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What Add-on Covers to Choose for Your Sports Bike?

By Juhi Walia
01 August 2022, 11:06 AM

It is a mandatory regulation by law to get third-party insurance for your bikes. This is, however, not enough for a sports bike. A sports bike is a high-cost vehicle and needs insurance coverage over and above third-party bike insurance. Having add-ons for your sports bike will prevent you and your bike in times of any unfortunate incidents. These covers protect against damages or injuries.

There are several add-ons available at your disposal. These add-ons are to be selected in a way that complements your basic insurance plan. personalize your insurance policy based on your needs and driving habits for something as prominent as a sports bike. In this article, we have tried to cover all the major bike insurance add-ons that are suitable for your sports bike keeping in mind the unfortunate incidents that happen on road.

What to Do in Such Situations?

In such situations, it is advisable to have value-added add-on covers for your bike. Choosing from a variety of add-on covers will protect against any alarming situations with on-the-spot help. These covers are nothing but protection for various different parts of the bike and the bike owner.

These add-ons come in a variety which could help you protect against the depreciation of the bike, timely assistance while in an unfortunate incident, protecting the tangible spare parts of your engine. The insurance providers provide the facility of aiding at the location of the insured. These providers have a wide array of garages, mechanics, engines, hospitals, legal facilities, and monetary reimbursements which you can avail of by buying the add-on covers that are suitable for you.

Choosing the right add-on covers will help protect against any tangible or intangible situations that are covered by the bike insurance claim. Some of these add-ons to check out for your sports bike are mentioned below. Go through them to choose the best fit for your bike.

The Add-ons at the Disposal

1. Zero Depreciation Insurance

The IRDAI decides the percentage of depreciation on your sports bike based on the age of the bike. Zero depreciation insurance for the bike is an add-on to the comprehensive bike insurance plan of the insurer, wherein the insurer will pay for the damages or any form of replacement of parts of the sports bike without considering the aspect of depreciation at all.

2. Personal Accident Cover

For any 2-wheeler, it is essential to have a personal accident cover to protect the rider. But in a sports bike, this becomes even more imperative. The level of risk to a sports bike rider is higher than average. The speed of the bike and the design of the roads sometimes may cause an unfortunate accident for the rider. Having a personal accident cover helps you pay for the high medical costs from your insurance, not your own pocket.

3. Roadside Assistance

There are chances that a bike may stop or break down anywhere while you are riding. The spare parts of a sports bike are not readily available at retail stores. Having an road assistance bike insurance cover added to your plan allows you to contact your insurance company anytime, 24*7. It reaches you at your location as soon as you share the same with the company. The insurer will send for emergencies and give you all the necessary equipment.

4. Return to Invoice cover

This add-on permits you to get compensation for your vehicle that is equal to the original value of the vehicle at the time of purchase. Return to invoice bike insurance cover helps the policyholder bridge the gap between the invoice value and the insured declared value(maximum amount or which your bike can be insured) for the bike.

You can avail of this cover only in times when your bike has been stolen or has been damaged beyond repair. This add-on is not applicable for minor damages to the bike.

This cover costs approximately 10% more than standard plans but provides safe-keeping to the policyholder against the registration charges, road tax charges and depreciation amount. 

5. Engine Protection Cover

An engine is the primary part of any machine, and an engine breakdown can be a haphazard experience. It is not something that will be available to you at your next-door shop. Also, if availability is not the problem, the cost of installing a new engine is a very hefty amount to pay. It is costly to pay for such engine costs from your pocket.
Having an engine protection bike insurance cover provides complete protection to the engine. It covers damage to the engine due to water ingression, oil leakage, etc.

6. Tyre damage cover

Most comprehensive bike insurance plans provide for tire damage only in times of an accident. Having a tyre damage cover will help you in all situations which have caused erosion and damage to your tire.

Tyre protection bike insurance cover enfolds the damages such as puncture, bursting of tires, in-tire bulge, or tire cuts over and above the damage caused in accidents. 

Thankfully, Paytm has made available all the above-mentioned add-ons for its users.


There are several add-ons available that a person can take for their bike. It depends on the policyholder to choose the add-ons that are most optimum for his usage. A simple way to navigate the choice of add-ons should be to boost your overall insurance. A smart policy will cover all the damages and scenarios for the holder in any circumstances. Select the best bike insurance company according to your needs.

It is convenient if all the add-ons are brought from the same insurance company. Make sure to choose a well-reputed company that provides for all your needs. Paytm, one such genuine company also has an insurance domain wherein they provide all the add-ons mentioned earlier. 

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1. Should I approach the sports bike insurance policy differently?

As a sports bike is costlier than a normal bike, getting an insurance policy that covers you for the maximum will help you immensely when claiming. Don't hesitate to have add-ons such as zero depreciation, engine protection cover, etc, as in their absence, you could end up paying way more.

2. Does the insurance company charge extra for the add-ons?

Yes. The insurance company will charge an extra premium depending on the add-ons you choose for your vehicle.

3. Can I get the insurance on my sports bike online?

Yes. You can buy sports bike insurance online from the available options of companies. Select the best bike insurance company for you. 

4. Are these policies applicable to bikes for racetracks?

Yes. Sports bikes are driven on roads and racetracks, and you can inform the insurance company about your usage.

5. How can I navigate the choice of my add-ons?

Depending on your sports bike's location, speed, and price, the add-ons should be chosen.

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