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What is the First Thing You Should Do After a Bike Accident?

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM
what you should do after a bike accident

Picture yourself riding up the Westerns Ghats with nothing but the cold wind giggling as you whistle away carelessly. You maintain a steady pace as your journey uphill, moving further away from the bustling city life. Just as you are about to curve, you are distracted by the playful greens of the wilderness and you almost run into another biker. 

Accidents on Indian roads are not uncommon. In fact, data released by the Road and Transportation Ministry shows that as high as 25% of all road accidents involved two-wheeler. To control this upward trend, third party liability cover is mandatory for all vehicle owners. However, due to its limited coverage, most two-wheeler owners opt for Comprehensive Cover instead.

So, God forbid, if you meet with an accident, here is how you can file for a claim. 

Steps for Filing a Two-Wheeler Insurance Claim

1. Inform your Two-wheeler Insurance Provider

As soon as you meet with an accident, inform your insurer about the event. Try to share as many details as you can since the event is still fresh. Failing to notify the insurer within 24 hours can result in undue complications.

2. File an FIR

As soon as you feel better, head to the nearest police station and lodge an FIR. FIRs filed within 24 hours of the accident are processed faster. Also, remember to collect a copy of the FIR since it is a mandatory document for the claim settlement process. 

3. Evaluate Damage

In a few days, you should have a professional mechanic look at your bike and analyze the damages. Ideally, choose from one of the network garages your insurer has authorized. Most insurers offer premium services along with cashless benefits at their authorized garages.

4. Claim Settlement 

Once you have filled the necessary forms and submitted the required set of documents, your claim settlement will be initiated. There are two modes of claim settlements. We shall be discussing both in detail here. 

Type of Claim Settlement

a. Cashless Claim: 

Like the name suggested, the entire process is cashless. You won't have to pay anything except for the deductible that is mandatory and pre-determined by IRDAI. Your bike insurance company will have a list of authorized service centres where you can use this benefit. 

b. Reimbursement of Claim Amount: 

An alternate way to settle claims is by opting for a reimbursement. Once you have informed your insurer, they will settle your claim amount after a quick verification. 

Documents Required for Filing Bike Insurance Claim

A Comprehensive cover provides financial security against damage, injury and even death caused due to an accident. However, in order to file the claim, you will need the following documents:

  • Duly signed claim form
  • FIR for accidental damage
  • Self-attested copy of valid vehicle Registration Certificate (R.C.)
  • Self-attested copy of valid Driving License (D.L)
  • Self-attested copy of the first two pages of the policy copy
  • Original repair bills, cash receipts, and proof of release.


With the rise in bike accidents, especially in urban towns, it is recommended to have a valid two-wheeler insurance policy. However, before buying the policy, make sure you understand the terms and conditions and know the procedure to file a bike insurance claim in case of an emergency.

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