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Important Tips to Make Your Bike Smart and Eco-friendly

By Juhi Walia
21 September 2022, 10:57 AM

Maintaining your bike's health is an important factor in the longevity of your bike. Making your bike adhere to the smart and eco-friendly aspects is necessary. This is the only way to keep the bike's life long-lasting with minimal problems. It will ensure the comfort of you and your bike and keep the vehicle under pollution check.

You must have bike insurance and a PUC to keep your documentation up to date. Over and above that, you can take care of your bike and make it smart and sustainable with the following steps:

1. Installing a Mobile Phone Holder

Having a phone holder on your bike's handle can benefit you. It is like having a navigation device right in front of your eyes. You can use the maps and get directions to your destination without issues.

It can also help you to save fuel by avoiding any misdirection. Since the phone is mounted on your bike's handle, it is rightfully legal and will also help you save much of your time in navigating the route.

 2. Bluetooth Lock System

This is an ideal system on your phone if you are someone who always forgets to lock your bike. Even if you live in an area where thefts happen frequently, this is a useful device for your bike. You can add the bluetooth lock to either side of your bike's tyres.

The only way this can be unlocked is from your mobile phone. This will protect your bike from theft, and even when someone tries to move it, you will get a notification on your phone about the same. Thus, adding a bluetooth lock system will provide your bike with an extra layer of protection.

 3. Check Bike Emissions at Regular Intervals

To make your bike eco-friendly, you need to check on the exhaust fumes that your bike emits. Your bike emits exhaust fumes from its tailpipe now and then. For this reason, you need to go and check the emission levels of your bike. It is advisable to check your bike every month to see if it follows the permissible limits for the same.

If this is not the case, you must clean your exhaust pipes and get the engine all tuned well. Sometimes changing the bike oil and spark plug can also help to reduce the emissions. These are some hacks that will help you to prevent your bike's emission levels and will prove environment-friendly.

This will also help vehicle maintenance for a long time because, with a choked-up tail pipe, the bike emits more harmful gases and consumes more fuel than necessary. You can also get comprehensive bike insurance to protect yourself from any loss or damage arising from such a situation.

 4. Smart Grips on Your Handlebar

This will make your bike smart and efficiently more functional. Adding smart grips to your handlebar will allow you to connect the whole system with bluetooth and GPS. When coordinated with the GPS, this grip will inform you by vibrating on the side you need to turn your bike on.

This is a step ahead of the navigation system in front of your eyes. This helps you make your turns at the right juncture without continuously looking at your phone. You can check with your bike insurance provider to see if they have a cover to protect this smart feature.

 5. Apps to Note Bike Performance

Many bikes are sold with the smart features already installed in them. With such bikes, you can check the fuel, the consumption, the gas emission, the bike performance, the service date, the date to get pollution under control certificate, etc., just by the touch of your tips.

This will keep you thoroughly informed, and the bike's performance can be gauged from time to time. If you decide to buy such a bike, you can get customized bike insurance from some niche bike insurance companies to suit your smart bike.

 6. Two-wheeler Insurance

The government of India has a mandatory regulation to have third-party liability insurance if you are willing to drive on Indian roads. But you can purchase comprehensive bike insurance that provides covers over and above a third-party liability.

It can provide an overall cover, customized bike insurance add-on covers for roads, and help when your bike goes through any damage or loss. Purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy can come in very handy for you.



Maintenance of a bike comes with a responsibility. These tips will take a long way if you are diligently looking to make your bike smart and eco-friendly. They will help you prevent the environment and keep up with the bike maintenance.

It will ensure your comfort and make your bike sustainable. To protect any additional features you add to your bike, contact your bike insurance company to secure it.

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1. Where can I get bike insurance for my smart bike?

There are many service providers in India. You can check which one suits the best for you. Check out Paytm Insurance for better results.

2. What if the mobile falls from the mobile phone holder?

The mobile phone holder for bikes comes with stronger grips. They are made for Indian bikes and roads. So the chances for major damage by this are negligible.

3. Can I get insurance for my bluetooth lock?

Some companies may provide the insurance of bluetooth locks. But because it is not an item of high cost, you will come across a few companies that assist with them. 

4. Is PUC compulsory?

PUC is compulsory for your bike. It is mandatory to check the bike's emissions and keep the pollution in check. 

5. Will my smart bike is prevented from bike theft?

The two-wheeler insurance on your smart bike will cover the loss or damage of theft that would happen to your bike. So, your smart bike will be prevented from bike theft.

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