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How to Avoid Claim Rejection for Your IFFCO-Tokio Car Insurance Plan?

By Juhi Walia
26 October 2022, 3:03 PM

Buying car insurance policy online is essential to protect your vehicle from financial losses due to unforeseen circumstances. Also, it is a legal mandate to possess a valid auto insurance online plan if you are out on the road, driving your car.

Getting a four-wheeler insurance policy from IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Co. is a great choice. IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance Co. Ltd. collaborates with IFFCO, Tokio Marine, and Nichido Fire Group.

It has some prestigious automobile insurance online plans that are curated to provide financial assistance and extra protection against hazards.

The company ensures that most of the unfortunate incidents that can hamper the security and maintenance of the car in unwanted events are covered. Still, you need to upkeep your policy well to get the desired claim when you need it.

You must keep your four-wheeler insurance online plan updated so that any claim you make does not get rejected by IFFCO-Tokio. Here we will learn about certain conditions which can lead to the rejection of a car insurance claim.

How Can My IFFCO-Tokio Automobile Insurance Online Plan Get Rejected?

There are certain circumstances under which IFFCO Tokio can reject your vehicular insurance claim, which is pointed out as under:

  1. Any claim you make will get rejected if your auto insurance plan has not been renewed. Also, if you paid for the renewal or towards your premium, and if your payment/cheque is dishonoured, your claim can get rejected.
  2. If the ownership of your IFFCO-Tokio four-wheeler insurance online plan has been transferred to another person, and this was not intimated to the insurance company within 14 days, no claim will be entertained.
  3. If you claim on a date that falls outside your policy term, it will get rejected.
  4. While driving, if it is confirmed that you were not carrying a driving licence or you were inebriated under the influence of alcohol, the claim will not be honoured.
  5. The claim can be rejected if the damage occurred under any situation that is an exception as per the car insurance plan document.
  6. If the accident occurred before the policy went into effect, then no claim will be acknowledged by the company.

How to Avoid a Claim Denial from an IFFCO- Tokio Auto Insurance Online Plan?

There are two main reasons why people invest in a four-wheeler insurance plan:

It is mandatory as per Indian law, 

To provide financial coverage to them in the event of a tragedy such as an accident, car theft, or vehicle damage caused by natural disasters.

But several people complain about having their claims rejected by insurance companies. Although IFFCO-Tokio vehicular insurance boasts a high claim settlement ratio, there are still some cases where the claims are rejected. Often a mistake made by the policyholder results in a claim dismissal.

Let us look at various mistakes you can avoid getting your claims processed by the insurance company.

When You Don’t Inform the Police at the Time of an Accident

It is essential to inform the police when a car accident occurs. You must not forget that the FIR is an important document that insurance companies consider to process your claim. Failure to report an accident to the police or not getting an FIR done can lead to a claim rejection. You must also inform IFFCO-Tokio car insurance company about the accident within 24-72 hours, in the absence of which, again, your claim can be abandoned. However, if possible, intimate immediately. You can contact your insurer through the customer care number or email.

Don't Panic

It is natural to stress in case of car loss or an accident. Still, if you get anxious, you make a mistake that could lead to a claim denial; think straight and follow the procedure as prescribed so that you at least get compensated for the financial loss arising due to an accident.

Don't Flee From the Scene of the Accident

It is again a big mistake many make. It is not advisable to leave the accident scene, not take ownership, and drive away. You must not leave the place of the accident; instead, you must accumulate as much proof as possible by taking pictures and videos of the accident to get your claim processed quickly.

Don't Pay from Your Pocket

It's common to pay the third party out of one's pocket in the event of damage to his vehicle. It is forbidden to compensate the damage of the third party from the insurance company's pocket without its permission. In such cases, IFFCO-Tokio car insurance claims get rejected.

Key Takeaways

It is natural to panic in case of an accident. But you need to stay firm as making any mistake during an accident can lead to your car insurance claim rejection. 

Adherence to the insurance company's norms and terms and conditions is crucial if you want to claim damages and adequate compensation from your IFFCO-Tokio car insurance online plan.

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1. What is the meaning of invalid auto insurance?

Suppose you claim IFFCO-Tokio car insurance and don't meet the criteria for getting the claim. In that case, it will be rejected, and you will be notified that the rejection is due to invalid auto insurance. The primary reasons for getting this kind of rejection are:

  • If you purchased the four-wheeler insurance online plan from an unauthorised dealer.
  • Your policy is inactive/expired.
  • If the coverage of your automobile insurance online plan is deemed void during the claims procedure.
  • If there is any breach of the terms of the policy.

2. What happens if the insurance company terms your vehicular insurance online plan as invalid four-wheeler insurance?

If your claim at IFFCO-Tokio car insurance gets rejected and you get the status as invalid car insurance, the result will be:

  • You will have to pay a fine if caught driving on the road with an invalid insurance plan.
  • No claim will be entertained, and all claims made towards such policy will be rejected.
  • You will have to bear any financial loss that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances related to your four-wheeler insurance online plan.

3. If I make an automobile insurance online claim at IFFCO-Tokio in the previous year, will I be accountable for paying an extra premium this year on renewal?

No! No extra premium is charged if you claim at IFFCO Tokio Vehicular insurance online plan. However, you will lose the NCB benefits you may have accumulated over years, which may result in a slightly higher amount of premium towards your car insurance online renewal compared to the previous years.

4. What steps should one follow after an accident so that there is no rejection of a claim from IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Company?

If there is an accident, to make a valid claim with IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Company, you must:

  • Maintain your calm and do not panic.
  • Submit an FIR and give out the correct details to the authorities.
  • Inform the insurer immediately, either by email or a quick call at its customer care desk.
  • You must send an online/offline copy of all the relevant documents that the insurance company asks to fulfill the claim procedure.
  • You must make sure that you have read the terms and conditions of the IFFCO-Tokio car insurance online plan document carefully to retrieve the claim.
  • You must collect whatever evidence you can to support your claim at the time of the accident. You can take pictures or videos to support your claim.

5. What should you avoid during an accident so that there is no rejection of a claim from IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Company?

To avoid rejection of your IFFCO Tokio vehicular insurance online claim, you must consider the following very carefully:

  • It would be best if you don't run away from the site of the accident.
  • Don't hide any facts or additional information you may know about the accident.
  • Don't settle for a non-insurance deal.
  • Do not sign any documents relating to the complaint in a hurry.
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