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A Guide to Royal Sundaram Bike Insurance Renewal Online

By Juhi Walia
08 August 2022, 10:26 AM

Two-wheelers are not only fun to ride but are the most convenient mode of private transport for people in India. It is easier to plough through traffic and find parking space than for four-wheelers. However, there are dangers resulting in expenses while riding bikes on Indian roads; These are accidents, thefts, damages, and maintenance. Bikers need a bike insurance plan, like the Royal Sundaram Bike Insurance online plan, that offers them continuous total support. 

It is good to note that only active Royal Sundaram two-wheeler insurance policies offer a shield against liabilities. In case of an accident or repairs the day after the Royal Sundaram bike insurance policy expires, it will be an out-of-the-pocket expense for the biker. For this reason, it is advisable to renew a Royal Sundaram bike insurance policy before it expires. 

This post discusses all details concerning Royal Sundaram's two-wheeler insurance policy renewals.

Understanding Renewal of Royal Sundaram Two-wheeler Insurance Policy

Royal Sundaram bike insurance policy comes with a policy period ranging from 1 to 5 years. It is better not to wait until it expires but renew it before the same. Suppose the biker fails to renew the Royal Sundaram bike insurance policy before it expires and rides a bike on Indian roads and is checked by the traffic police for the bike insurance papers, he will be liable for a fine of INR 2000 or three months imprisonment or both. 

The insurer will not entertain the claim if the bike is involved in an accident after the Royal Sundaram bike insurance policy has expired. The insured will also lose all the benefits of a no-claim bonus (NCB) he may have accumulated over the years if the policy lapses on account of you failing to renew even within 90 days of policy expiration. You will then need to undergo the entire process of getting a new bike insurance policy which takes much time.

Online Renewal of Royal Sundaram Bike Insurance

Visit the official website of the bike insurance provider.

  • Click on 'insta renew'.
  • Fill in the renewal form with all relevant details.
  • Calculate the premium (method in next section).
  • The screen will also display the premium amount.
  • Pay online with a credit/debit card or NEFT transfer.
  • Print out the transaction details and save them as proof of payment.
  • The biker will receive the renewed Royal Sundaram bike insurance policy via email.

Offline Renewal of Royal Sundaram Bike Insurance

Follow the step-by-step procedure to renew bike insurance offline:

  • The bike owner must visit the premises of the bike insurance company which houses the office.
  • Pay the bike insurance premium amount.
  • Obtain a receipt and the renewed bike insurance policy.

Advantages of Online Royal Sundaram Bike Insurance Renewal 

Most bike owners prefer online bike insurance renewals that wrap up in a few minutes. Continue reading to learn the benefits of online bike insurance renewals.

  • Royal Sundaram's online bike insurance renewals are generally paperless, eliminating the work of manually filling up forms.
  • The online renewal process does not call for the submission of documents.
  • When bikers choose to renew online, they get options to customise their bike insurance policies.
  • Online bike insurance renewal keeps all influencers at bay, and the bikers can choose whichever insurer works for them.
  • Online renewals provide ample opportunities for a comparative study of the inclusions, exclusions, features, benefits, drawbacks and premium quotes of various insurance providers before choosing the suitable bike insurance policy.
  • When bikers opt for Royal Sundaram's online two-wheeler insurance renewals, they need not stick to providers based in their location but can buy one anywhere in India.
  • The customer care service personnel are always ready to help and oblige any customer who raises their queries.
  • Bike owners pay less for an online insurance renewal than for offline renewals.
  • Bikers pay the premium for online bike insurance through a safe payment gateway.
  • Biker owners receive the Royal Sundaram two-wheeler insurance policy by email immediately after paying the premium amount online.

Use the Bike Insurance Calculator to Calculate Your Royal Sundaram Two-wheeler Insurance Premium on Renewal

When the bikers are ready with the premium for the Royal Sundaram bike insurance policy, they can choose the one that works for them after comparing it with the many available. The methodology for calculating bike insurance premium amounts is simple because the bike owner only has to input a set of the necessary information and not do the complex calculation process themselves. However, the insurance premium amount differs for new bikes and already used bikes because:

  • When it is a used bike, the biker may have accumulated NCB points to enable renewals at discounted rates.
  • A new motorcycle has a higher insured declared value (IDV) but will be lower than a used bike.

Here's how you can calculate the Royal Sundaram bike insurance premium amount online:

  • Click on the brand and model of the bike.
  • Enter the bike’s registration location.
  • Enter the year in which the bike owner bought the bike.
  • The biker must specify if the biker previously claimed the NCB.
  • The Royal Sundaram bike insurance calculator will display the premium rates based on the details fed into the two-wheeler premium calculator.


The bike insurance policy renewal is essential, and the failure to do so on time could prove expensive for bike owners. It is, therefore, better if they do not wait for it to expire and instead renew the Royal Sundaram two-wheeler insurance policy a few days before its expiry.

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1. What happens if a biker fails to renew the Royal Sundaram bike insurance policy on time?

If you don't renew your Royal Sundaram two-wheeler insurance policy on the due date, do that within the next 90 days to avoid a policy lapse. A biker after his Royal Sundaram bike insurance policy lapse will be liable to pay a fine of INR 2000 or imprisonment for three months. Such punishments will be the case even when the policy does not lapse but expires. And at both times, you lose protection against unforeseen incidents.

2. Is there an appropriate time to renew a Royal Sundaram bike insurance policy?

The best time to renew a Royal Sundaram bike insurance policy is 15 days before it expires. But start planning renewal 45 days before the due date. Take your time reviewing your policy and consider the changes you can make to get it robust.

3. Can I change my insurance provider while renewing my bike insurance policy?

You can change the insurance provider if your current provider does not work for you by submitting the relevant documents and bike details.

4. Can I renew my Royal Sundaram bike insurance policy online?

Yes, a biker can renew a Royal Sundaram bike insurance policy online by visiting the site of the relevant bike insurance provider, submitting the relevant details and paying online. The insurer will email you the policy.

5. Will subsequent renewals of the Royal Sundaram bike insurance policy cost me more or less?

The premium amount increases with the number of add-ons the biker chooses for his Royal Sundaram bike insurance policy. If the biker does raise a claim during previous years, he will receive discounts on subsequent renewals.

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