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Advantages of Add-on Covers in Two-wheeler Insurance Policy

14 July 2022, 10:28 PM

While a third-party insurance policy covers third-party losses from accidents caused by your bike and comprehensive insurance offers excellent cover for both third-party losses as well as losses to your bike from accidents. If your bike needs repairs not caused by road accidents it will be an additional expense for you. That's when you need additional insurance cover for such inconveniences and losses. It is for this reason the two-wheeler owner includes add-ons of their choice to their comprehensive or standalone own damage insurance policy. 

Today, most commuters prefer two-wheelers to four-wheelers because of congested roads and the long wait for a passage to move on. But that is precisely why two-wheeler riders take risks by squeezing through small gaps at an alarming speed. Unfortunately, that causes accidents or two-wheeler skids resulting in damages and subsequent expensive repairs to the bike. 

Bikers must thus get a bike insurance policy with add-on covers for complete protection. This post lists why add-ons are a must with a two-wheeler insurance policy.

What are Add-on Covers in a Two-wheeler Insurance Policy?

Add-ons provide enhanced protection and cover all expenses that a comprehensive bike insurance policy does not cover, taking away the financial burden of the rider. However, if the bike owner wants maximum benefits, he must carefully choose the add-ons.

Why Do Two-wheeler Insurance Policyholders Buy Add-on Cover?

 Most of us believe that comprehensive two-wheeler insurance is sufficient for our motorbike. But the truth is that sometimes it is not enough. To offer a more complete insurance shield for your bike it is necessary to include an array of add-ons like a passenger cover, zero depreciation bike insurance cover, accessories cover, etc.

For instance, if the bike meets with an accident and the rider and the pillion rider are both injured or worse die, the comprehensive insurance policy covers the rider. But what about the pillion rider?

The comprehensive bike insurance policy will not cover the pillion rider but will if you add a pillion rider cover to it. It will then help cover the passenger against full or partial disability.

3rd party bike insurance is mandatory in India and covers all claims arising from damages to a third party from the insured bike.  

For instance, liabilities caused by

  • A vehicle with a 3rd party bike insurance causing injuries or death to passers-by
  • Causing damage to third-party property

The 3rd party bike insurance covers the liability arising from such an impact. But 3rd party bike insurance does not pay for the damage to the insured vehicle or injuries to its rider. That is why people opt for a comprehensive bike insurance policy.  

A comprehensive bike insurance covers

  • All third-party damages from the insured bike's impact
  • Loss to the insured vehicle due to theft, natural or human-made disasters, etc.

Insurance companies offer additional protection to a two-wheeler as add-ons with a comprehensive bike insurance policy for an additional premium. Alternatively, the bike owner can also opt for standalone own-damage two-wheeler insurance plans. 

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 Continue reading to know the benefits of add-ons to two-wheeler policyholders.

Advantages of Add-on Covers in Two-wheeler Insurance Policy

Although a comprehensive policy is excellent in covering losses from impact, bikers should invest in bike insurance add-ons to maintain and increase the life of the two-wheeler. 

Let us discuss the advantages of 5 essential add-on covers for a two-wheeler insurance policy.

Roadside Insurance Cover for Two-wheelers

You would have seen a biker stranded by the roadside because his bike won't start. What would you do if your two-wheeler breaks down? The only option would be to call the mechanic.
However, if you are far away from home and the mechanic would take time to get there, you may have to wait by the roadside with no help in sight. That's precisely when a roadside  insurance cover comes in handy.

Biker owners with a roadside insurance cover need only to call the roadside assistance number for immediate help. Roadside assistance add-on cover generally covers minor repairs to the bike, including changing flat tyres and towing costs for the two-wheeler. 
The roadside assistance add-on is a big help to long-distance travellers. While the insurance provider bears most of the costs, it may charge the biker for some services or costs exceeding their limits.

For instance, if the towing cost exceeds the add-on coverage limits, the biker must pay the difference from his pocket. Also, if the bike stops on the road because it runs out of fuel, the road assistance personnel may pick up the two-wheeler and refuel but will be charged. The cost of the road assistance bike insurance add-on depends on the age of the two-wheeler, and some of the insurance providers offer road assistance add-ons free of charge on new bikes.

Zero Depreciation Two-wheeler Insurance

Depreciation expenses of the two-wheeler are a liability a biker must bear. But you can shift the burden to your insurance provider by getting zero dep insurance for bikes. Thus it safeguards the biker from bike parts depreciation deduction from the claim amount. 

Here is a list of benefits for those who choose  zero dep insurance for bikes:

  • The zero dep insurance add-on will give a higher claim amount as there will be no deduction towards depreciation.
  • By opting for a zero depreciation bike insurance add-on, the biker will get-
    • 100% protective cover for the bike and its parts, excluding batteries, tyres and tubes.
    • Batteries, tyres, and tubes receive 50% insurance cover.

Two-wheeler Add-ons—Engine Protection Cover

Although the engine is the primary component of a two-wheeler, the bike insurance policy will not cover any engine expenses. Damage to the bike's engine can be extensive and expensive if the biker lives in an area affected by floods or water logging. 

Suppose you opt for engine protection bike insurance cover; it will cover your liabilities arising from:

  • Damage to the engine components because of lubricant leakage.
  • Damage by impact to the gearbox or any other engine part.
  • Damage to the two-wheeler engine due to water logging or by starting the engine when wet.

No Claim Bonus Protector

Bike insurance companies generally reward policyholders for cautious driving and excellent two-wheeler maintenance by offering discounts on premiums. But the policyholder should not claim during the policy tenure. After the first policy year, you will get a 20% discount on your premium. If you don't claim for five successive years, the discount count would reach 50%.

The insured can safeguard this benefit by opting for the no-claim bonus protector bike insurance add-on to make up to two claims during the policy term. Please note that if the insurer claims for the third time, he will lose the benefit despite having the add-on.

Garage Cash Add-on

Suppose a two-wheeler vehicle insurance opts for the garage cash add-on or downtime allowance add-on. He gets compensated when he claims against his comprehensive bike insurance policy. He will receive a daily allowance of a fixed sum for the inconvenience caused.


Although add-ons are an added expense and increase the premium amount, it is these payments that, in the long run, make the bike insurance coverage better.

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1. What is the add-on cover in two-wheeler insurance?

Add-ons are extended insurance coverage that you can buy for an additional premium. You can add these add-ons to a comprehensive or standalone own-damage bike insurance plan.

2. What are the must-have add-on covers of a two-wheeler policy?

Bike insurance policyholders buy road assistance cover, engine protection cover, garage cash, zero depreciation two-wheeler, etc, for an extended bike insurance cover.

3. Do add-ons make my insurance premium expensive?

Add-ons cover more than an insurance policy does. Moreover, you have to choose per your requirements, and the premium will be much more with every add-on you select.

4. What are the consumables covered under bike insurance?

Consumables including engine oil, lubricants, gearbox oil, oil fillers, nuts and bolts, washers, grease, etc, are covered.

5. What is the key protect add-on?

Suppose you lose or damage your bike keys or the lockset; the insurance company will bear the key replacement cost if you have the key protect add-on cover.

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