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7 Essential Tips to Follow in Case of a Bike Accident

14 July 2022, 10:27 AM

The majority of people use two-wheelers to commute daily. It is considered to be the best and safest way to travel. Ensuring safety while riding a bike is of utmost importance. But, no matter how safety-conscious you are, you may end up in a bike accident at some point. Bad roads and rash driving are two main reasons behind the increasing bike accidents, which lead to disabilities and deaths. There is no doubt that bike insurance is useful in such situations, but you need to be extra cautious and prepared to handle the problem immediately.  

Taking the correct action in the immediate aftermath can significantly determine how well you protect yourself or a companion who may be injured. Below are some essential tips telling what to do or who to call for help should you meet with an accident. 

1. Carry a Small First Aid Kit

You should always carry a small first-aid kit while heading for a long journey or travelling for work. A first-aid kit should contain a bottle of antiseptic liquid, sterile wet wipes, a cotton roll, band-aids, crepe bandages, pain relief spray, ointment cream, scissors, etc.

2. Follow Safety Measures

You should take all necessary preventive measures to avoid any accidents. Make sure you wear a good helmet and safety gear while riding. Furthermore, choose a bike that is easy to ride. Don’t get carried away by a bike’s appearance or heavy build-up.

It is better to check the weather conditions before leaving home to avoid getting stuck in fog or rain. Always carry all essential documents like your driving license,  vehicle registration certificate, and third-party bike insurance papers to avoid fines or penalties. 

3. Call or Wait for the Police

In case of injury or property damage, you and the motorist are legally required to remain at the scene. Explain the incident to the police and file an FIR. To raise a bike insurance claim, you have to provide proof of the property damages and injuries caused. 

4. Move Your Bike out of the Way

You should first ensure the safety of everyone involved in the bike accident and then focus on other things. Seek immediate medical help if someone is injured, unstable or unsure. In case of internal injuries, it is essential to get hospitalised immediately. After checking to see if everyone is safe, getting your bike out of traffic is best as it may further harm you and the third party. 

5. Be Cool and Do Not Worry

Avoid verbal fights and remain calm. No one planned the bike accident, and the third party may be in the same shock as you will be. Don’t discuss the accident with anyone except the police. 

Leave the decision of finding fault to the police and your insurer. Do not cook up stories; only state facts to avoid a court case. 

6. Preserve Evidence

Preserve as much evidence as you can. This will help you raise bike insurance claim. You might not be able to think clearly at the moment of the accident. Therefore, it is best to take photographs of the damages to your bike and the third-party vehicle, the accident scene, injuries caused, and little of the surrounding area. Do not wash any damaged clothing and keep it with you. Do not get your bike repaired and keep the damaged bike parts. It is safe to get a written document of the damages.

7. Contact the Insurer

Contact your insurer and report the accident in detail. Send them the photographs of the damages and provide all details about any third-party property damage. This will enable the insurer to review the details and ascertain your bike insurance policy coverage.

Purchasing third-party bike insurance is mandatory. With the help of a personal cover in bike insurance, you will be eligible for compensation in the event of death, injuries or any permanent disability.

You will be required to submit certain documents to raise a claim. These include a vehicle registration certificate (RC), duly signed and filled claim form, driving license (DL), proof of bike insurance policy, original tax receipts, and a copy of an FIR in case of third-party damage. Ensure you submit these documents on time. The bike insurance company then sends a surveyor to the accident site to inspect your bike's losses. The surveyor takes care of the other processes and makes the claim settlement procedure hassle-free for you.

Wrapping up

There is no warning before a road accident. Always remember the following - do not negotiate with the motorist, gather driver information, obtain witness information, seek immediate medical help and document your injuries. In addition to this, follow traffic rules and avoid speeding or rash driving. 

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1. How can we relieve pain from a bike accident?

Many aches and pains are temporary and can be relieved by resting properly for a few days. Use ice and over-the-counter pain relievers to reduce inflammation and pain in the arms, knees and hips.

2. What kind of injury can you get from falling off a two-wheeler?

There are possibilities of serious head injury and forearm fractures after falling off a two-wheeler.

3. What is the recovery period after a bike accident?

It takes a minimum of two months to recover from a broken bone or sprain. Smaller injuries can be healed in less time.

4. Can a police report be filed days after a bike accident in India?

A police report should be filed within a day after the bike accident in case of injury and significant property damage.

5. Is a bike accident bailable or not?

Although the police can arrest the culprit without arrest warrants, the accused can file a bail application. It is a cognisable offence.

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