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Two-wheeler Insurance for Electric Scooters - A Complete Guide

By Vikas Chandra Das
22 July 2022, 8:31 PM

With global warming on a steady rise, people have started making sustainable choices to reduce their carbon footprint. Understanding the need to switch to alternate sources of fuel, automobile manufacturers around the world have introduced two-wheelers powered by electricity. The Indian automobile sector is also witnessing a rising demand for electric scooters as an eco-friendly way of daily commuting.

However, potential buyers are often confused about registration procedures and legal requirements for these vehicles. Further, they are also confused when it comes to the legality surrounding insurance for electric vehicles. In this post, let us understand whether electric scooters need two-wheeler insurance policy to run legally on the roads in India.

Is Insurance Compulsory for Electric Scooters?

Under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, all bike and scooter owners need third-party two-wheeler insurance to drive the vehicle legally in India. However, the two-wheeler insurance policy rule does not apply to most electric scooters because they are not categorised as motor vehicles. The top speed of most of these scooters falls below 25 kmph, significantly reducing the chances of accidents. As a result, such electric scooter owners don't need to obtain third-party insurance.

The government of India is preparing to declare regulations concerning insurance for electric scooters as this category of vehicles is still in its adoption phase in the country. While most of these models come with a small battery and power that lowers the risk of accidents, some vehicles have high-power motors that generate a lot of torque.

If you own such an electric bike or scooter that resembles petrol models reaching up to 80-90 kmph, you need a license, registration certificate, and even a two-wheeler insurance policy to ride it. While there are no strict rules regarding insurance for electric scooters, you should get insurance coverage for your vehicle as a responsible driver.

No matter what vehicle you ride, once you hit the road, there is always a risk of facing an unforeseen incident. An electric scooter is a valuable possession you should protect against unfortunate situations like theft or fire. It is therefore advisable to buy a comprehensive bike insurance policy that protects you and your vehicle against financial obligations in case of accidents, natural calamities, theft, fire, or man-made disasters.

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Benefits of Two-wheeler Insurance for Electric Scooters

Let us discuss a few benefits of two-wheeler insurance for an electric scooter.

They are Expensive Vehicles

The Indian government is encouraging the use of electric vehicles in the country, but it still captures a small niche market with moderate demand. This makes them expensive and out of reach for most people.

These vehicles are sold at higher prices as they include costly components like a controller, battery and motor. Therefore, you must pay attention to getting your vehicle insured so you can ride it without any worries.

There is a Level of Risk Associated with Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are commonly preferred for short commutes within the city, exposing them to risks of road accidents, albeit at a much-reduced level. But the after-effects of accidents mostly remain harmful. Two-wheeler insurance ensures financial immunity for you in case of accidents.

Moreover, the complex technology involved in the vehicle and its electrical and mechanical parts is at risk of failure. In an unfortunate event as such, two-wheeler insurance can prove to be a lifesaver by covering any loss or damage. If you don’t have insurance cover, you must bear all the costs associated with the repair and physical injuries in such an event.

Two-wheeler Insurance is Affordable

Most electric scooter models in the Indian market have a speed limit of 60-70 kmph, making them ideal for daily commutes. Lower speeds translate to lesser risk, so covering them with an insurance policy is not as expensive as other motor vehicles.

Moreover, these scooters are not equipped with highly powerful motors and generate less power than most other two-wheelers. So, insuring these vehicles from risks like loss and damage due to fire, theft, collisions, and other incidents incurs you less. 

Electric Scooter Coverage can be Customised

An amazing benefit of getting two-wheeler insurance for electric scooters is that the process is quite similar to other motor vehicles.

Though some insurers can refuse to provide coverage for these vehicles because they are not registered, many reputed insurance companies offer comprehensive insurance plans providing maximum coverage at affordable prices. Moreover, these plans can be easily customised to your needs and preferences.

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Emissions from motor vehicles are one of the biggest problems today, and the Indian government is taking steps to boost the adoption of electric vehicles to improve the situation.

If you are planning to switch to an electric scooter, securing it with an insurance policy is a good idea to enjoy a stress-free commute. Searching the policy on a comparison platform, such as Paytm Insurance, can help you save plenty in terms of premiums, attractive deals, and add-on services.



1. Can you take insurance for an electric scooter?

Though not all electric vehicles fall under the category of motor vehicles, you can always choose to cover your e-scooter with a two-wheeler insurance policy.

2. Is two-wheeler insurance compulsory for electric scooters?

If your electric scooter has a top speed of less than 25 kmph, you don't need a third-party cover. However, insurance rules apply to powerful electric bikes resembling petrol vehicles in terms of speed and power.

3. Do you need a license to ride an electric two-wheeler?

Till now, electric scooters were exempted from registration and required no license to ride. However, since these get categorised as ‘light two-wheeler powered vehicles’, a driving license will be compulsory for using them.

4. Does an electric scooter need registration?

An electric vehicle with power below 250W and a maximum speed limit of under 25kmph requires no registration with the RTO for riding on the road. On the other hand, high-powered electric scooters require registration to run legally.

5. Can you insure an electric scooter without registration?

Highly unlikely as insurers don’t offer policies covering non-registered vehicles like electric scooters. So, get your electric scooter registered with the concerned RTO before purchasing an insurance plan that covers you and your vehicle against any damage or injury from an accident and natural and man-made disasters.


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