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What Should You Look for While Buying an ACKO Bike Insurance?

By Juhi Walia
10 October 2022, 5:24 PM

Two-wheelers are the most popular form of transportation for daily trips in India. It is essential to obtain two-wheeler insurance since driving through traffic while juggling a busy schedule might be unsafe. Buying bike insurance has so much emphasis on safeguarding yourself and your money. It's crucial to keep in mind that bike insurance is necessary. You may obtain coverage on your own without a broker's help.

Private general insurance provider ACKO General Insurance, based in India, advertises an online insurance approach that enables it to provide premium insurance services and easy insurance solutions to its clients without commissions. ACKO bike insurance can be availed without any documentation because all its activities are conducted through its social channel!

When people compare two-wheeler insurance plans, they can determine which one offers the best coverage features and premium pricing. When comparing, they only consider the premiums that various companies charge. When comparing two-wheeler insurance, should it be the sole consideration taken into account? No.

When comparing bike insurance online, there are other elements that you should take into account. Here are the top five key factors that are crucial comparative criteria.

  1. Premium and coverages
  2. Add-ons and their premiums
  3. IDV aspect
  4. Discounts
  5. Quality of service 

Let's look at each point in detail to get a better understanding.

Premium and Coverages

Don't compare only based on the premium. Take both into account the premium paid and the policy's coverage provisions. Look for additional built-in coverage that is provided by the various plans. Then, select the one that offers the most coverage benefits. This would provide a broad range of coverage. You may maximise the benefits by selecting the appropriate ACKO bike insurance coverage plan.

Understanding the coverage given by your bike insurance will make making a claim more comfortable. You will gain higher coverage if you purchase two-wheeler insurance online.

After making sure you have the most coverage possible, compare prices for two-wheeler insurance. Then, choose the plan that has the most comprehensive coverage features.

Comprehensive bike insurance frequently includes coverage for the following:

  • Protection against theft
  • The harm caused by a fire
  • Natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, landslides, and other accidents can do a lot of harm.
  • Vandalism, riots, and other casualties may all inflict damage.
  • Injuries to third parties
  • Legal obligation to third parties
  • The harm caused by accidents

Add-ons and their Premiums

Your bike insurance policy's coverage can be expanded with bike insurance add-ons. They are crucial and should be considered when purchasing a bike insurance policy. Your comprehensive policy's coverage will rise if you buy add-ons, but doing so will also raise the cost. Choose the appropriate add-ons, such as zero depreciation, roadside assistance, and pillion rider cover. Additional coverages included in the ACKO bike insurance policy provide an extra layer of security to enhance your financial protection.

Find out which insurance offers the add-on you desire by comparing all. Compare the add-premiums on if several businesses provide them. You should select a policy with the lowest price for the add-on because rates fluctuate.

IDV Aspect

You must first ascertain the IDV of your bike before getting coverage. Calculating IDV in bike insurance is straightforward if you are aware of your bike's approximate current market value. To find out how much IDV is offered, compare two-wheeler insurance. If your bike is a high-end bike, its IDV will be greater. The IDV of an old bike will be lower and so as its bike insurance premium

It is a prevalent misconception that lowering the IDV would lower the insurance price. It is crucial to remember that decreasing the amount would also reduce the bike insurance claim.


The discounts the insurance gives should be the next thing you need to compare. Seek out the best deal offers that the insurance firms have to offer. Along with the various reductions, their prices should be compared as well. The discount rates differ amongst policies, so choose the one with the best discount rate if you want to lower the cost of your bike insurance as much as you can.

Internet users may also purchase bike insurance coverage and receive a twofold discount. One is that you may compare the many bike insurance plans offered and select the one with the lowest premium.

In the event of an accident, a voluntary deduction is your contribution to the repair costs. The company covers the cost of damage if you have comprehensive coverage. Your premium amount is decreased if you choose voluntary deduction. If there isn't a claim, you avoid paying the entire price.  

Quality of Service

The user experience is intuitive with top insurers. The user interface is easy to understand and utilise. Users thus often have a pleasant experience. The website has a lot of material in the form of blog entries, infographics, etc. Before making the payment, you must know what the selected insurance covers and what it does not.

Over time, the insurance industry's structure has evolved. Earlier, consumers had trouble understanding insurance coverage. There was plenty of paperwork required to get a policy. Agents and intermediaries might potentially hide information to further individual objectives. All of that is the past now that people are better aware. By focusing on the service quotient, digital insurers have improved the complete insurance experience.

So keep an eye out for an insurer with a reputation for hassle-free claim resolution and a smooth insurance experience at every turn. When comparing two-wheeler insurance, you should keep these things in mind. You would have the best coverage available if you purchased a policy after evaluating it according to these criteria. Therefore, consider these factors when purchasing or renewing ACKO bike insurance.


Finding the most suitable new two-wheeler insurance policy there has become more comfortable. Thanks to online two-wheeler insurance, which also makes it easy to browse, evaluate, and purchase vehicle insurance.

When getting bike insurance online in India, it is advisable to read the complete policy paperwork. You should be familiar with the terms and exclusions of your insurance as a policyholder. It will be beneficial to read the terms and conditions as well.

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1. What is IDV?

The current market value of your bike is used to determine how much your comprehensive bike insurance will cost. This sum is referred to as the Insured Declared Value (IDV).

2. Why are add-ons important?

Because a normal insurance policy won't cover all necessary aspects such as pillion rider cover or zero depreciation.

3. What should a comprehensive insurance plan comprise?

It should have coverage for protection against theft, harm caused by fire, vandalism, riots, and other casualties.

4. How should you choose your insurance provider?

A provider with good UI, the credibility of the insurance provider, quick response time, and much more quality can be trusted as a good insurance provider.

5. How to calculate your bike's IDV?

IDV = (manufacturer's list price - depreciation) + (additional accessories – depreciation)

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