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Perfect Two Wheeler Insurance For Your Next Solo Road Trip

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Bike road trips give an unparalleled experience. A get away to the highways or twisty mountain roads, whether alone or with a group of bikers, is often a preferred choice of individuals to break the monotony of mundane days. But it is important to understand the difference between riding a bike in the city and a road trip because when you start on long-distance journeys, you take on a lot of risks. There are several factors that enter the equation. Bikes, like all devices, can fail too. If you're getting ready to start on your next solo trip, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

What is Two Wheeler Insurance?

A two wheeler insurance policy is basically an arrangement between an insurance provider and a two wheeler owner wherein the insurer covers any damages to the two-wheeler in the event of an accident, natural disasters, or theft.

Depending on the type of policy you buy, a bike insurance policy protects you from liabilities arising from injuries to the rider and pillion as well as third parties. It is important to compare policies in order to find the cheapest two-wheeler insurance policy with sufficient coverage.

Why is a Two Wheeler Insurance Needed for a Solo Road Trip?

  • It Is Illegal To Ride Without Insurance: Bike insurance is required in the country under the Motor Vehicles Act. Riding around on a bike without insurance is illegal, which isn't exactly reassuring when planning a road trip.
  • Insurance Is Cost Effective: Purchasing insurance is not difficult. The consumer must pay a monthly fee in order to reap the benefits of insurance. The cost of this monthly fee is determined by the scope of coverage and the number of add-ons  selected by the consumer. Furthermore, the amount guaranteed covered by the policy is considerably greater than the premium charged. Don't forget to add travel insurance to your to-do list.
  • Riding A Two-wheeler Is Dangerous: Riding a motorcycle, no matter how skilled a rider you are, is always dangerous. You must be vigilant at all times, as even a minor blunder will result in catastrophe. If you are involved in an accident and suffer an injury to yourself or a third person, the costs can be devastating. This is where insurance comes to the rescue, covering hospitalisation costs.
  • Protection From The Wrath of Nature: Natural disasters like cyclones, floods, storms, and earthquakes can strike without warning and in just a few hours. Landslides are a constant threat in hilly areas. Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance will put your mind at ease because it covers natural disasters as well as man-made disasters like theft, riots, fire, etc.

Which is the Best Type of Two Wheeler Insurance for Solo Road Trips?

For your protection and the safety of others, the government has made at least third party two wheeler insurance mandatory. And the annual premium you pay is a relatively nominal amount of money compared to the benefits it provides in the event of an accident. On the basis of coverage, there are three types of Two Wheeler insurance

  • Third Party Insurance
  • Standalone Own Damage Insurance
  • Comprehensive Insurance

One of the most common forms of insurance coverage is third party insurance, which covers only accidents and injuries of a third-party individual, vehicle, or property. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, it is mandatory to have at least a third party insurance.

Standalone own-damage car insurance is a policy that covers only the risks and injuries of your own vehicle. This includes deaths and liabilities resulting from crashes, natural disasters, explosions, and robberies.

A comprehensive bike insurance policy would provide you with comprehensive coverage for many unexpected accidents, allowing you to ride without worry. It's a mix of third-party liability and personal injury protection. It offers you protection for all of the following - 

  • Own damage to your bike in a road accident,
  • Damage due to natural calamities
  • Damages caused by man-made disasters
  • Damages incurred in riots, strikes, fire, explosion, etc
  • Theft of two wheeler
  • Compensation for physical injuries, disability, death of a third party
  • Third party property damage up to INR 7.5 Lakh.

Best Two Wheeler Insurance Add-ons For Solo Road Trip

Two-wheeler insurance add-ons are available from one two-wheeler insurer to the next. A general insurance company can offer the following add-on covers in two-wheeler insurance which will be helpful during a solo road trip:

1. Roadside Assistance Cover: When you get stuck in the middle of a road or highway due to a mechanical failure or bug in your two-wheeler, roadside assistance add-on is included in your bike insurance policy. The optional add-on covers you in the event of a flat tyre, fuel delivery, car towing, battery drain, and on-site minor repairs, among other things.

Mr. Rajesh, who lives in Mumbai, had decided to go on a road trip to Manali with his friends. Due to the rough nature of the terrain of his destination and the long journey, one of the tyres of his bike got a puncture. Since he had a two wheeler insurance policy with a Roadside Assistance Cover, he quickly contacted the customer support team of his insurance provider Future Generali Indian Insurance Company for assistance. He was asked to share some basic details like his mobile number and insurance policy number. Upon registration of his claim, the insurance provider immediately sent his technician to Mr. Rajesh’s location to help him with the change of his flat tyre. 

2. Key Loss Add-on: In two-wheeler insurance, the Key Replacement Add-On compensates the policyholder for the loss of a key (s). It also offers a spare key in the shortest amount of time possible.

3. Consumables Cover: Consumables refers to those elements of your bike which are usage dependent like the engine oil, nuts, bolts, grease, screws, washers, etc. By default, a standard two wheeler insurance does not provide coverage for the consumables. And after a solo road trip, you may incur expenses for the replenishment of these consumables during your two wheeler’s servicing. Thus, it is wise to opt for a consumables cover in order to keep yourself shielded against the consumable expenses.

4. Engine Protective Cover: Engine Protection protects the policyholder financially in the event of a faulty engine or parts that need to be repaired. This add-on cover is a must-have if you're riding in a flood-prone location.

5. Tyre Cover: Tyre Protection Add-on in two-wheeler insurance covers accidents such as tyre puncture or bursting, in-tyre bulge, tyre cut due to an accident, and so on. So, opting for this add-on is also advisable for your solo trip.

Tips For Safe Two Wheeler Solo Road Trip

A trip may be a good getaway from one’s monotonous routine, however it is essential that you take the necessary precautions before you pack your bags. Here are a few things you should do before you go on your solo road trip:

  1. Keep Your Family And Friends Informed: Once your ride begins, keep your family informed daily. Call them before you start the ride for the day and tell them where you’re headed to. Call them ( or text) again to let them know you’re ok after your stop ends for the day.
  2. Know Your Bike In And Out: On longer trips, you can face a variety of riding challenges. Before embarking on some such adventure, it is recommended that you have logged a sufficient number of kilometres. You should know if your bike has enough power to pass a heavy vehicle on the lane. Or that it can handle a sudden change of direction if anything unexpected happens on the lane. Before embarking on a long journey, you must first become acquainted with your bike and its characteristics.
  3. Carry Safety Gear: Long drives without the proper safety gear can be extremely dangerous. Of course, once you've put on all of your riding gear, it can get very hot. But it's worth it to put up with a little pain now in order to escape potential dangers later.
  4. Being Vigilant: This should go without saying. For long journeys, it's important to stay vigilant at all times. Even a split second of attention lapse can be disastrous. As a result, you must be vigilant at all times.

Take Away

Road trips are the most enjoyable way to see scenic beauty, and as the saying goes, the journey is more important than the destination, road trips encourage you to do just that. Two-wheeler Insurance plans are motorcycle insurance policies that shield you and your two-wheeler from a variety of hazards and injuries. Since a vehicle is often a significant emotional and financial investment, it is critical to ensure that you take the appropriate precautions to keep it safe. Having a solid two-wheeler insurance plan in place for your vehicle protects you from the financial consequences of collisions and other road mishaps.

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