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Reasons to Go for Cashless Two Wheeler Insurance Claims

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Bikes and scooters are the most common modes of transportation because of their ease, low maintenance and affordable price. One of the best ways to keep your loved two wheeler shielded is with the help of an adequate two wheeler insurance plan. A two wheeler insurance plan provides your coverage for both third party liabilities as well as own damages of your two wheeler, depending upon the type of plan chosen. Apart from coverage, insurance companies also provide cashless claims services, which allow you to get your bike repaired at a garage that is part of the insurer's network without having to pay for the repairs up front.

What are Cashless Two Wheeler Insurance Claims?

Every insurance company has tie-ups with some garages (partner garages) where they provide cashless claim settlement facilities. Thus, if you get the repair of your bike done at a partner garage after making a claim for the incurred damage, then the claim is settled in a cashless manner. Thus, when you visit a cashless garage, the insurance company directly settles the repair bill with the garage. However, if you choose a non-network garage for your two wheeler’s repairs, you would be required to pay for the damages from your pocket at the time of repair and get the same reimbursed later from the insurance provider as per the coverage of the plan.

Reasons to Go For Cashless Two Wheeler Insurance Claims

Cashless transactions are becoming increasingly common, especially in the insurance industry. Insurers are selling cashless bike insurance to provide convenient interaction with the policyholder. Here are a few reasons why you should go for cashless two wheeler insurance claims.

1. Quick and Hassle-free Process

Most insurance companies have a wide network of garages and service centres to ensure that the insured vehicle is serviced quickly when it is needed. This is a crucial aspect, because the larger the network, the more common their cashless services would be.

Some insurance providers also have a network of over 5,000 approved garages to offer a cashless service to their policyholders.

Because of the vast number of garages in the network, you can conveniently locate a repair centre near your place if your bike is involved in an accident, mishap, or breakdown. In other words, it simplifies the whole procedure from repair to claim settlement.

Mr. Rajesh got into an accident while riding his two wheeler. Not only did he injure himself, his two wheeler also suffered some damage on its body. He decided to make a claim with his two wheeler insurance provider in order to get the best repairs done. Since he wanted the repair and the claim settlement to be a hassle-free process, he decided to get the repairs done at a cashless garage to get the claim settled in a cashless manner.

He immediately informed the insurance company of the incident via their Customer Support team. The insurance provider sent a surveyor to Mr. Rajesh’s place to check the condition of his bike and verify his claim. Mr. Rajesh also received a claim intimation number. After the surveyor had submitted the inspection report to the insurance company and it got approved, he was asked to provide supporting documents like a copy of his Registration Certificate, Driver’s Licence, etc. The documents were verified and Mr. Rajesh was then instructed to a convenient network garage to get his two wheeler repaired. He did not have to pay anything at the garage except the compulsory deductibles as the repair bill was paid directly by the insurance provider to the network garage.

2. Peace of Mind

The greatest advantage in a cashless claim system is the peace of mind. This is due to the fact that you just have to pay the necessary deductible and nothing more than that.

The cashless function is a significant benefit that provides you with peace of mind when riding your motorcycle. You should be assured that any malfunction will be fixed as soon as possible by an authorised garage in a timely and painless manner.

3. No Need for Cash

You do not have to pay the entire sum required in cash if the repairs are uninvited. This would not rule out the possibility of your bike being fixed. Everything you have to do now is locate the nearest network workspace and ride there. All other formalities are completed and the bike is repaired at the approved service centre.

How to Make a Cashless Two Wheeler Insurance Claim?

Many claims are not resolved because of a lack of correct paperwork or a lag in submitting a claim application. As a result, if you wish to use cashless facilities, make sure you follow a step-by-step procedure to experience hassle-free and cashless two-wheeler statements.

Below is a step-by-step guide to filing a claim, whether you have Third-Party or Comprehensive two wheeler insurance. The procedure is:

  1. The first and the foremost step is to inform the insurance provider about the accident involving your two wheeler.
  2. Upon intimation, the insurance company will provide you with a claim intimation number and send a surveyor at your place.
  3. The surveyor will assess the damage incurred by the two wheeler and submit a report of the same to the insurance provider.
  4. At this stage, you will be required to submit the necessary documents to the insurance provider.
  5. The insurance company will verify the documents and will help you get the bike repaired at one of its network garages.
  6. The repair will be settled directly by the insurance company with the garage.

Take Away

Your two-wheeler can be involved in an accident or break down at any time and in any place. As a result, choosing an two wheeler insurance company with a vast network of garages around the country is recommended so that you can tackle bike repairs with confidence. It will protect your ride and encourage you to seek assistance without having to spend a lot of money.

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