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Reasons Why You Should Not Leave Your Two-wheeler Outside in the Sunlight

By Juhi Walia
26 October 2022, 4:56 PM

Nobody wants anything to happen to their motorcycle because it is such a valuable investment for them. However, there are situations when you might be harming your bikes without even realizing it. Leaving or parking the motorcycle in a location where it will be exposed to the sun is one of the possibilities.

On the other hand, doing so puts your motorcycle at risk of suffering significant damage, the restoration of which would be expensive for you. Protection from the sun is essential to a bike's routine maintenance, as it deteriorates the finish and causes other problems. Having two-wheeler insurance online for your bike is recommended, which will help in any future damages in case of mishaps. 

Let's look at the damages that can arise from exposing a motorcycle to direct sunlight and why you shouldn't do it. 

When You Leave Your Two-wheeler Out in the Sun for Too Long, You Risk the Following Damages

Colour Deterioration

Everyone knows the damaging effects of direct sunshine on bike coatings. Now, things aren't all that different when it comes to bikes, either. Especially if your two-wheeler is painted a colour other than the traditional colours of black or silver, it will lose its colour over time if exposed to the sun.

Black, silver, grey, and white are the most resistant colours to fading. Additionally, always avoid parking your bicycles near any reflective materials. Therefore, if you leave your bike parked outside in the sun for an extended period, the paint on your motorcycle will fade and become lighter in colour.

Damage the Accessories

Artificial leather, rubber, and plastics are commonly used to make two-wheeler accessories. These substances will harden when left in the sun for an extended period.

They may become brittle due to this and may even develop cracks; as a result, they will be more susceptible to harm from the sun. Buy bike insurance online and avoid keeping your bike in the sun because accessories are frequently expensive investments. 

Fuel Evaporation

The heat generated by the sun would cause an increase in temperature within the gas tank. Heat causes fuels like petrol and diesel to evaporate at a tremendous pace because higher temperatures increase the kinetic energy of the fuel molecules. The longer your motorcycle is parked in one place and the more heat accumulates due to the sun, the more quickly the fuel evaporates. 

Aside from that, the molecules that evaporate can raise the pressure inside the fuel tank if the fuel cap is completely closed. Therefore, an explosion can occur if the fuel does not allow space to escape. 

Tyre Damage

Two-wheeler tyres are made of high-quality vulcanized rubber that can withstand high pressures. When temperatures rise, however, the air inside the tyres expands significantly. It puts additional pressure on the sidewall of the tyre, which can lead to the tire losing air pressure or bursting.

Suppose you park your motorcycle in direct sunlight for extended periods daily. In that case, you will reduce the lifespan of the tyres, which may also result in early cracking and other damage. Sometimes even the tyre will burst, which is quite dangerous. If the tyre is punctured or bursts, having the best two-wheeler vehicle insurance helps you out in an emergency.

Fuel Degradation

Since the fuel in the tank is sufficiently safeguarded, there is no need for concern regarding the fuel in the tank. However, while the motorcycle is parked, there will be fuel residue in the pipe from where it was drained into the hoses and onward to the engine.

Degradation of the rubber in the presence of sunlight introduces harmful contaminants into the fuel, which speeds up the degradation process. This forms a chain reaction that culminates in the total disintegration of the fuel.

Engine Oil Damage

This is a problem for bikers who use mineral oil in their bikes' engines. If one is forced to leave their bicycle parked in the sun for an extended period, they are more likely to suffer from oil damage.

The engine oil heats up quite rapidly, which shortens the oil's shelf life and reduces its effectiveness. Also, the oil's viscosity decreases, which disrupts the engine's otherwise smooth operation. 

Battery Damage

Your two-wheeler battery is another part that can easily get damaged in the sun because it is powered by water and acid. Prolonged exposure to high sun temperatures can cause the water to evaporate, exposing the lead plates.

This makes the battery weaken even more quickly. When the weather cools down, it won't have enough amperage to start the vehicle. 


The sun can do a lot of damage to your two-wheeler vehicle if you leave it out in it all day. Now that you know what happens to bikes in the blazing sun, remember to keep yours in the shade. 

Even if you have to park the bike from where you want to go, accept the discomfort of walking a little distance. It is highly recommended that you obtain two-wheeler insurance coverage to protect yourself against the risks mentioned above.



1. What kinds of harm can be caused to a motorcycle by wet weather?

Even though it's OK for a motorcycle to get wet, too much water can cause some metal parts to rust. Condensation can form inside the gas tank and the engine, leading to problems with the mechanical functioning of the vehicle.

2. What preventative measures should you take if the sun has harmed your motorcycle?

Fortunately, most of the problems caused by the sun are merely cosmetic parts. If you've observed that your fuel is vanishing at a fast pace due to summer heat, you should consider replacing the cap on your gas tank. Constant attention and maintenance are necessary for a bike, and third-party bike insurance is one way to safeguard it from damage caused by weather and other hazards.

3. How to safely keep your motorcycle outside during the summer?

First, park it in a shady area if at all possible. If there is no shade available, you should park it somewhere that is less likely to become overheated. Be sure to give your two-wheeler a thorough cleaning regularly and wax the fuel tank. Last but not the least, do not forget to make a two-wheeler insurance renewal online, regardless of whether or not you are using the vehicle at the time.

4. What should be done if the paint on the gas tank has faded due to the sun?

You can paint the tank of your motorcycle on your own. It is not all that difficult, nor does it come at a high cost.

5. What to do if your bike tyre gets flat due to high summer heat?

First, ensure access to the repair equipment you'll need to complete the job. In any severe case, your bike insurance provider may be able to help.

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