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Insurance Cover for Your Sports Bike

By Juhi Walia
28 July 2022, 11:50 AM

Superbikes, often known as sports motorbikes, are two-wheeled vehicles built to travel at high speeds. These bikes exchange fuel efficiency and comfort for stopping, speed, and visual appeal when compared to other types of bikes. They frequently have a 600cc or greater engine. 

Superbikes can enhance the likelihood of an accident with their super speeds. Hence, you should buy a bike insurance policy with enhanced coverage for a superbike.

Since sports motorcycles cost a lot more than regular bikes, their insurance is also rather costly. You must evaluate your needs and compare several bike insurance coverages online to find the ideal one.

What Does Sport Bike Insurance Cover?

The best option for protecting your bike's finances against accidents is to purchase comprehensive superbike insurance. The following coverages are included in a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

Liability to Third Parties

According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, buying insurance is a requirement before driving on Indian roads. Any third party hurt in a bike accident can be compensated with this kind of coverage. The nature of the third party's damage determines the amount of compensation. 


If the insured's bike is stolen, comprehensive bike insurance will safeguard them financially. The insured declared value (IDV) in bike insurance of the motorcycle must be declared by the owner when acquiring an insurance policy. The owner will be compensated with a sum roughly equal to the bike's IDV in the event of a theft.

Optional Add-ons

A comprehensive bike insurance policy includes a variety of extra coverages. These include zero depreciation, roadside assistance, engine protect, pillion rider cover, and NCB protection. 

Own Damage Protection

The cost of repairing or replacing a superbike's parts is significantly more than that of a typical two-wheeler. If the bike is wrecked in an unforeseen accident, the bike insurance company will pay for any necessary repairs or part replacements. The terms and circumstances of the insurance policy will help decide this. 

Legal Liability Insurance

An accident might result in a slew of legal complications that can be inconvenient for the policyholder. A third-party bike insurance policy can cover such liabilities. The insurance provider can arrange for legal guidance in this form of bike insurance.

Natural and Man-Made Disasters

Both comprehensive and standalone bike insurance policies pay for the cost of fixing a bike that has been wrecked by a natural disaster or another unfortunate event. Floods, earthquakes, landslides, etc., are examples of natural calamities, whereas man-made catastrophes include vandalism, rioting, bandhs, and other similar events.

Add-on Coverage for Sports Bikes

The following modifications can significantly improve the performance of your sports bike:

Zero Depreciation

The insurance provider deducts depreciation from the claim amount when the policyholder files an own-damage claim. The result could be a monetary loss for the policyholder. However, depreciation will not be deducted from the claim amount if they purchase zero depreciation add-on. Depending on the insurance provider's policies, bikes under the age of five may be eligible for this rider.

Engine Safety

Since the engine is a crucial component of any vehicle, especially a superbike, the insurance policy should include the engine protection bike insurance add-on. Standard motorbike insurance does not cover engine damage.

Superbike Add-on Accessories

A superbike owner can be interested in modifying the vehicle with various accessories. These add-ons can be pricey but could help you avoid massive losses should the bike faces accessory-related damages. By purchasing the accessories add-on, you may help protect your finances if your bike's extra accessories are damaged.

Protection for NCB

A No-claim bonus in bike insurance is a discount provided for avoiding raising a claim during the tenure of the policy. The probability of filing a claim is even higher for sports bikes. With an NCB protection add-on, even if you file a claim, it will prevent you from losing your NCB discount. 

Key Safeguard

Under the terms of this bike insurance add-on, the insurance company will pay the expense of mending or replacing the keys to your superbike. Today's superbike keys and locks cost more because they are technologically advanced, so having this coverage would be helpful.

How Can I Save Money on Sports Bike Insurance?

These recommendations will help you save money on your bike insurance policy:

  • Declare the correct IDV in bike insurance.
  • Install as few accessories as possible.
  • Choose online bike insurance.
  • Renew your bike insurance regularly.
  • Consider installing an anti-theft gadget that has been certified.
  • Be a member of any recognized automobile association.
  • Drive safely and take advantage of the NCB discount.

The Bottom Line

No matter how well the brakes and clutch have been built to perform, sports bike accidents and minor damage are always unavoidable. In such cases, two-wheeler insurance coverage is required to pay for repairs to the vehicle or the person riding it, as well as for third-party damages.

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1. How to determine the IDV of a sportbike?

Just take a peek at the sports bike's current market pricing to find out its IDV. It must be a similar version and made in the same year. Stuff such as depreciation, road tax, registration & insurance costs are excluded from the IDV.

2. Why should you purchase superbike insurance?

Getting comprehensive superbike insurance helps the most by immuning you against vehicle damage costs and third-party claims.

3. Why should I renew my sports bike insurance policy promptly?

Renewing your bike insurance policy on time will allow you to take advantage of savings such as NCB (if applicable). This discount might be up to 50% of your bike's premium. However, if you do not renew your bike insurance coverage within 90 days of its expiration, it will be reduced to zero.

4. Is having insurance for sports bikes mandatory?

Yes, third-party insurance is mandatory according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. 

5. What are some of the various add-on covers available for sports bikes?

Some of the various add-on covers available are zero depreciation coverage, coverage for emergencies, engine safety, add-on accessories, etc. All these are available for an additional premium. So, check how much value these add-ons add to your policy before choosing any.

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