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Advantages of Purchasing Two-wheeler Roadside Assistance Cover

15 July 2022, 10:48 AM

Roadside assistance on a two-wheeler insurance policy helps you cover any damages or circumstances you face on the road. This is an add-on that provides you with the assistance you may require on road.

The insurer has many contacts with garages and hospitals. In any unfortunate event on the road, the insurer reaches out to these contacts and helps the policyholder in his time of need.

For people who make long journeys, it makes sense to buy this add-on on top of regular insurance.

Having roadside assistance helps the policyholder in case of flat tyres, damages to the two-wheeler, engine breakdown, accident, etc. Having such assistance means the insurance holder does not stay stranded on the road for a long time. 

Therefore, on top of your regular bike insurance, consider having a roadside assistance bike insurance add-on

To Whom is it Useful?

This two-wheeler insurance policy add-on is helpful for people who:

  • Travel very frequently.
  • Travel outside the city to a remote location.
  • Go on longer rides to unknown roads.
  • Someone who is not equipped to fix mechanical failures.
  • Someone who doesn’t know how to clear the flat tire.

The Essential Aids

Some of the benefits of this assistance cover include:

Accident Services

No matter how safe a person is, an unfortunate scenario of an accident could arise. This could be grave for the people involved. Having an on-the-road cover could come to your rescue. The insurer would contact the hospital nearby and get you shifted to the hospital for treatment. The hospital services can be availed as soon as the location of the policyholder is known. Having such a service during an accident could prevent life loss and prevent injuries to make further impacts on your body. Moreover, this would be the most efficient solution in a time of great necessity.

Fuel Tank Refill

It is not very uncommon to face this situation. While travelling, people could find themselves in a remote area, devoid of a petrol pump or a gas station, for a long time. Chances are, the fuel tank might get empty for lengthier journeys like such even before the next petrol pump is found. In such circumstances, having roadside assistance would provide for the refuelling facility when a policyholder is stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Get Assistance When Battery Dies

In case your battery dies, the two-wheeler would stop. Not having a garage nearby could cause you long hours before you can start the two-wheeler and move towards your destination. Having roadside assistance in such scenarios would help move your two-wheeler and yourself from such a situation even when you are stranded in nowhere.

You could call your bike insurance company, and it could send a professional right away to help you at such times. 

Vehicle Towing Services When Faced with Flat Tyres

Everyone would have faced flat tyre-related issues in their commuting lives at one time or another. It’s a case where you must stop instantly because your vehicle wouldn’t allow you to go further. Having on-road assistance would help you get your vehicle towed to a closed garage or a mechanic where a professional can come to your rescue, fix your tyres, and have your vehicle ready for a trip.

Alternate Transport

When your vehicle has been damaged or gone through necessary repairs, having an alternate transport would be a thing of need. Having on-road assistance would help you cater to that need.

Emergency Transport

In emergencies where you require an alternative quick means of transport, on-the-road assistance provides you with it. The emergency transport could come with a cab or a two-wheeler or any vehicle that could have you reach your destination quickly. Sometimes based on the distance travelled in such an emergency vehicle, extra charges could be levied upon the policyholder. This is applicable only in terms of long travels.

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Key Replacement

If you’re locked out of your two-wheeler or in a scenario where your key has been taken away and cannot be used to ignite the two-wheeler, the road assistance provides an additional spare key that could be used in times of emergency. Having a key replacement facility will prevent you from undergoing any problems if you are not in or near your hometown. This comes in handy, especially when you are travelling to farther destinations.

Emergency Accommodation

In case your vehicle is towed away or taken for damage repair and you are in a remote place far away from your hometown, this facility offers an emergency accommodation service.

Under this facility, the policyholder gets an emergency place of accommodation near his/her two-wheeler repair spot for the duration his/her two-wheeler is fully functional and ready to go.


If you want to buy a policy or renew your policy, make sure to add roadside assistance to your list. This feature will be helpful if you require assistance in an unknown place you are taking your journey. 


1. Can I add roadside assistance cover to my ongoing two-wheeler insurance policy?

Yes. You can contact your insurance provider and ask it to add roadside assistance add-on cover to your policy for some extra charges. 

2. Does the roadside assistance add-on aid in times of major vehicle damage?

Yes, this add-on can help in fixing vehicular damages on the road.

3. Is it compulsory to have a roadside assistance add-on on my two-wheeler vehicle insurance?

No, it is not mandatory to have an add-on. If you feel it is necessary to have a roadside assistance add-on, go for it.

4. I travel on my two-wheeler from one city to another. Should I get a roadside assistance add-on?

Yes. Lengthy route travellers should get this add-on to their existing insurance policies. Remember, only comprehensive and standalone own damage policies allow adding these add-ons. If you only have a third-party cover, you can't get this add-on.

5. Can I add this roadside assistance cover to my bike insurance online?

Yes, you can do this while buying or renewing your bike insurance online.

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