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Planning To Modify Your Two Wheeler? Learn The Right Way!

By Vikas Chandra Das
28 September 2022, 9:36 AM

Having your vehicle customized to your needs is fancy and efficient. People constantly try to modify their two-wheelers to better fit their vehicle with their driving and the roads they drive on. People also want their cars to be as easy to navigate as possible. So, they upgrade their bikes and make them smart bikes.

People are constantly looking to modify their bikes. The reason for this is either that they:

  • Are interested in some specifications not present in their bike.
  • Would want their bike to have an identity that would require making some external changes.
  • Are interested in upgrading their two-wheeler's performance to match modern-day bikes.

Now, while bike insurance policies generally do not cover the modifications of your two-wheeler, you can still insure the parts you add to your bike if these parts are not already covered by or under the existing insurance policy. You can get in touch with your insurance provider to know the best options for your bike. Try to customize it to your bike's safety as much as possible.

You can also add a cover that protects the heavy-priced machinery you just added to your bike.

Let us look at some of the acceptable ways with the help of which you can modify your two-wheeler:

  1. Alloy Wheels: You can add alloy wheels to your bike that would improve its overall performance and speed durability. Getting branded alloy wheels for the same is advisable.
  2. Split Seats: If you are planning to change the overall look of your bike, then you can add a split seat to your bike. This would give your motorcycle an overall sporty look and help enhance the bike's look and usage. Moreover, it will provide comfortable seating for the user.
  3. Silencer: If you want to modify your silencer, you need to make sure not to go for silencers that make a lot of annoying noise. An ideal silencer will not generate or not have any irritating noise or nasty sounds.
  4. Colour: Many people these days change the colours of their bikes. If you want to change the bike colour, know that it is illegal to do so, as the colour of your bike in your RC book and the actual colour of the bike will differ. This process is unlawful and will therefore cost you hefty fines.
  5. Headlights: Choose decent lighting if you want to change your bike's headlights. It would be helpful if you didn't use colourful lamps or a powerful halogen light. This will create a problem for other people and vehicles on the road and can prove fatal, especially while motoring down a route such as a National Highway during the night or with poor visibility.
  6. Side-fairing: It is advisable to get your fairing done by a local expert in the subject manner. Fairings can be a costly affair, but they are worthy of it.
  7. Mirrors: Changing the mirrors can prove wrong or right based on your choice. So, before you go for the option of your mirror, be sure to check it at various levels and test it with your driving. Also, remember that removing your bike's rearview mirrors will only reduce the bike's safety.
  8. Total Model Change: If you want to change your bike's entire model, you should undergo a complete model change. Remember changing the overall bike model can result in a very costly affair. It might blow a hole in your pocket if you are not prepared for the budgeting of something like that. But if you are ready for it, you should be sure to change the model at a very skilled and efficient garage where they have qualified mechanics for the job. You can change your bike's current version to the model you want your bike to be.

These are some changes you can make to your bike, but specific implications come with it.

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Pro and Cons

The main benefit of modifying your bike is to make it suitable for your usage. But with that said, the bike's modification doesn't need to bring out its better usage. This means that when you modify your cycle, chances are high that your bike's performance will be reduced.

The bodywork may be to your liking, but the internal spare parts will take the blow of the modification. You need to consider this and weigh your options before making any significant changes to your bike.

Responsibility After a Bike Change

Once you change your bike, it is only apt that you see it for all legal and insurance purposes. Here is a list of some of the responsibilities that you should fulfil:

  1. Legal Responsibility: You must take your bike to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) after you change the bike's model or any fundamental machinery or spare part. Ask the RTO office about what you would need to do for the re-registration of your motorcycle. You will be able to drive your new or changed bike model after registering it at the RTO office. Make all the legal documents faultless and only then take the bike on the spin on the roads.
  2. Insurance Responsibility: If you have made any massive mod changes to your bike, then you must inform the bike insurance company so they can make the necessary changes in the bike insurance details. It would be best to ensure that your new machinery, spare part, or model is protected under the insurance policy cover. Update your two-wheeler policy in line with the changes you make in your bike, and only take the bike for long rides.

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Who Should You Get Your Bike Changed by?

You should check for a local store with all the branded spare parts and machinery. This will ensure that you can return to them when it does not work correctly.

Moreover, there will always be a guarantee or a warranty period on your new possessions, so ensure that you get the necessary paperwork for the guaranteed details and only then make the full payment for your bike.

Key Takeaways

Making changes to your bike can be a fundamental change. It can be significant, and you must do it with precision and extra care. You do not need to make all the changes to your bike but check its already smooth and efficient features and add new features to enhance the overall bike's performance.

Take your bike to a skilled garage to maximize the change's advantage. Do not forget to fulfil your legal responsibility with the RTO office and with your bike insurance company. This will provide for your and your bike's safety and protection.

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1. Could I get into legal trouble for modifying my bike?

Yes. If you modify the number plates, headlights of your bike, or any spare part that is punishable, you can get into legal trouble for changing your motorcycle.

2. Can I calculate the premium on my bike insurance for new spare parts after modifying them?

Yes, you can check the premium rates for your new spare part cover before buying it. 

3. Is it safe to modify the fibre parts of the bike?

If you change the fibre parts of your bike, then you must know that your bike's overall performance will be decreased.

4. Should I install an anti-theft device on my bike?

Yes. An anti-theft device is a functional add-on and will also prove significantly helpful in reducing your your bike insurance premium. 

5. Can modifying my bike increase the premium on my bike insurance?

Yes. If you modify your bike to increase its speed, an insurance provider will consider it risky, increasing the premium on your bike insurance. 


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