermore, in the event of an accident, do not panic and call the two wheeler insurance provider.

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