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Some Mandatory Traffic Rules to Follow for Safety

By Juhi Walia
14 September 2022, 12:36 PM

Certain regulations instruct you on how to drive your vehicles on the road. It is necessary to follow these regulations to ensure safe driving practices for yourself and everyone else on the road. 

This is because you can commit a punishable offense. Your bike insurance company will not provide compensation in such a situation if you are in an unfortunate situation not following any traffic rules.

There are ways to drive your two-wheeler safely on the road. These rules are just the ones talked about in your driving license test and any new updates from the Government after that.

The guide below lists all the regulations you need to follow to get a cover with your two-wheeler insurance, which will compensate you for any mishaps, unfortunate incidents, etc. that occur due to the negligence of other riders or drivers who weren't following or obeying the relevant regulations.

Traffic Rules to Follow for Safety

1. Always Wear a Helmet While Driving

This is a basic rule that cannot be stated more. This is a must for you to follow. It would be best if you took this precaution for your safety. Your bike insurance company will also reject a claim if you are found not wearing a helmet. You should follow this rule as it will save you, your finances, and your bike insurance. 

2. Do Not Use Mobile Phones While Driving

Many people have the habit of using mobile phones while driving. They talk over the call or even listen to music. Mobile usage impacts how we drive and takes much of our attention.

Sometimes, people get too busy in listening to music, talking over the phone, and looking at maps, that they forget to look at the roads and follow traffic safety. So, people must understand and follow the rule of not using mobile phones while driving.

3. Service Your Bike Timely

Servicing your bike services regularly will prevent you from any uncontrollable situation with your bike. If your bike is going into servicing, they thoroughly check it and let you know about everything that is wrong or could go wrong with your bike.

So, these timely checks are necessary, and you must do them regularly. If there is significant wear and tear on any of your bike's spare parts, then you can get it covered with your 2-wheeler vehicle insurance.

4. Look Out for Road Mishaps

While you are driving on the roads, check to see if the road has been blocked or is under traffic due to some accident. Even if there is no traffic bottleneck and the accident is fresh, then you need to keep an eye out for yourself. Instead of staying and looking, try to reduce the traffic space on road as much as possible. Take care of your vehicle and keep moving through the incident. This will create a space for your safety.

5. Keep a Safe Distance From Other Bikes and Cars

Unlike the famous traffic-cutting mentality, do not drive too close to other vehicles. Keep a safe distance from them because otherwise, if they apply brakes while you are at a close distance, it might get you into an accident.

Now, this might not do much damage to you, but your bike is definitely at risk. Also, if you are on a highway driving too fast and too close to other vehicles, then it gets risky for everyone on the road around you. Make sure to keep a safe distance from all the cars on the road.

6. Use Indicators Where Necessary

People have generally forgotten to use the indicators daily. They just change the course of their direction while on the road without informing the other vehicles that are behind them. This is an apparent cause of many accidents.

Even your bike insurance company will not be able to provide for you with such mistakes. But it would be best if you used the indicators to be safe whenever you change the course.

7. Pullover Very Carefully

If you are on a highway and need to pull over, you must do it responsibly. Use indicators for either side until you are out of the mix on the highway. Then carefully pull over after checking that there is no one behind you and reduce the speed slowly.

Do not pull the brakes suddenly because that might cause a jerk to the vehicle and the driver. If someone behind your vehicle is at speed, then it might become impossible for that vehicle to stop and control the speed. This will result in an accident. So, it would be best if you were extra cautious while pulling over because it can get risky for you and the other vehicles on the road.

8. Use Rear View Mirrors

The purpose of rear-view mirrors is to check the traffic on your back. Using your rear-view mirrors is vigilant road behaviour. 

You can look at the vehicles behind you and choose to move in the direction suitable for you without banging into other cars. Also, a rear-view mirror will prevent you from taking close calls on the road.

Wrapping Up

You must follow these basic rules to be safe on the roads. Road accidents might be significantly reduced if you and others on the road are safe and responsible with traffic regulations.

This comprehensive guide is nothing but a back-to-basic guide about all the traffic regulations that one must know and follow.

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1. Have the traffic rules for safety been changed in India?

No. The traffic rules for basic safety have been consistent in India, but there could be new regulations to add some minor changes.

2. What is a pillion rider as per traffic safety rules?

A pillion rider is someone who travels with you on your bike as a passenger.

3. How many pillions can I have on my bike?

Per traffic safety rules, you can have only one pillion rider on your bike. You will be fined if you are found driving with more than one pillion rider.

4. Am I eligible for bike insurance if I am driving with more than 1 pillion rider?

Your bike insurance company will provide you compensation, given you follow the traffic rules. So getting a claim might be risky if you are riding with more than one pillions.

5. Is a driving licence mandatory for the road to get bike insurance?

Yes. It is mandatory to carry a driving licence on the road in India because, without it, your bike insurance company will not compensate you if you are in any unforeseen situation.

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