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Add-on Covers for Your Sports Bike

14 July 2022, 3:39 PM

You may love to ride your sports bike at high speed. Despite having high-quality brakes and clutch, you must secure your vehicle. Obtaining a few add-on covers for your sports bike is essential. With the help of the insurer’s network of hospitals and garages, reimbursements, legal help, etc, you can get immediate assistance. Add-on covers can protect your sports bike under all possible circumstances. Add-on covers ensure that your sports bike stays fit for the longest time possible. 

Add-ons are additional coverages that can be bought to complement the coverage offered by your regular two-wheeler insurance policy. Therefore, selecting them to personalise your policy to suit your exact needs is essential when the bike in question is something as extraordinary as a sports bike.

Reasons to Obtain an Extra Cover for Your Sports Bike

  • Your sports bike is more expensive than a regular bike.
  • Higher speed makes the sports bike more prone to accidents.
  • To maintain financial stability.
  • 3rd party bike insurance, mandated by law, is inadequate to take care of your sports bike.
  • Add-on two-wheeler insurance offers more extensive coverage and other benefits for nominal costs.

With multiple add-on covers to choose from, you should be wise enough to obtain the add-on that is best suited for your needs.

Further, let’s look at the various add-on covers for your sports bike insurance.

Essential Add-on Covers for Your Sports Bike Insurance

Zero Depreciation Two-wheeler Insurance

Even super bikes depreciate over time. The regular wear and tear of the bike (normal depreciation) can amount to quite a considerable sum for your sports bike. Such an amount is deducted before reimbursing the rest of the claimed amount under comprehensive bike insurance.

With a zero depreciation two-wheeler insurance add-on, you can receive the entire claim without any depreciation deduction. You can pay an additional premium to avail of this add-on cover. This will eliminate depreciation calculation while claiming bike insurance or renewing the policy. 

Consumables Cover

Comprehensive or standalone bike insurance policies don't cover consumable items of a bike including grease, lubricants, brake oil, fuel filter, bearings, screw, nut and bolt, etc. However, choosing a consumable cover bike insurance add-on will help cover the same.

Pillion Rider Add-on Cover

When you have a loved one as a pillion rider, his/her safety becomes your top priority. Opt for this add-on cover to save them financially should they face injuries, lifelong disabilities, and tragedy due to accidents or mishaps. Furthermore, this add-on cover applies to anyone who is your pillion rider and not just your family members.   

Roadside Assistance Add-on Cover

There can be vehicle breakdowns in the city or elsewhere during long rides. You may be stranded anywhere without knowing the location or the mechanic. With the help of road assistance bike insurance add-on cover, you can get assistance round the clock from the insurance company. Following your location and requirement, the insurance company will immediately send you help. This cover is valid for emergencies like empty fuel tanks, flat tires, medical emergencies, battery issues, etc.

Engine Protection Add-on Cover

Your sports bike’s engine will likely incur severe damage at some point. It can happen for multiple reasons, such as flooding, storms, civil protests, etc. The engine protection bike insurance add-on cover is helpful in a situation not taken care of by comprehensive bike insurance.

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If you replace the engine, the cost will be super high for you to bear. With the help of this add-on cover, you will be relieved of engine protection. The bike insurance company will cover all damages like water ingression, engine lubricant oil leak, hydrostatic lock, gearbox damage, etc. This add-on cover is highly recommended for motorists residing in flood-prone areas.

Return to Invoice Add-on Cover

You can apply for a return to invoice bike insurance add-on cover for maximum protection in case of bike theft or damage beyond repair. In a comprehensive or standalone bike insurance policy, you get the insured declared value (IDV) of your vehicle. The IDV in bike insurance amount is exclusive of the depreciation amount, road tax, registration charges, insurance costs, etc. Whereas by having this add-on, you will get compensated for the full invoice price. 

Paytm Insurance Offers You Some of the Best Add-on Covers

You can avail the perfect add-on cover for your sports bike through Paytm Insurance. Grab the best deals at nominal costs. With various add-on covers, Paytm Insurance makes purchasing relatively easy and time-efficient. 



1. What is the add-on cover in bike insurance?

Add-on covers enable extending a standard two-wheeler insurance coverage upon additional premium payment.

2. What bike insurance should I have for a sports bike?

A comprehensive two-wheeler bike insurance and personalised add-on covers are recommended for sports bikes. 

3. What is the difference between a comprehensive and 3rd party bike insurance policy?

A 3rd party bike insurance claim is limited to protection against the claims of a 3rd party, whereas a comprehensive plan offers protection against multiple damages incurred by you and your vehicle.

4. What is the period of liability covered in bike insurance?

The 3rd party bike insurance is mandatory for 5 years in case of a new two-wheeler. Whereas you can take comprehensive or standalone policies for a year or for the long term, depending on your budget and needs.

5. Are medical expenses covered under bike insurance?

You can get a medical cover add-on for your bike insurance by paying an extra premium.

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