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What Important Steps You Can Follow if You Have a Flat Bike Tyre

By Juhi Walia
27 October 2022, 1:28 PM

If you buy a bike and ride it, you will have to haggle with the inconvenience of a flat or punctured tyre at some point. It doesn't matter how careful you are; something like this will happen at some point. But these failures can be dangerous, especially when you're going fast on the highway.

Flat tyres cause poor handling, which might cause you to harm your vehicle, yourself or someone. But if you have bike insurance, you can get some help from bike insurance companies

The Various Causes of a Bike Flat Tyre

The most common thing that causes a flat tyre is regular wear and tear. Tyres decay slowly over time due to the cumulative effects of gravel, rocks, an aggressive riding style, and weather. This could cause pinching or a completely flat tyre if you don't pay attention.

Accidents involving the roadside curb can cause a flat tyre by damaging the wheel rim or tyre valve. Reasons for flat motorbike tyres include the following:

Faulty Valve

Damaged or defective valves can also cause flat tyres. Air can slowly leak out when a valve has been breached, such as broken or contaminated. When assessing the air pressure in your tyres, you should verify that the valves are in a good working direction and do not exhibit any damage symptoms.

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive or irresponsible riding on gravel or unpaved roads can cause cracks or holes in the tyres, which, like any other damage, might result in a flat tyre.

Steps to Take in Case of a Flat Bike Tyre

Flat tyres are a part of every biker's life. On the other hand, you can do a few things to prevent anything like this, like third-party bike insurance. You will not have to manage any frustrating situations that could ruin your trip or cause you to be late.

As Soon as Possible, Stop Your Bike

Time is of the essence if you're on a motorcycle and think you have a flat tyre. Your first target should be to find a safe place to pull over and get out of the way of traffic. Applying the brakes might result in losing control, so ride your bicycle with a firm hold on the handlebars and without exerting too much force.

Make Use of a Repair Kit

When faced with a flat bike tyre, fixing it yourself can be an option, especially if you find yourself stranded. Repair kits for tyres are not overly complicated to work with, and they may be readily stored either beneath your seat or in your gear.

Even though some damaged tyres are irreparable, it is worth attempting to seal your tyre when your options are limited and there is no service station nearby. Be aware that a nozzle might not be the best way to fix a flat tyre if the hole is too close to the sidewall.

Considering the Possibilities for the Future

Even though it's not always possible to avoid getting a flat tyre, you can take steps to prepare yourself for the future better. Just in an issue, you end up in a precarious situation. Check your tyre pressure periodically to avoid premature wear and a flat. You should also have a tyre repair kit and two-wheeler insurance online in your touring emergency kit to be equipped for anything that may come your way.


When you have a flat tyre, your available choices are severely restricted. The most important thing is to take it easy and get off the road as soon as it is safe, then follow one of the methods mentioned above to fix your flat bike tyre. Also, getting roadside bike insurance assistance cover with your comprehensive bike insurance policy is essential to be ready for it to give yourself the most protection possible.

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1. Should I continue to travel with a flat tyre on my motorcycle, or should I stop?

Don't ride your bike with a flat tyre, even if you only plan to go a short distance. You won't have any control over your pace or direction. In addition to damaging a tyre that might be fixable, you'll also damage the rim of your vehicle, which is a costly consequence.

2. Will it be possible to repair the flat tyre instantly?

Unless you're a mechanic and have your equipment or a "tyre repair kit," it's unlikely you can fix the tyre on the spot.

3. Who should you contact if your tyre is flat?

Depending on where you are, you could call on members of your family or your close friends for assistance. Ideally, people who can help you change your tyre. Your loved ones or friends will not charge you for their service and won't mind doing it either.

Another prospect is getting in touch with your bike insurance company. Some best bike insurance companies offer standard roadside assistance services. You will most likely be required to register to use this service. To clarify, if you spend a lot of time commuting or are planning a lengthy road trip, you might consider this option. There are bike insurance company mobile applications available that make promise to provide access to emergency services.

4. When should I get new tyres for my motorcycle?

The exact number of miles you can get out of a set of tyres depends on several factors that are impossible to forecast. Still, the average lifespan is somewhere around 5 years. 

5. What is the most effective strategy to ensure you are ready for a flat tyre?

It is almost hard to avoid getting a flat tyre, and they always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times for you to be driving. You may take specific preventative measures to lessen the likelihood of getting a flat tyre and better prepare yourself if one of your tyres becomes damaged. You should perform routine checks on the tyre pressure and always have a "tyre repair kit" with you.

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