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Top Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance Add-on Covers

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Two-wheeler insurance add-ons supplement and expand the coverage of a standard insurance policy. Although the add-ons come by paying an additional premium, they are worth every penny. A two-wheeler insurance add-on is available with comprehensive and a standalone own-damage bike insurance policy. Cholamandalam MS, one of the best bike insurance companies, offer add-ons to policyholders to augment their coverage against unforeseen circumstances. Let's talk more about Cholamandalam MS bike insurance add-on covers.

Cholamandalam MS Bike Insurance Add-on Covers

Cholamandalam MS is one of India’s most sought-after general insurance companies that offer an array of insurance products at competitive rates. From a basic bike insurance plan to a comprehensive bike insurance policy with add-ons, Cholamandalam MS has you covered. Below is a list of some of the most popular Cholamandalam MS bike insurance add-on covers.

Zero Depreciation Cover

A two-wheeler is subject to wear and tear that diminishes its value over time. The responsibility of bearing the overheads associated with depreciation and spare parts rests by default on the vehicle owner. Moreover, he must endure the repair expenses of his two-wheeler if he meets with a road accident.

Under a zero depreciation cover, Cholamandalam MS omits the evaluation of depreciation, and you receive the entire amount when you raise a claim. It bears the cost of repair and replacement of depreciable components of your two-wheeler, for example, plastic fibre and rubber parts, during claim settlement. You can buy Nil or zero depreciation Cholamandalam bike insurance by paying some additional premium, but it is a worthwhile expenditure that pays off tremendously in the long run. 

Roadside Assistance Cover

This Cholamdandalam MS bike insurance add-on cover speaks for itself. The roadside assistance cover, also known as a two-wheeler breakdown cover, provides emergency support to riders on the go. This add-on cover can save the day if your two-wheeler faces a mechanical breakdown or a technical glitch on the road. The roadside assistance cover minimizes the inconvenience and hindrance caused to bike owners by providing services such as towing, tire replacement, fuel delivery, and minor repairs on the site. All you need to do is contact your insurance provider when seeking roadside assistance. 

You can purchase it with a comprehensive bike insurance plan by paying an extra sum in addition to the final premium. 

Hydrostatic Lock Cover

The engine is the most integral part of the vehicle, and its impairment may exhaust your funds. Damage to the internal components of the bike's engine remains uncovered in a standard comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy. Incessant rains in monsoons cause excessive flooding that results in water ingress into the engine's interior that may wreck its operation. The repair expenses resulting from the damages may cost a fortune.

This Cholamandlam MS bike insurance add-on is particularly indispensable if you reside in a flood-prone area. The insurance company offers financial coverage to restore or replace the engine if the need arises by paying a marginally higher premium.

Daily Cash Allowance Cover

The daily cash allowance cover can prove valuable in case of extended repairs. Let's assume your bike has sustained severe damage in an accident and needs to go through significant repairs at a garage for a few days. The day-to-day expense of travel through alternative mediums can dig a hole in your pocket.

Availing of the daily cash allowance rider enables you to receive a fixed sum of money per day to cover the cost of your daily commute. Cholamandalam MS offers a daily cash allowance of INR 250/500/750 for a maximum of five days for one claim. The same-day limit also applies for the entire policy period.

Return to Invoice Cover

Cholamandalam return to invoice add-on cover can be purchased over and above your two-wheeler insurance policy. The risk of loss or damages sustained by your bike in case of road casualties, burglary, riots, or natural calamities such as earthquakes, and other mishaps, are covered under a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan. However, if your insured two-wheeler gets stolen or is irreparably damaged, this add-on cover by Cholamandalam MS can come to your aid.

A vehicle’s cost comprises the ex-showroom price, road tax, and registration charges. A regular comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan covers only the IDV of your two-wheeler, which is the depreciated amount of the ex-showroom price if your vehicle undergoes a total constructive loss. Hence, you end up with only a fraction of the money spent during the purchase.

Opting for a return to invoice add-on enables you to receive the entire invoice value of the car as compensation. This includes the registration cost, on-road tax, and other additional expenses you bear during the purchase.  This add-on fetches you the on-road price of the two-wheeler by eradicating the depreciation element. It enables you to overcome the difference between invoice value and IDV of your bike.

The Final Word

Road casualties can arise without forewarning, and the damage expenses can exhaust your finances. The above-mentioned add-ons offered by Cholamandalam MS enhance the value of your existing regular insurance policy, and the coverage they provide is worth more than the amount you bear. The correct combination of add-ons, if selected mindfully, can prevent you from paying exorbitantly for damages. 

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1. Why should I purchase Cholamandalam MS add-ons?

Although the coverage offered under a comprehensive bike insurance plan is decently adequate, damage compensations alone may not be sufficient. Add-ons provide extended coverage and enhanced protection against risks. 

2. When can Cholamandalam MS add-on covers be purchased?

You can purchase them while paying for the insurance policy or during its renewal by paying some extra premium in addition to the standard comprehensive insurance plan.

3. Can I purchase multiple Cholamandalam MS two-wheeler insurance add-ons simultaneously?

Yes, you can simultaneously incorporate as many add-ons into your insurance plan as you would like to. There is no restriction on the number of add-on covers you can buy at a time.

4. Will I have to pay a higher bike insurance premium if I purchase add-ons?

Yes, opting for add-on covers increases your insurance premium. So, check which add-ons add value to you before choosing from the list. 

5. What are the various add-on covers offered by Cholamandalam MS?

Cholamandalam MS offers an array of optional add-on covers such as zero depreciation, on-site repairs, round-the-clock roadside assistance, engine protection due to oil leakage, and many more.

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