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All About Delayed Two-wheeler Insurance Claims

15 July 2022, 1:34 PM

Being the owner of a two-wheeler is a big responsibility that comes with the need to ensure its safety. A bike insurance policy for the two-wheeler is one such thing that requires paying the applicable premiums on time.

Filing claims of such a two-wheeler is one such caring attribute you should have. One must ensure to file claims in due course. If you don't know what constitutes a late filing of claims for a two-wheeler and its repercussions, this article is for you!

When Should You File an Insurance Claim?

As per the requirement of several insurance companies, one must file a claim within 24 hours of an accident or damage to the two-wheeler. If not, notify the company about the same in this time span. 

In some cases, the motor insurance company may consider an exception for a delay in filing a claim. But this may be possible only in case it is satisfied with a valid cause for a delay. Thus, it is best to avoid a delay in filing a claim. In case there is any aftermath resulting from an accident or damage to the vehicle, it is best to inform the insurance company about the same at the earliest. Non-adherence to it could result in claim rejections.

But did you know why a delay in filing leads to the rejection of insurance claims? Well, it is mostly due to a string of reasons. Let us take a closer look at some of them.

Why Does Delay in Filing Claims Lead to Rejections?

Inability to Assess Damages

For bike insurance companies, it is very difficult to assess the extent of the damage occurring to the vehicle if the time gap between the filing of the claim and the occurrence of the accident is high. The insurance provider may be unable to assess the damages caused to the vehicle accurately. As a result, it will be difficult for it to assess the claim amount correctly.

Difficulty in Contacting Witnesses

To inspect the extent of the damage, the insurance provider may also want to contact various witnesses. However, if a certain time passes between the occurrence of the event and the filing of an insurance claim, it will be difficult for the insurance provider to contact them. It will be nearly impossible for the two-wheeler insurance provider to examine the correctness of the claim of the insured.

It is necessary to contact witnesses for this purpose to verify the facts of the case. Witnesses also include any third party which may have been affected by the accident or damage to the vehicle. Thus, when an insurance provider can't contact the relevant witnesses to ascertain the validity of the claim, they may be compelled to reject it.


Segregating Fake Claims

For obvious reasons, most delayed claims are assumed to be fake ones. Passage of time allows one to create false stuff and make an incorrect claim. It is very important for insurance providers to ascertain the validity of the claims filed by the insured for this reason. They will want to segregate the claims to ensure that no fraudulent ones are being raised.

So, these are some of the reasons why a delay in filing claims is not entertained by insurance providers. Despite this, many people still file a bike insurance claim late. Let us find out why this happens.

Why Do So Many People Delay Filing a Claim?

As you may have understood, even after taking a two-wheeler insurance policy, one must file a claim on time if they want to benefit from the policy. It is absolutely necessary to file such a claim within the first 24 hours from the time when an accident or damage to the two-wheeler occurs. Yet, most people who get comprehensive bike insurance tend to overlook this simple requirement and end up missing the timeline to file their claims.

Most people want to buy the best bike insurance in terms of its premium and overall coverage. Very few people actually pay attention to claim filing requirements in the event of any mishap with the vehicle.

However, there are also some cases where the delay is genuine. Sometimes, the insured or their family may be gravely injured. This may prevent them from filing the claim on a timely basis. At other times, there may be a delay in presenting the requisite proofs, facts and details which are required by the insurance provider.


In order to avoid facing a condition of rejection of claims, it is best to understand the requirements regarding claims. Even when dealing with the best bike insurance company, an undue delay in filing a claim can only make things more complicated.

At Paytm Insurance, you can buy two-wheeler insurance with the best deals and offers at your fingertips. All you need to do is to provide a few basic details, and you can get the best options for two-wheeler insurance in no time.

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1. How many claims are allowed in the case of bike insurance?

There is no limitation as such. However, you can avoid claiming minor damages and get premium discounts on renewal in doing so. 

2. When can I take my bike for repairs?

After submitting all the necessary details and documents, you could start getting your bike repaired for free at any of the network garages of the insurance company. This is called a cashless bike insurance claim. In case you take your vehicle to a garage other than those under the list of network garages, you will need to pay for the repairs and get that reimbursed by submitting the bills and receipts to the insurer.

3. Can I file a bike insurance claim online?

Yes, you can file a bike insurance claim on the official website of the insurance company. Some insurers allow you to do so on their apps too.

4. Is the benefit of the no-claim bonus valid in the case of bike insurance?

Yes, one can get a no-claim bonus if they do not claim insurance in the previous year. It comes in the form of premium discounts on renewal. Discounts start at 20% and can go up to 50% in the case of five successive claim-free years.

5. What are the different add-ons that one can get on their bike insurance policies?

Add-ons that one can get with their two-wheeler insurance policies are zero depreciation cover, return to invoice cover, NCB protection cover, Engine protection cover, etc.


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