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Planning to Buy a Used Two-Wheeler? Here are 10 Things to Consider

05 July 2022, 5:34 PM

These days, many are skilled at riding a bike, but most people do not have the budget to buy a new two-wheeler. Hence, they settle for the next best option— a used two-wheeler.

A second-hand bike will help you commute without breaking the bank. However, you need to ensure that your research is thorough so that the bike you choose will be by your side for a long time. This will also help you safeguard your money from fraudsters who dupe people into buying low-quality bikes at exorbitant prices.

10 Aspects You Need to Remember When Purchasing a Second-hand Bike 

1. How Will You Use the Bike

When purchasing a second-hand bike, the first step is determining what you plan to do with it. If you are among those who go for a cross-country ride or travel a lot, the bike you need must be a touring one that you can easily handle, is comfortable, and doesn't interrupt your travel.

If you need a bike for short rides, it will be better to choose a high-end motorcycle. However, if you want a bike for your general transport, such as going to your workplace, you should look for a decent bike with good mileage. Whatever you choose, it is always essential to avail of a good bike insurance policy as it makes you more immune to legal or financial challenges should an accident occur.

Once you understand the purpose of the bike, you should go to several manufacturer sites to learn about the best-suited models with the ideal power, features, and performance. Another way to narrow down your choices is to watch reviews on YouTube or read expert reviews of the model you wish to buy. 

If you can't find an appropriate model, visit bike dealers to check out the vehicle physically. Also, ask for references from your friends, family, etc. Practical experience will be a key deciding factor in your choice.

2. Ask for a Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

It can be tricky to get two-wheeler insurance because the insured's value might not be sufficient. Get a bike insurance policy whose IDV or Insured Declared Value is calculated by considering the model of the bike, age, and several other factors.

It is worth noting that the government has made third-party bike insurance mandatory for all two-wheeler owners. However, it is better to opt for a repair and replacement (comprehensive) insurance policy because the scope of protection is greater.

Paytm Insurance is a great platform for bike insurance. It collates the best two-wheeler insurance plans from reputed insurers. You can also compare the benefits to choose the best bike insurance policy.

3. Learn About the Two-Wheeler's Market Value

You can benefit from different sources accessible online to find out the bike's market value and the resale value according to your location. Various resale sites offer countless search results that you can choose from.

It is good to buy a bike with high demand in the market. This is because it will be easier to sell should you decide to do so. Also, the fact that more people are buying the bike suggests that it is favoured by bike enthusiasts. It is wise to look at the availability of equipment and parts to save on the cost of locating them when the need arises.

4. Take the Bike to a Professional

Inspecting the bike is crucial before investing your money. Take the bike to an expert who will check its condition and help you decide whether to buy it or not. Inspection is integral as missing one small aspect can cost you a fortune in the future.

When you take a used two-wheeler to the mechanic, ask him to check the battery condition, electrical fittings and fuses, the lights, and other accessories. Once the mechanic gives you the go-ahead, you may proceed with the purchase.

5. Claim the Original Vehicle Documents

When buying a used bike, ensure that all documents, like the RC, insurance papers, and purchase receipt, are present. Since vehicle theft is widespread these days, make sure to purchase a bike from a reliable dealer or seller.

Purchasing a second-hand bike without a proper two-wheeler vehicle insurance can make it very difficult to sell it legally. When buying from a local seller, enquire about the documents and ensure that the vehicle registration is under the owner's name.

6. Take a Test Ride

Test rides can help you determine the vehicle's comfort level and performance and if it suits your taste. You do not want a bike that is not a match for you. Do not test ride high-end bikes if you are a beginner.

When you test ride a bike, go with a friend or relative. Sometimes, bikes behave differently when you ride with a pillion. It is crucial to observe how the bike reacts to the additional load. 

7. Determine Where You Want to Buy

Purchasing a used bike from licenced sellers or dealers has various merits and demerits. The benefit of buying from a genuine bike dealer is that you can also exchange your existing bike for another by paying the additional price. Various dealers provide bikes with meticulous service history details.

Buying from a local bike owner helps in negotiation. But, you might not get additional perks accessible through a bike dealer. If you know a local seller who provides the service history and all legal documents, it is better to purchase it from them.

8. Ask for Service History

It is wise to purchase a used two-wheeler from those who have taken good care of their bike. Ask for the service history and learn about the replacements and repairs that the two-wheeler has undergone.

9. Check the Chassis Number

When you are comfortable with the vehicle you want to purchase, take your time and check the chassis number. It is essential to ensure that the number on the plate and engine match. If you cannot locate the number yourself, you can take the help of a mechanic to find it easily.

10. Negotiate the Price

If you are content with the vehicle's condition and the papers are valid, make sure to negotiate the amount you want to pay for your two-wheeler.


Buying a second-hand two-wheeler can be quite a hassle, but considering these tips will help to ensure that you are getting the best product that will last you a long time. Bike insurance is not only mandatory according to Indian laws but also essential to tackle the ensuing financial and legal challenges. Visit Paytm Insurance to get the best offers on bike insurance policies for used two-wheelers and pick the policy suited to your needs.


1. What are the things to check while buying a second-hand bike?

Before buying a second-hand bike, ensure the papers are in order. Also, inspect the bike carefully and take a test ride if possible. 

2. How many years can a two-wheeler be used in India?

As per the guidelines laid by the Motor Vehicles Act, a two-wheeler can be used for 15 years from the date of purchase.

3. Which second-hand bike should I buy?

Buy a second-hand bike that matches your budget. Any second-hand bike is good if its brand value and resale value are high.

4. What should I do if my bike gets stolen?

If your bike is stolen, lodge an FIR immediately and inform your insurer. If your insurance policy is either comprehensive or standalone OD, you can get the bike’s value as declared in the policy document.   

5. What are the types of bike insurance policies?

Bike insurance policies can be comprehensive, standalone own damage, or third-party. A comprehensive policy provides higher coverage than the other two. 

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