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Two-wheeler Insurance Tips for a Bike Owner Residing in a Flood-Prone City

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

A flood may have a catastrophic impact on your two-wheeler. Your beloved bike may fall victim to high flood tides and turn inoperable. Flood water may submerge the wheel bearings, enter the brakes and the engine, and engulf other bike components that may cause a hydrostatic lock, a situation where the engine seizes. Water infiltration in the engine may cause it to malfunction and damage it beyond repair. 

The restoration of a bike engulfed by flood water is typically more intensive and expensive than the general maintenance and repair work. Bike insurance can prevent your two-wheeler from bearing the entire brunt of the flooding should the need arise. Let's look at some pointers to ensure your cherished vehicle gets the protection it deserves through your bike insurance policy.

Purchase a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy

The Indian Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 has mandated a third-party liability insurance plan for you to be able to drive a vehicle on Indian roads without any legal hassle. Procurement of a third-party liability is imperative for vehicle owners, and you will be penalised and face legal consequences if you are spotted riding without it. Third-party liability insurance covers the damages caused to a third-party vehicle, personal property, death and physical injury. However, a third-party bike insurance policy protects only the third party's interests while the insurer's vehicle remains uncovered. 

Comprehensive bike insurance safeguards you against third-party liabilities and covers your own damages should a mishap occur. It extends a broader insurance coverage by offering protection against the damage inflicted by accidental fires, theft, and other mishappenings. Moreover, it renders protection against financial losses if a natural calamity like a flood strikes. Comprehensive bike insurance is a must-have if you are a bike owner who dwells in a city vulnerable to frequent flooding.

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Incorporate Add-ons to Customise Your Bike Insurance Policy

Flooding can occur suddenly, and the damage it inflicts entails repair and restoration costs that can drain your finances. Add-ons are crucial in upgrading and expanding the coverage of a standard comprehensive bike insurance policy. Although you can purchase add-ons alongside a regular comprehensive plan by paying an additional premium, they are well worth the money spent. If a primary comprehensive insurance plan falls short of providing the required protection in some instances, add-ons can help cover the gap. They cover liabilities that a basic comprehensive bike insurance policy does not.

An appropriate combination of additional covers tailored to your particular requirements can spare you from spending outrageously on renovation and repair.

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The following are some two-wheeler insurance add-ons perfectly suitable for bike owners living in flood-prone areas.

Zero Depreciation Cover

A two-wheeler is exposed to wear and tear over time. The vehicle owner must bear the expenses associated with depreciation and spare parts. Opting for zero depreciation insurance for bikes enables you to evade the impact of depreciation on claims. The insurance company bears the expenditures associated with the restoration and replacement of depreciable elements of your bike, such as rubber, plastic, and fibre components, during claim settlement. A larger and better payoff and low out-of-pocket expense are a few advantages a zero depreciation cover can offer.

Although a zero depreciation plan is available by paying some additional premium, it is exceedingly beneficial since the coverage it extends is worth more than the price borne by you. The depreciation rate of the damaged component can be even 50% given the age of the vehicle, so buying a zero depreciation cover only helps you during a claim.

Engine Protection Cover

The engine is a vital and indispensable component of a two-wheeler. Flooding may cause water to enter into the engine's interior, and the flood water may damage its electrical parts and corrode the wires. This damage may completely wreck the engine's operation, compromise its mechanism, and is often irreparable. Restoration and replacement of the gearbox can be an expensive affair.

Standard comprehensive bike insurance does not cover the damage to the engine's internal components. Supplementing your bike insurance policy with this add-on is crucial if you live in a place prone to floods. The insurance company may extend financial assistance by bearing the replacement or repair cost of the damage caused to the engine components. Incorporating the engine protection cover for bike as a precautionary measure yields you financial security in times of distress.

Roadside Assistance Cover

The roadside assistance cover allows emergency services to reach vehicle owners should their vehicle experience a malfunction on the road. A roadside assistance cover can prove immensely valuable, especially if you live in an area likely to be affected by floods.

Relocating a two-wheeler submerged in water is cumbersome and practically impossible without outside assistance. The roadside assistance cover for bike can be your ally here. Round-the-clock support enables you to gain help immediately by informing the insurance provider of the mishap, who will arrange a towing vehicle for pickup in no time. 

Consumables Cover

The vehicle's consumable components, for instance, nuts and bolts, grease, engine oil, distilled water, pipes and lubricants, remain uncovered in a standard comprehensive bike insurance policy. Water damage incurred to the bike's components in the event of a flood might cause them to rust and corrode. The consequential harm may render them inoperative and useless, which may cause performance issues.

The consumables cover for bike ensures that your insurance provider financially compensates for the replacement expenses if you incur vehicle damage due to a flood.

The Bottom Line

If you, a bike owner in a city susceptible to floods, believe that basic two-wheeler insurance is sufficient to protect your vehicle, you need to think again. An apt bike insurance policy supplemented with relevant add-ons can enhance the scope of coverage of your insurance plan from the impact of a flood and ease your worries.

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1. Is wreckage associated with floods covered under bike insurance?

Comprehensive insurance covers the impact of damages to your vehicle arising from natural calamities like floods.

2. Is flood-related harm to my bike's consumables covered under bike insurance?

No. A regular bike insurance plan does not cover a two-wheeler's consumable parts. You may include the consumable cover to your comprehensive bike insurance plan to cover the replacement expenses of your bike's consumables.

3. Does a third-party liability bike insurance policy provide for flood-related damages?

 Under a third-party liability bike insurance policy, damages to a third party are covered, while damages to your vehicle remain uncovered.

4. Will the premium amount increase if I file a claim for my flood-hit bike?

No. Although filing a damage-related claim may not raise the premium, it can nullify your accumulated no-claim bonus benefit on policy renewal.

5. Is water damage caused to the bike's engine covered under bike insurance?

 No. The damage to the internal components of the bike's engine remains uncovered in standard comprehensive bike insurance. However, you may avail of the engine protection add-on cover to compensate for the restoration or replacement costs.

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