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How Roadside Assistance Add-On Cover Comes Handy In Emergency?

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Two wheeler insurance policies and add-on covers provide protective cover against damage to your two wheeler. A two wheeler although convenient and handy, needs protection from damages that are quite often to occur. There are a variety of two wheeler insurance add-ons available and they cater to specific circumstances. 

The Roadside Assistance is one such an add-on. It is especially helpful during the monsoon season or if you are planning to go on a road trip. To know more about how it can help you, read on.

What is Roadside Assistance Add-on in Two Wheeler Insurance?

A Roadside Assistance Add-on is an extra coverage which provides emergency assistance for your two wheeler as and when required. This includes multiple contingencies such as a flat tyre, lost key, mechanical breakdown, etc. The additional premium, while an extra cost, provides sufficient hassle-free coverage that is worth the money. It must be purchased separately with the base insurance plan to provide more robust protection to your two wheeler. It is available for purchase with comprehensive two wheeler insurance plans as well as standalone own damage two wheeler insurance plans.

Benefits of Roadside Assistance Add-on

If you opt for a Roadside Assistance Add-on, the following facilities will be readily available to you:

  • Emergency Assistance: Roadside assistance often comes forth at the most unexpected times and usually, as an emergency. The service might not always be prompt or it might be expensive. However, with a Roadside Assistance Add-on you can safeguard yourself and your two wheeler from such compromising situations. It makes sure you get adequate assistance as and when required without having to pay exorbitant amounts or face trouble.
  • Peace of Mind: Having a Roadside Assistance Add-on cover gives you peace of mind when you are out with your two wheeler. It is especially helpful when you are on a road trip. The cover gives you the assurance that you will not face any trouble getting help in case you require it in the middle of the road. Such assistance is also usually costly so having a financial cover beforehand helps with financial troubles as well.
  • Value For Money: Although the add-on requires a separate premium to be paid in order for it to stay active and provide cover, it is definitely value for money. This is because the costs that might be incurred to get assistance otherwise, might be even more. Emergency assistance is expensive and also, often hard to find, which means you will also have to end up paying with your time and effort. To save such hassle at the hour of need, a Roadside Assistance Add-on is essential.

What All is Included Under Roadside Assistance Bike Insurance Add-on?

The following problems are covered by a Roadside Assistance Add-on:

  • Dead Battery: A dead battery is a common problem. It also occurs quite suddenly and is hard to look out for. There can be several reasons behind it but expert assistance is needed to repair it. With Roadside Assistance Add-on, you can readily get assistance whenever needed.
  • Mechanical/Electrical Breakdown: The Roadside Assistance Add-on also covers any mechanical or electrical breakdown that your two wheeler might face in the middle of the road. A professional mechanic is the best bet to solve such problems and a Roadside Assistance Add-on helps to readily get their assistance.
  • Minor Repairs: Several kinds of minor repairs are also covered by the Roadside Assistance Add-on. This includes breakdowns of all kinds and more servicing requirements.
  • Flat Tyre: A flat tyre is one of the most common problems that a two wheeler can face. Your two wheeler is very susceptible to this problem and it can occur anywhere and at any time. It is best to stay covered against this situation to avail better service and less hassle.
  • Towing Assistance: Whether you have got a flat tyre or a breakdown, a towing service might be required for your two wheeler. Towing assistance can often be hard to find and expensive, especially in remote areas, highways or in rough weather conditions. With the cover under the Roadside Assistance Add-on, this too can be a stress-free service to get.
  • Spare Keys: Forgetting the keys to your vehicle or locking them inside is quite a common incident. In case of such a situation, the Roadside Assistance Add-on provides assistance in getting you a spare set of keys for your vehicle.
  • Fuel Shortage: Roadside Assistance Add-on provides you with fuel if you have trouble getting access to it. It might happen if you are in an unknown area or in a remote area.
  • Hotel Accommodation: If your vehicle requires long-time servicing that might require you to look for accommodation, the Roadside Assistance Add-on helps you with it. The cover helps you look for accommodation and provides financial assistance.

In 2019, Mr. Bose had been on a road trip with his wife. However, on their way to their destination in Manali, their two wheeler suddenly broke down. Although they could avail of a mechanic, they were informed that the road trip had taken a toll on their two wheeler and it needed to be kept at the garage overnight. Since they had no plans of stopping on the way to Manali, they needed immediate accommodation for the night. Mr. Bose decided to take the help of his insurance provider.

Just a few months before the trip, he had purchased a Roadside Assistance Add On Cover with his Royal Sundaram Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance Plan which helped him get this benefit. On contacting the Customer Support for his insurance company, he was asked to verify his identity and two wheeler insurance policy via some simple questions. They were then guided to an accommodation promptly. The Roadside Assistance Add On Cover came super handy to Mr. Bose and his wife in this emergency situation.


The Roadside Assistance Add-on is a comprehensive and robust two wheeler insurance policy add-on. It helps out the policyholder with a variety of troubles. The add-on is definitely worth the money and beneficial to have.

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