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Want to Buy Insurance for Your Bike? Understand the Benefits of Liberty General Insurance

By Juhi Walia
20 September 2022, 1:10 PM

Private general insurance provider Liberty General Insurance Limited is based in Mumbai, India. It is a partnership of the Indian industrial giant DP Jindal Group, the US property and liability insurer Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, and the Indian private investment fund Enam Securities.

As a joint venture between Liberty Mutual and Videocon Group, Liberty General Insurance came into being in 2013 as Liberty Videocon General Insurance. The company was renamed Liberty General Insurance Limited after Videocon sold its significant stake (more than half) of its own in the venture to a partnership between DP Jindal and Enam Securities.

Advantages of Having Liberty General Two-wheeler Insurance

Safety from Natural Disasters

If you have a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance, you will be protected from paying for damage to your vehicle due to accidents like floods and earthquakes, to mention a few.

Protection from Unnatural Occurrences

Bike insurance protects you from loss and damage brought on by theft, strikes, break-ins, or conflict.

Legal Obligations

There will undoubtedly be legal ramifications if a third party is hurt in an accident involving your two-wheeler. Your protection from any third-party liability resulting from an accident is provided by third-party bike insurance, which requires two-wheeler insurance.

Other Advantages

You qualify for unique savings like a No Claim Bonus (NCB) when you purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy and renew it frequently and on time. The NCB is the incentive you receive for each year of claim-free insurance. In other words, it's the reward offered by the insurance company for maintaining your bike and driving safely. The higher the NCB in bike insurance, the lower your insurance price will be when your two-wheeler insurance is renewed.

Insurance Protection Against Personal Injury

The two-wheeler insurance policy also offers you the benefits of personal accident insurance, which protects the rider from injuries sustained in an accident. If you own a bike, having this cover is required by law along with your bike insurance policy. You do not need to obtain a new personal accident bike insurance policy if you already have one from a previous vehicle when you buy a new two-wheeler.

Long-term Coverage

Long-term bike insurance policies, which can cover your two-wheeler for three years, have been introduced by insurance companies. The main advantage of this choice is that the premium is fixed for the whole term and does not change, in contrast to yearly renewal, where customary insurer price increases or changes in tax rates usually result in premium increases. In addition, you won't have to stress about the three-year yearly renewal deadline.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy

This offers total coverage for both the insured and the two-wheeler. In other words, the comprehensive plan includes coverage for your injuries, third-party liability, and any damage to or theft of your bike. Some bike insurance companies additionally provide various options and add-ons, including zero depreciation coverages that include the cost of consumables. Additionally, it gives the owner or rider personal coverage in the event of an accident. Further, you are protected by this kind of two-wheeler insurance from third-party liability.

Importance of Choosing Liberty Two-wheeler Insurance Policy

Liberty bike insurance, the nation's largest bike insurance provider, paid out more than 91% of all two-wheeler insurance claims during the previous fiscal year. To meet all of your insurance needs, more than 1200 devoted personnel are available at 110 locations across 29 states and 95 Indian cities.

With more than 5,500 partner garages and 5800+ partner hospitals as part of an ever-expanding network, Liberty General Insurance continues to broaden its effect and reach in India while offering consumers a variety of choices.

Additionally, Liberty General Insurance provides a range of customisable insurance options such as:

  • Health and personal accident insurance
  • Two-wheeler insurance
  • Employee compensation insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Boat insurance
  • Fire insurance

Liberty General Insurance's Two-wheeler Insurance Package Policy: Everything You Need to Know

In this policy, the term "two-wheeler" means any bike, scooter, autocycle, or other motorised two-wheeled vehicle listed in the schedule. This policy attests that it is governed by the terms, exceptions, and conditions or otherwise supported or declared hereon.

Categories of characteristics are included in bike insurance policies; let's go over each one:

Section I - Damage to Insured Bike

The business will reimburse the insured if the insured's bike and accessories are lost or damaged.

1. Criminal activity includes, among other things, robberies, bike theft, property damage, riots, and strikes.

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2. Examples of natural disasters include flooding, typhoons, cyclones, storm or hurricane inundation, hailstorms, or frost.

3. If your bike faces any damage during, rail, inland waterway, elevator, or air journey.

Section II- Third-Party Liability

The company will reimburse the insured against any sums that the insured will be legally obligated to pay in respect of any of the following in the event of an accident caused by or arising out of the usage of the covered vehicle.

However, if such a fatality or damage results from and in the course of the insured's employment of such a person, the business shall not be liable, except to the amount required by the Motor Vehicles Act.

Key Takeaways

You are shielded from third-party claims such as third-party death, property damage and medical expenses if you have Liberty bike insurance. Without two-wheeler insurance, you are liable for the cost of repairs if your bike is wrecked.

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1. What documents must be provided during claim settlement?

  • Completed and signed claim form
  • First Information Report Copy (FIR)
  • Original registration certificate copy
  • Original driving license
  • Fire brigade report (in case of fire)
  • Bills for repairs or replacement (in case of reimbursement claim)
  • Images of the wrecked bike
  • A set of bike keys (in case of theft)
  • Final no trace report (in case of theft)
  • Power of attorney and subrogation (in the event of complete loss or theft)
  • Discharge certificate

2. How do I file an insurance claim for a Liberty cashless bike insurance?

Step 1: Contact to Liberty General Insurance
Step 2: File a claim
Step 3: Damage assessment
Step 4: Settlement of claims

3. What are the most frequent causes of Liberty bike insurance claim rejection?

It would be best if you considered various grounds while settling claims with Liberty Insurance Company to prevent your claim from being denied. The insurance company rejects a claim for the following reasons:

  • The lodging of a fraud claim
  • Factual misinterpretation
  • Driving illegally (without a licence)
  • Driving while drunk or using medicines that make you drowsy
  • Delayed notification of the accident to the insurer
  • Act of carelessness

4. What is the vision of Liberty General Insurance?

Liberty General Insurance wants to make people's lives safer and more secure. To go above and beyond what any insurance business might provide and establish ourselves as the caring and sympathetic insurer of choice for the nation by keeping our word to clients, being pleasant to work with, empowering our staff, and generating long-term value for our promoters.

5. What mobile apps does Liberty General Insurance Company offer online solutions?

For online solutions, Liberty General Insurance Company does indeed have a mobile app. For policies with Liberty Life Insurance, this facility is also accessible.

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