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10 Tips for Keeping Your Bike in Great Shape

By Vikas Chandra Das
27 July 2022, 3:27 PM

Many two-wheeler owners are unaware of the complexity of bike servicing and maintenance. They may ask whether the technician was correct in recommending that specific components be replaced at certain times.

Owner manuals are distributed with new bikes and include all of the bike's specifications, maintenance schedules, and other information. Most people, however, would read it for half an hour or more and then abandon it.

Due to closeness and speedier delivery, many bike owners later obtain servicing from local shops. They have to depend on the mechanic's knowledge when it comes to recommending and changing items. Owners are left to ponder whether or not the technician has misled them. 

To ensure you are not misled by the company’s service centre or a local mechanic, refer to the tips mentioned in this article. 

1. Follow the Instructions Shown in the Bike Manual

Along with the bike, everyone receives a handbook detailing every component of the two-wheeler and how to operate and maintain it. Every bike owners must read this guidebook. 

The bike manual walks you through each component and the recommended maintenance routine. In addition, it provides recommendations for oil type, servicing techniques, and more.

2. Change Engine Oil Regularly

The engine oil determines whether the ride is smooth or rough. Regularly checking your engine oil is vital since the oil lubricates and makes the engine cool, as the heat created during the combustion process may cause engine components to wear out. While unclean oil reduces the capacity of fuel usage and the engine's life, it also causes interior corrosion if the acidity of the oil increases. 

Regularly examine for any potential oil leaks and the quality and amount of the engine oil used. Carbon deposits may cause the oil to thicken, causing the engine's internal parts to move more slowly. Hence, it's essential to keep an eye on your engine oil.

3. Keep Your Bike's Air Filters Clean

On Indian highways, there is no shortage of dust, which clogs your bike's air filters. Therefore, if you want your air filters to work properly, you must keep them clean and replace them at the prescribed intervals. This can enhance the performance of your bike and make it last longer. 

4. Keep Tyres Under Constant Pressure

Maintain proper tyre pressure as suggested by the manufacturer. You have poor fuel efficiency when riding a bike with low tyre pressure. You may get it examined at any gas station or do it yourself using an accurate meter. Also, adjust your bike tyres if recommended in the handbook or service centre.

5. Take Good Care of Your Brakes

Maintain adequate tyre spacing with both brakes, which shouldn't be too tight or loose. Another critical step is to inspect the brake fluid. Once every few months, refill the brake fluid. Also, inspect your brake pads and change them before they get too damaged, i.e., when they approach the metal.

6. Clean Your Bike Regularly

Cleaning your bike regularly is vital. Dirt and mud coupled with water might damage your bike over time. It's also a good idea to keep your bike in a covered location away from the outdoors.

7. Lubricate Chain Links

A two-wheeler's chain must be lubricated, cleaned, and adjusted regularly. Water may tarnish the chain links if not inspected carefully. You may clean the chain with paraffin. Engine oil can be used for lubrication. Ensure your bike's chain is appropriately tensioned and free of play since any deviation may cause the back wheel to spin abnormally.

8. Conduct Clutch Adjustments

Having your clutch fixed regularly pays off in the same way that knowing various kinds of motorcycle tyres may enhance the performance of your bike. Whenever your clutch is adjusted, ensure it has the proper amount of free movement.

9. Retain Your Battery's Longevity

One of the easiest parts of your bike to maintain is the battery. Ensure that the terminals are securely fastened and lubricated. Apart from that, it's a good practice to examine the amount of distilled water in your battery every couple of weeks.

10. Service Your Bike Regularly

Bike service is similar to a physical examination, with everything from the clutch to the battery being examined. After an assessment, certain pieces are either changed or fixed to restore the best possible result. 

The weather conditions in India significantly impact your bike's overall performance. Extreme heat or cold and flooded roads may harm the effectiveness of the bike and the quality of its components. 

Take your bike to the service centre regularly to ensure smooth operation, long life, and personal safety. Routine servicing also decreases the likelihood of any mechanical problems that may arise over a long period.

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A well-kept two-wheeler is a rider's dream, as it ensures a safe, dependable, and pleasant trip. It will also bring a fair resale value if you ever decide to sell it. Therefore, ensure that you take good care of your bike.  

Although you must clean the bike often to maintain its appearance, the tips mentioned earlier will assist you in keeping it in good condition. In addition, a motorbike may reveal a lot about its owner through its appearance and overall performance on the road, so be sure yours is talking well of you! Besides, a bike insurance policy is a must to cover the financial losses that can arise due to an accident or natural or man-made disasters.

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1. What should be done regarding bike maintenance?

Here are a few bike maintenance recommendations to get you started:

  • Regularly inspect the tyres.
  • Check the oil in the engine.
  • As required, adjust the clutch.
  • Inspect the brakes regularly.

2. How frequently should you service your bike?

Following the first service, experts suggest a primary service every 12 months, with a small checkup every seasonal transition. It's good advice, but it all depends on how much you travel and the weather you're riding in. Heavy usage, rain, mud, and dust necessitate more regular maintenance.

3. Is it essential to get my bike serviced every three months?

Most bike firms offer a three-month or 5000-kilometre servicing term, whichever comes first. This is great if you ride your bike often or if it is left unsecured all the time.

4. What does complete bike servicing involve?

Brake and gear adjustments, essential lubrication, and a tyre inflation check are all included in this bike service. If your bike hasn't been out of the garage in a long period or if you ride every day, you will then need a comprehensive bike service.

5. What is the duration of the bike service?

Most bikes are serviced every 3000 kilometres, while those with larger engines have longer service intervals of 5000, 6000, or even 10,000 kilometres.


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