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Tips to Keep Your Hand Stress-free While Riding a Bike

By Juhi Walia
13 October 2022, 11:14 AM

Riding a bike is always fun, but it is even more enjoyable if we feel stress-free while riding it on the road. In most cases, bike riders experience pain in their back, neck area, hand, elbows, and joints. Soar and numb hands are the most common problem bike rider face. Keeping your hand constant for a very long time is difficult. This can cause numbness and cramps in the hands and arms as well. 

It is common to feel stress in your hands on your long endurance rides. The primary responsibility of the rider is to find a way to prevent this. Riding a bike with the wrong hand positioning affects other body parts and causes pain.

In this article, you will learn some practical tips and tricks to help prevent stress in your body while riding a bike. After following these tips and tricks, you will again start enjoying your bike ride. 

Engage with the Cores

The first thing you do when you feel too nervous is to start gripping the bars too tight. The best solution is to relax and make yourself calm at this stage. Relax your hands by giving them a slight wiggle, and avoid gripping them too hard. Try bending your elbows a little bit. A slight bend is sufficient for a relaxed posture. Try engaging with the core, and lift your hands off the bar. This will show that you are engaged with the core and not putting pressure on your body parts. 

Apply Bar Tapes

Use the bar tape to double wrap your bike's bar. It will give more comfort to your hands with a little more cushioning. It is such an effortless trick but an effective one. 

Use Correct Hand Postures

While riding a bike, your elbows should always be pointed downwards, towards your knees. The next step is to crouch down a little bit. In this way, you will put less pressure on your handlebar since handlebars should only be used for steering not for putting your body weight. You should put all your weight on your lower body instead of your upper body while riding a bike. Follow this trick, and you will surely see a visible difference while riding your bike on the road.

Keeping your arms bent and loose is all that you need to do while riding a bike. While riding a motorbike, try to flap your arms like a chicken, more like the rotation of your arms. Your arms and elbows should easily be up and down. Remember, arms should only gently guide directions and not hold you upright or onto the motorcycle. 

Don’t Squeeze the Handlebar Tightly

If you squeeze your bike's handlebar hard, it will amplify the vibration. After some time, you will slowly start to feel your numb hands. To avoid this, please hold the handlebar smoothly instead of squeezing it hard. Focus on maintaining a relaxed attitude. It will make everything smooth and enjoyable when riding your bike.

Use Your Knees

Squeeze your knees on the gas tank to give you some grip, especially when braking. Don't slide all the way forward, be straight and comfortable. 

Wear the Best Quality Gloves

It's best to use the gloves of those companies who are knowledgeable and experienced in the motorbike industry. Gloves with fewer paddings and palms area with reinforced leather should be preferred. It will protect you in the event of a crash. Buy gloves that have maximum mobility and comfort. Sometimes gloves that are not properly fitted can cause numbness in your hands. 

Do Some Hand Exercises

Doing some exercises, even for a concise time, will help you release your muscle tension. It will help you reduce the stress on your hands. Try to relax your grip, especially during traffic and road signals. 

Relax Your Arms and Shoulders

Constantly sitting in the same position can create pressure on arms and shoulders. Always try to shrug off your shoulders and arms reasonably to relax your body a bit. It will help in blood circulation properly in your body, and you will not face the difficulty of a shoulder ache if you do this more often while riding a bike.

Proportionate Handlebar and Shoulder Bar Width

Remember that your bike's handlebar's width should equal the width of your shoulder. If that does not happen, you will probably soon experience shoulder pain. 


Bike riding can be enjoyable and exciting for all age groups. Follow the above-mentioned tips to ride your bike smoothly, without much tension and stress. Make sure you buy bike insurance policy to protect you from any financial losses that may arise in the future. 

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1. How to ensure the width of your bike's handlebar is right?

Check that the width of your bike's handlebar is equivalent to that of your shoulders. If they are equal, you can say the width of your bike's handlebar is correct.

2. Why do riders' hands hurt when they ride a bike?

A tight grip on the handlebar due to the nervousness of the rider is the main reason for hurting hands. Another essential reason is no moment, and no exercise on hand can cause hand hurt. The wrong posture is also one of the main reasons. Bad quality gloves can also cause hand pain while riding.

3. How to prevent hand cramping during a motorbike ride?

The best way to prevent hand cramping during a motorbike ride is to stretch frequently. The best time to do stretching is at the traffic or signals. Release all the stress from your hands, fingers, wrists, and arms by doing small hand activities and exercises. You can also try shaking your hands to prevent cramps during the motor rides. 

4. What is the sign of a good quality glove for a bike rider?

The glove must be made of good quality materials, and the palm area should have made with the best quality leather or other protective kinds of stuff, which will help protect the rider if the crash ever happens. Always keep in mind that the glove fits you correctly.

5. How to avoid nervousness and fear of riding a bike?

Only practice can help you deal with your fears of riding a bike. So, practising in an open space with a loose hand and a relaxed mind and body is advisable to get the best results. 

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