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Six Most Fastest Two-wheelers to Buy in India

By Juhi Walia
10 October 2022, 4:47 PM

Bikes are sheer passion, and bike lovers know the real essence of a high-end, technologically rich, and power-packed top-speed bike that is just unstoppable. The list of bikes from top-notch manufacturers that can speed up your life and style is long. But choosing the right one that will match your expectations can be a bit challenging. Some may appeal to you with their looks but lack some crucial aspects.

So, do your homework to know which are the fastest bikes ruling the road in India, and then make your purchase. Also, these fastest bikes call for big investments, so always get them properly insured by strong and good coverage-based two-wheeler insurance

Having bike insurance is mandatory for every two-wheeler owner in India.

The Preferred Fast Bikes to Buy

Kawasaki Ninja H2

When you search for the fastest two-wheelers to buy in India, the result is bound to have one name, Kawasaki Ninja H2. The Japanese motorcycle giant, Kawasaki, has levied the WSBK motorcycle levelled process into this beast.

The powerhouse two-wheeler is engineered to house the best global mechanics like launch control, quick shifter, sport-traction control system, and enhanced aerodynamics. The rider can enjoy 197 horsepower torque assisted by the 998cc liquid-cool four-cylinder engine. At its blazing speed, this motorcycle can travel 100km/h in mere three seconds.

2. S 1000 RR BMW( Bavaria Motor Works)

With an in-line four-cylinder motor and six speed gearbox, the S1000 RR from BMW is another popular choice in this category. Its intimidating looks and perfect ergonomics are also responsible for the growing preference among bikers. It is available in the M Sports Pro and Pro variants.

It is engineered to deliver 112 Nm (Newton meter) and a torque of 193 BHP (brake horsepower). S1000 RR from BMW will give you the highest power at 13500 rpm (revolutions/rotations per minute).

This petrol-driven giant will give you a mileage of 17 KM/L, and the engine generates a power of 204 bhp. The shift cam technology offers better mid-range and bottom-end performance due to varied stroke and valve timings.

The enormous bike stays on track and controls the rider with its 17-inch front and rear tires. The digital speedometer, fuel warning indicator, analogue tachometer, engine kill switch, and digital trip meter type are some of the many other outstanding features that the S 1000 RR BMW is loaded with. In just twenty-second, the bike reaches a speed of 303 kmph.

3.  Panigale V4 Ducati

If you are a speed lover, you will find peace in Panigale V4 Ducati. It is powered by a 1103cc BS6 engine that delivers the power of 215.5 bhp and a torque of 123.6 Nm. The bike features front and back disc brakes and an anti-locking braking system. The majestic two-wheeler weighs 198.5 kgs and comes with a fuel tank capacity of 17 litres.

What makes this bike different from the others is its fresh V4 engine derived from MotoGP bike. With all the worthy updates made to the latest version regarding aerodynamics, electronics, chassis, engine, and ergonomics, this Borgo Panigale bike will deliver extraordinary performance when set on the tracks.

4. Hayabusa Suzuki

This is one of the names that will come to your mind when you think of the fastest two-wheelers to buy in India. Unveiled in the blockbuster Bollywood movie Dhoom, Hayabusa Suzuki matches excellence in terms of performance and specifications.

For every rider's dream, Hayabusa Suzuki comes with three riding modes and quick reactions that account for its never-changing popularity. This superbike is powered by a 1340cc BS6 engine that generates the power of 187.3 bhp and 150 Nm.

It also features front and rear brakes with an anti-locking braking system. It comes with an inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil-damped front suspension, link type, coil spring and oil damped rear suspension.

5. RSV4 RF Aprilia

If you are looking for a high-performance bike that will not be too heavy, then RSV4 RF Aprilia is what you should get for yourself. Appreciated widely for its impressive speed and high-quality performance, this majestic two-wheeler is packed with potential, all thanks to its modern technologies and breathtaking ergonomics.

The bike is powered by a 1099cc v4 cylinder engine that delivers increased torque at 13000 rpm. With 217 horsepower, RSV4 RF Aprilia can seek the 305 km/h goal at high speed.

6. BMW s 1000 RR

Regarded as one of the fastest bikes in India and the rest of the world, its popularity has remained unchanged since its launch. The fierce performance-driven bike is available in Mineral Grey Metallic, Light White / Racing Blue Metallic / Racing Red, and Black Storm Metallic.

It is powered by a water/oil-cooled 4-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine that has increased horsepower to 205 HP at 13000 rpm, optimising the torque curve. In just 20 seconds, the bike is ready to perform at its top speed.


If you have a bike or are planning to buy one, you know that bike insurance is mandatory in India. And, it is no less applicable for high-performance base fast racing bikes. Remember, you are fulfilling your dreams by owning the road giants at a very high cost, so getting bike insurance is a must.

Firstly, irrespective of the fact that these high-end motorcycles are equipped with world-class technologies and house the best safety features to ensure the rider's safety, mishaps can still happen. And secondly, these bikes are priced very high. So, repair costs will be extremely high in case of any accident or damage. So, get your two-wheeler insurance done today and save yourself from all the unprecedented expenses that may cost you a fortune.  

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1. Which are the top-six fastest two-wheeler in India?

Kawasaki Ninja H2,  Panigale V4 Ducati, RSV4 RF Aprilia, S1000 RR from BMW, Hayabusa Suzuki,BMW S 1000 RR .

2. What to look for while buying the fastest bike?

Doing your homework is very important. While buying the fastest bike, check on factors like the brand PR manufacturer and the performance and speed that it promises to deliver. Also, check in the technological advancements in terms of features and specifications.

3. Are the fastest two-wheelers costly?

Yes, the fastest two-wheelers come with a high price tag. They are lifetime purchases and involve a good amount of money. Generally prices start from INR 13 lakhs and above.

4. Is it important to have bike insurance for the fastest two-wheelers?

All two-wheeler owners must buy proper bike insurance. The process is the same as buying any other two-wheeler bike insurance.

5. What is RPM in the fastest two-wheeler?

RPM signifies the speed at which rotation of the crank inside the engine occurs. RPM is revolutions/rotation per minute.


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