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A Look at the Changes That Your Two-wheeler May Need

19 July 2022, 3:46 PM

Making changes to your two-wheeler is time-consuming and highly complex. Changing from the spare parts of the vehicle to the entire vehicle or jumping from one two wheeler insurance to another can be cumbersome for many. But there is no need to worry. Let’s look at all the aspects you should consider before deciding on the changes to make to a two-wheeler.

Physical Spare Part Changes in Your Two-wheeler

Making any changes in the spare parts of the vehicle depends solely upon using a two-wheeler. Depending on how you drive - with speed or caution, it decides how the spare parts will change. Before making changes to the two-wheeler, it is necessary to check with the RTO. If it permits changes in the vehicle's physical outlook, you can only go further with it.

You could make minor adjustments or modifications in a two-wheeler. These modifications can be made in the engine, visor, carburetor, decals, winglets, or brake. Sometimes making changes in these parts are permissible because they do not change the fundamental specifications of the two-wheeler.

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Bike owners can change the tires or rubber parts of the two-wheeler with specific permission from the RTO. Make the right changes and get legal permission from the RTO for the same.

Insurance Changes in Your Two-wheeler

Making any changes in your insurance is comparatively easier than making any physical changes in your vehicle. There is an option of the add-on, which you can add to your already existing comprehensive bike insurance or standalone own damage bike insurance plan

Comparing bike insurance that different companies provide before buying one or making changes to one is necessary. There are online features available, like a bike insurance calculatorwhich you can consider before deciding on the policy to purchase.

Whether you are buying new insurance or going through a bike insurance renewal, read all these before making a choice. Choose the optimum insurance combination provided by the best bike insurance company.

Make sure to learn about the bike insurance cost and see that it doesn’t make a hole in your pocket. Also, make sure to add the optimum choice and not any random add-on to your bike insurance plan. Compare the bike insurance prices of different available insurances before choosing a final one.

As far as adding two-wheeler insurance add-ons go, you have these options - zero-depreciation, no-claim bonus, passenger cover, roadside assistance, personal belongings cover, etc. Choose the one that best suits your need and budget.

Changing Your Vehicle

The other option is that of changing a vehicle. From the options available, you can choose based on your needs and usage. Doing any changes to the vehicle makes sense only if it benefits you financially and gives you extra features to rave about. Sometimes the case can be that it makes better financial sense to buy a new two-wheeler instead of making changes. The damages and the depreciation that have happened over the years to the bike can add to the financial liability. In such circumstances, it makes better sense to buy a new two-wheeler instead of going through the hassle of making changes to the old one.

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There are specific changes that a bike may require over time. Sometimes it can be related to changing the physical spare parts of the bike, sometimes it can relate to two-wheeler insurance, or sometimes it could also mean purchasing a new bike. Depending upon your bike's condition and the years it has been used, you can decide on the changes that your two-wheeler needs.

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1. How can I decide between changing to modifying my bike?

Depending upon the condition of your bike, you can choose to modify or sell your bike. If your two-wheeler has been used for a long time and has undergone severe wear and tear, it does not make sense to modify it. Rather sell it. But when the vehicle is new and requires some changes, do that. 

2. What should be the ideal thought process behind purchasing bike insurance?

The main thought behind purchasing bike insurance is to check your daily travel habits and decide accordingly. Be sure to choose the add-ons that give you better features against their costs. The idea is to find an optimum usage option against the cost of the insurance cover.

3. How can I determine the two-wheeler should I purchase?

This is a very personal choice based on usage and comfort. Some might find comfort in a two-wheeler scooter like Activa, Pleasure, etc, while for others, using a bike like Honda, Suzuki, etc, makes more sense. Make a choice only after you give yourself a trial of the available options.

4. Can I make changes to my bike insurance mid-way through the policy term?

You can switch from one insurance company to another either on renewal or mid-way through the policy term to make the most of the attractive deals on offer. Adding add-ons to your existing policy may not be possible mid-way. You can do that on renewal. Read the policy wordings carefully for the allowed changes and the clauses regarding the same.

5. Are add-ons on bike insurance costly?

Some add-ons on bike insurance are costly, others not so much. Depending on your usage, choose the option that ensures maximum benefits and high cost-efficiency. In simpler words, add-ons should be worth the money you pay.

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