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Is Two Wheeler Inspection Mandatory For Claims?

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

As important as it is to have a two-wheeler insurance policy, as important it is to know how it works. A good understanding of how your two wheeler insurance works helps you avoid problems while making claims. One of the important elements of a two wheeler insurance about which you should know is its inspection requirement. Read on to know what it is and when is it required.

What is Two Wheeler Inspection?

Two wheeler inspection is an appraisal and evaluation process for your two wheeler. During an inspection, your two wheeler is checked for damages and completion of legal compliances. A two-wheeler inspection entails a detailed examination of all records pertaining to the vehicle in order to verify its life, authenticity, and legality.

The condition of the two wheeler and its accessories and any additional parts are examined according to the information provided by you to the insurance company. This is why it is important to never lie on the insurance policy application or claim fraudulent requests as it can lead to trouble and claim rejection during the inspection process.

When is Two Wheeler Inspection Mandatory?

A two wheeler inspection is mandatory in the following cases - 

  • In Case of Renewal Of A Lapsed (expired) Two Wheeler Insurance Plan: Every two wheeler insurance plan comes with a validity post which needs to be renewed. In case you fail to renew it by the expiry date, you can get it renewed only after an inspection.
  • In Case of Switching Type of Insurance Plan: In case of switching from a third-party two wheeler insurance plan to a comprehensive two wheeler insurance plan, an inspection is mandatory. Also, if you are purchasing a standalone own damage two wheeler insurance plan for the first time, a two wheeler inspection is mandatory.
  • Purchase of Zero Depreciation Add-on: In case of first time purchase of a zero depreciation add-on cover, a two wheeler inspection is mandatory. A zero depreciation add-on is an extra coverage which keeps you shielded against the depreciation expenses of your two wheeler, which otherwise get deducted from the claim amount at the time of claim settlement.
  • In Case of Filing An Own-Damage Claim: In case of an accident or any other unfortunate event involving your two-wheeler, you need to get an inspection done by an insurance provider’s surveyor in order to make an own damage claim.

Ways in Which Two Wheeler Inspection Can Be Completed

The process for carrying out two wheeler inspection might differ from one insurance company to another. While some of them levy a small charge for it, some of them do it for free. In both cases, an appointment is set with the policyholder and a company-appointed individual comes over to inspect your two wheeler and update the company about the status of the vehicle.

There are also insurance companies which allow self-inspection of the two wheeler. Under a self-inspection process, you need to take required photographs of your two wheeler yourself and submit the same to the insurance provider.

Two Wheeler Inspection Procedure

The inspection process is carried out to ensure that the bike is physically present as well as to identify any existing damage so that no false claims for repairs of these damages are made later. During a two wheeler inspection, the following items are examined:

  • The motorcycle's registration number
  • The bike's chassis number
  • Any dents or losses. For this, two wheeler’s pictures are captured from different angles.
  • Accessories that are mentioned

Mr. Gupta purchased an HDFC Ergo Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Plan in February 2020. However, at the time of renewal in Feb 2021, he wanted to switch to the HDFC Ergo Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance Plan and thus contacted the insurer’s customer care team. Since, switching from a Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Plan to a Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance Plan amounts to a plan upgradation, thus, he was advised by the HDFC Ergo customer support to either do a self-inspection or get his two wheeler inspected by them in order to make the desired plan switch.

Mr. Gupta chose to self-inspect his two wheeler and thus received instructions from the support team to complete the process. He clicked the photographs of his two wheeler from all the required different angles like the two wheeler’s front and back side, its VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), Chassis Number, etc. On submitting the required documents and photographs, his inspection was approved by the insurance provider. Subsequently, he successfully upgraded his Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Plan to a Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance Plan.

Can I Make a Two Wheeler Claim If I Have not Got the Inspection Done?

Inspection is important at the time of raising a claim. Many insurance companies follow this rule strictly and hire an inspector/surveyor at the time of third-party liabilities or an own damage claim. The surveyor assesses the damages incurred by/to your two wheeler, basis which your insurance claim is processed. 

How does Inspection Help to Reduce Two Wheeler Insurance Premium?

The premium for your two-wheeler policy depends crucially on the condition of your vehicle, including its parts and accessories. An inspection assures the insurance company of all that you have said about your vehicle. It reduces the risk associated with your two wheeler and confirms the authenticity of the information shared by you. Thus, an inspection reduces the chances of a false claim.

Also, a detailed check of your two wheeler during the inspection process, helps identify any damages incurred by it. Thus, required repairs can be made, thereby reducing the chances of road accidents or other mishappening which may occur due to any fault in your two wheeler.

All this significantly contributes to minimising the risks associated with the two wheeler and thus help in reducing the insurance premium for the same.

Take Away

A two wheeler inspection is a physical check of your two wheeler which ensures the bike insurance provider about the condition and authenticity of your two wheeler. Although it is primarily done by the insurance companies to avoid the risk of fraudulent claims, it helps you to confirm the condition of your two wheeler and avoid the risk of mishappenings. Moreover, by ensuring good condition of your two wheeler, it helps you reduce the premium payable for your two wheeler insurance plan.

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