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What is Endorsement in Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Just like everything else in life, your two wheeler needs protection too. The roads can be rough and any damage to your two wheeler can be expensive. Therefore, a two wheeler insurance policy is a beneficial purchase. 

It is also important to know all the benefits that you can get from your two wheeler insurance policy. The more familiar you are with the features, the more you can get out of the policy. One of the useful features available with a two wheeler insurance plan is endorsement which comes handy from time to time. In this article, let’s explore what is endorsement in two wheeler insurance and how it comes to use.

What Is Endorsement In Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

In a two wheeler insurance, an endorsement refers to a formal written request for change in the personal information of the policyholder or the details of the insured’s two wheeler. 

Types of Endorsements in Two Wheeler Insurance

Primarily, there are two types of two wheeler endorsements that are allowed under  two wheeler insurance. They are as follows - 

Changes in Existing Two Wheeler Insurance Details

You can make changes to the existing details of your two wheeler insurance policy with the help of endorsements. Such changes, if and when approved, are documented and made to replace the previous policy documents. Acceptable changes can range from any change in personal details like email id, phone number etc., or it can be requests for changes in policy coverage, and other conditions of the original policy. It is important to keep a copy of the new document issued, as well as the endorsement certificate, if issued, to verify the changes.

Additions to Existing Two Wheeler Insurance Details

Besides changes, a policyholder can also add to the existing terms and conditions of their two wheeler insurance policy or to the policy coverage. An endorsement request facilitates such changes. This can be carried out by simply adding the specific clauses and thus the entire policy document need not be changed. You can also reduce the policy coverage by way of endorsements. 

List of Acceptable Two Wheeler Insurance Endorsements

The following are the various acceptable two wheeler endorsements that are available and can be made use of:

  • A correction/change in your name
  • A correction/change in your email id and/or mobile number
  • A correction/change in your address
  • A correction/change in the engine number
  • A correction/change in the registration number
  • A correction/change in the chassis number
  • Increasing or including the voluntary deductible
  • A correction/change regarding the model and manufacture of the two wheeler
  • A correction/change in the two wheeler’s year of manufacturing
  • Any premium mismatch detected in the policy
  • A correction/change in your two wheeler’s fuel type
  • A correction/change in the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the two wheeler
  • A correction/change in your two wheeler’s cubic capacity
  • Any addition or deletion of electrical accessories present in the two wheeler
  • Inclusion of an LPG/CNG Kit
  • A correction/change in the seating capacity of the two wheeler
  • A correction/change in the passengers covered
  • Change concerning the details of the nominee
  • A transfer of ownership of the two wheeler
  • Any addition or deletion of zero depreciation add-on

How to Make a Two Wheeler Insurance Endorsement?

To make a two wheeler insurance endorsement, you must send a written request to your insurance provider. The supporting documentation must be included in your endorsement request to the insurance provider. If all looks good, then the insurance provider accepts the endorsement and issues an Endorsement Certificate to bring the changes into effect. Since the supporting documentation for various endorsements can vary, it's best to check with your bike insurance company before raising an endorsement request.


Mr. Anurag Sharma purchased a Bajaj Allianz Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance plan online on January 01, 2021 in his name and received the policy document the same day. However, while going through his documents in February 2021, he noticed that his name was misspelled as Anurag Sharman. So, Mr. Sharma contacted the customer care team of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance which requested him to raise an endorsement with them for the correction in his policy document, since change of name is an acceptable endorsement. Following the advice, Mr. Sharma raised an endorsement request and subsequently got the spelling of his last name corrected in his policy document.

How Many Times are Endorsements Allowed Under a Two Wheeler Insurance Policy? 

A two wheeler insurance policy may be endorsed any number of times, however, it is suggested that such adjustments be made no more than once or twice during a policy year as frequent endorsements may trigger issues with claims. Also, a two wheeler insurance policy may be endorsed at any time during its policy term or when it is being renewed. 

What is the Validity of a Two Wheeler Insurance Endorsement?

An endorsement is put to effect to the two wheeler policy as soon as the insurance company approves it and all formalities regarding it are complete. It is then made valid till the end of the policy tenure or till any further endorsements are made to it. The endorsement made to a certain component of the policy works in accord with its validity.


The ability to make endorsements is extremely beneficial. Even if you have already purchased your insurance policy, you are always able to make adjustments as required. The flexibility available in the form of two wheeler insurance endorsements allows you to modify your insurance plan as and when required in a hassle-free manner.

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