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Add-ons to Look for in Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance

By Juhi Walia
22 July 2022, 11:03 AM

Due to a collaboration between India's Murugappa Group and Japan's Mitsui Sumitomo, Cholamandalam MS has proved to be one of India's most well-known bike insurance companies since 2000.

Cholamandalam MS can ensure exceptional bike insurance at reasonable rates with access to top-notch customer support services. The company has received several awards in the insurance domain and has a significant following of satisfied clients who have always appreciated its impeccable insurance services.

The main goal of add-on covers offered by Cholamandalam MS bike insurance is to provide more excellent coverage for a little upfront charge. The enhanced insurance coverage allows you to protect your two-wheeler optimally without paying a lot of money. 

You may add bike insurance add-on covers to your regular bike insurance policy according to your budget and demands. Cholamandalam MS offers a variety of add-on coverage options that you may choose from when purchasing or renewing your policy.

Zero Depreciation Coverage

Your bike's worth will decrease as it ages and shows signs of wear and tear. When submitting a bike insurance claim, the insurer factors in depreciation before settling a claim. As a result, you will receive less from the insurer.

But once you have zero depreciation add-on cover, you can be stress-free about the depreciation of your bike, as you will receive the total value as expected when submitting a claim.

Engine Protection Cover

Your bike engine is its heart. Keep it covered against the damage due to water ingress, lubrication leakages and other means by opting for the  bike insurance engine protection add-on cover. Vehicles aged up to 10 years can be insured with this add-on cover.

Call Support for Minor Issues

Cholamandalam MS bike insurance add-on cover offers resolutions to typical problems over a phone call. You may use it to talk to an assistance coordinator from Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance about concerns like the inability to use a specific feature or knowing what the alarm system does for your bike. 

Localised Small Repairs

Consider a mechanical or electrical problem that causes your bike to halt. If such a situation arises, the Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance coordinator will send a small maintenance team to your location to fix the issue in 60 minutes. 

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Providing Fuel

When you acquire this Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance add-on coverage, the administrators will supply up to 2 litres of fuel (petrol) according to its current value and a surcharge of INR 50, which you must settle immediately. This cover extends to only a 50-kilometre radius around any city where the Cholamandalam MS coordinators oversee the operations.

Battery Jump Start

If your bike doesn't start owing to a dead battery, the facilitator will restart it within a 50-kilometre radius of the covered city. However, this Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance add-on coverage does not cover the delivery of components, repair parts or materials in general.

Local Taxi Service

If your bike has broken down and on-site repairs are not feasible, it will be towed to the closest recognised workshop. In such circumstances, the facilitator will arrange a local taxi, for which you will need to pay the usual rates to the taxi company. This advantage commences at Km 0, implying that your bike is covered from the minute you begin or attempt to begin riding, ensuring that you are always protected.

Return to Invoice Cover

If you get this coverage, MS Cholamandalam Bike Insurance will reimburse you the difference between the invoice price you paid while buying the vehicle and the insured declared value (IDV). Usually, the IDV excludes depreciation costs, registration charges, road taxes and insurance costs. The return to invoice bike insurance add-on ensures you get the invoice price in case of bike theft or damage beyond repair.

If your bike is not older than five years, you can obtain this cover through the MS Cholamandalam bike insurance policies. Also, you can claim only once using this Cholamandalam MS bike insurance add-on.


Evaluating multiple insurance plans from several companies before obtaining bike insurance is essential. One of the most well-known bike insurance companies is MS Cholamandalam General Insurance. It is an excellent option for bike insurance, with over 7100 network garages and a massive following of satisfied customers.

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1. What does bike insurance add-on cover mean?

In the context of two-wheeler insurance, "add-on covers" refer to the extra coverage that may be added to a regular plan to increase protection for a nominal charge. Own damage and comprehensive bike insurance plans allow the acquisition of these add-ons.

2. Are any extra fees associated with using the Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance add-on covers?

As stated in the policy document or online purchase portal of Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance, you will need to pay for both standard bike insurance and add-on cover.

3. What type of bike insurance add-on policies are offered by Cholamandalam?

The Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance offers a variety of add-on covers such as mobile breakdown assistance, on-site repair work, fuel delivery, flat tyre assistance, battery jump-start assistance, availability of a local vehicle, etc.

4. What are the advantages of the Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance add-on covers?

The coverage extension of the Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance policy enables bike owners to handle a variety of scenarios with convenience. Roadside assistance, key replacement, return to invoice, and other add-on coverages are some of the bike insurance add-ons offered by the firm.

5. Is obtaining a Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance add-on plan necessary?

No, including a Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance add-on in your policy is not mandatory. You may choose the service based on your requirements and financial circumstances.

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