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Is Personal Accidental Cover Mandatory for a Two Wheeler?

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Accidents are sudden and can cause much harm, stress and even financial problems. Having an accident with a two wheeler is much more common than a car which is why it is important to have a Personal Accident Cover for a Two Wheeler. It has also been regulated as such by the IRDAI.

A Personal Accidental Cover is indeed mandatory for two wheeler insurance. However, it has been unbundled from a two wheeler insurance policy and can be purchased separately to cover multiple vehicles. This article discusses more on the Personal Accidental Cover and its nature.

What is a Personal Accidental Cover?

A Personal Accidental Cover is held by the owner of the two wheeler and is granted if they have a valid driving license. It provides cover for the owner-driver which is paid out in case they suffer from damages and losses due to an accident. 

No matter which type of two wheeler insurance policy you have, whether a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy or a third party two wheeler policy, a Personal Accidental Cover is mandatory to have. You can purchase the Personal Accidental Cover for one or more vehicles, as a standalone cover or along with your two wheeler insurance policy.

What is Covered Under a Personal Accident Cover?

Under a Personal Accidental Cover, you will receive reparations for any partial or complete permanent disability, bodily injuries or even death caused by an accident involving you and your two wheeler. In essence, it must involve the owner who is the driver and their two wheeler. Earlier the maximum cover provided used to be INR 1 Lakh. However, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has since regulated the cap at INR 15 Lakhs. 

There are two types of covers provided by the Personal Accidental Cover, according to the contingency that has occurred. Here are the types of benefits available under the Personal Accidental Cover:

Cover for Accidental Death

In case death occurs due to an accident involving the two wheeler, the two wheeler insurance provider pays out the entire Sum Assured under the two wheeler policy to the nominees or beneficiaries of the policyholder.

In an unfortunate road accident, Mr. Das passed away in June, 2020. He was on his two wheeler on his way back to home from work and had missed a traffic signal post which he collided with a car at a turn. Since he had taken the mandatory Personal Accident Cover of INR 15 Lakh with his two wheeler insurance policy in November 2019, his son decided to claim the proceeds under the Personal Accident Cover. On informing the insurance provider IFFCO Tokio General Insurance of the incident, he was helped with the process for filing the claim for the Personal Accident Cover benefit.

His son had to submit proof of the accident, the death certificate and other supporting documents during the two wheeler insurance claim process. He was also required to send proof of the two wheeler being involved in the accident. Once the claim was approved, he was immediately paid the benefit of INR 15 Lakh as compensation. 

Cover for Total and Permanent Disability

If the policyholder does not die but suffers from permanent disability or bodily injury due to an accident, the cover provided can again be divided according to the contingency.

  • In case of death following disability, 100% of the Sum Assured is paid out
  • In case of total and permanent disability, 100% of the Sum Assured is paid out
  • In case the policyholder suffers from a loss of 2 or 1 limbs (s) or 2 or 1 eye (s), 100% of the Sum Assured is paid out
  • In case the policyholder suffers from loss of sight in 1 eye or disability in 1 limb, 50% of the Sum Assured is paid out

Is It Mandatory to Have a Personal Accident Cover for a Two Wheeler?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a Personal Accident Cover according to the regulations of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). Since 2019, it has been unbundled from a two wheeler insurance policy. As a result, you can also buy it as a standalone cover and cover more than one two wheeler at a time. You can purchase a Personal Accident Cover when you buy your two wheeler insurance policy or during its renewal.

Benefits of a Personal Accidental Cover for a Two Wheeler

With a Personal Accident Cover, you can avail of the following benefits:

  • All-round Protection Against Unexpected Expenses: Accidents are sudden and troublesome. Not only do they harm you, but can also incur hefty expenses that might be difficult to pay for. Moreover, two wheeler accidents are more common than they are not. With a Personal Accident Cover, you get adequate coverage for any accidental harm that comes your way. With the percentage system of pay-outs available, you can get adequate cover as required for the particular incident.
  • Peace of Mind: A Personal Accident Cover provides safety and cover that gives any owner and driver of a two wheeler incredible peace of mind. By saving up in regular instalments, you can ensure you do not face any problems if you suffer from an accident. This cover helps you get adequate assistance without compromising due to lack of finances.


As evident from above, a Personal Accident Cover is quite beneficial and definitely mandatory for a two wheeler. It is greatly helpful in case of accidents which are quite a stressful affair for anyone and their families as well.

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