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Top 7 Facts About Bike Insurance Claim Rejection That You Must Know

14 July 2022, 9:53 AM

If you enjoy a joyful ride on your two-wheeler, you can attribute this partly to the bike insurance that offers you peace of mind. God forbid, if something unfortunate happens on the road, the two-wheeler insurance offers you monetary support to the maximum extent possible. However, under some circumstances, a claim made can get rejected. Don’t worry! The insurance provider tries optimally to prevent such a thing from happening.

In this article, we discuss the top reasons why your bike insurance claim may get rejected. 

Top Reasons for Bike Insurance Claim Rejection

1. Riding without a Valid Licence and Not Respecting Safe Riding Norms

Your bike insurance claim will be rejected if an incident occurs and your driving licence has lapsed. It is compulsory to possess a valid driving licence which should be produced upon demand by any traffic authorities.

This and other unsafe driving practices at the time of the accident, as enlisted below, can lead to a rejected claim.

  • Carrying a fake/ counterfeit licence to dupe the traffic police
  • Performing stunts that can endanger the lives of others
  • Riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Engaging in a bike race with others
  • Private vehicle being used for commercial purposes

2. Riding a Second-hand Bike without Ownership Transfer

If you have purchased a second-hand bike, you must get the ownership transferred to your name before taking the bike out. This will facilitate a subsequent change of name in the bike insurance policy. The claim will be rejected if your bike meets with an accident when the insurance deed has not been transferred to your name.

3. Delaying Claim Request Submission or Making a Fraudulent Claim

Your bike insurance policy seller may have a deadline within which you must submit your claim request after the incident. If you fail to submit the claim within this time, the insurer can turn down your request. Delay can be cited for rejecting a claim in cases where an FIR (First Information Report) is needed. However, the insurer can assume that the delay was done purposefully to tamper with the evidence.

Also, if you raise a fraudulent claim, your request will be declined, and legal charges can be brought against you by the insurer. The two-wheeler vehicle insurance company conducts comprehensive research to ascertain the claim's validity before settlement.

4. Getting the Damaged Bike Repaired without Securing the Approval of the Insurer’s Surveyor

Bike insurance companies have their own surveyors who assess the damage to the bike and determine the amount to be reimbursed under the insurance claim. After the accident, you must get in touch with the insurer quickly so that the surveyor can carry out their assessment. The authorised service centre will coordinate with the surveyor if you have cashless insurance.

The inspection report of the surveyor has to be compulsorily submitted along with the repair invoice for early approval of the claim.

5. Modifying Your Bike without Informing the Insurer

If you want to make cosmetic changes to your bike to appear more stylish, you may do so only after informing your bike insurance company.  In fact, installing anti-theft devices in your bike without informing the insurer can also lead to bike insurance rejection. The changes can result in a higher premium rate which you will have to pay to avail of the insurance benefits.

Your claim can be summarily rejected if the insurer’s surveyor indicates uniform changes to the bike in his inspection report.

6. Failing to Renew the Bike Insurance Policy Well in Time

If you have expired bike insurance policy and you have not renewed the same, you risk having your claim rejected, even if the mishap happens one day after policy termination. To ensure continued coverage, renew your two-wheeler insurance policy before its expiry date. Nowadays, you can carry out two-wheeler insurance renewals online in a hassle-free manner.

7. Not Maintaining Your Bike in a Roadworthy Condition

You must maintain the roadworthiness of your bike at all times. For this -

  • Get your bike’s servicing done from authorised centres regularly as per the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Use only recommended standard parts in your bike
  • Change faulty or malfunctioning spares immediately after noticing
  • Keep tyres, brakes, suspension, shockers etc., in a healthy condition

If the surveyor finds out that the bike has met with an accident due to faulty parts or poor servicing, your claim can be rejected.


Your bike insurance company will immediately extend all possible assistance to settle your claim. For this, you must cooperate with the insurer's representatives and follow the guidelines specified in the policy copy. The reasons mentioned above are the prime causes for rejecting insurance claims. Hence, refrain from engaging in practices that can potentially get your claim rejected outright.

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1. What important documents should one have in place for claiming two-wheeler insurance benefits?

The nature of the documents will depend upon the circumstances under which the bike has suffered damage. However, you must keep the following documents handy for early settlement of the claim -

  • Registration certificate of your bike
  • Your driving licence
  • Copy of insurance policy
  • FIR report
  • PUC
  • Invoice of repair work done, if any

2. If I have not informed the insurer quickly after the accident because of a disturbed state of mind, can my claim get rejected?

The insurer often provides a deadline within which you must intimate about the accident. Failure to do this can make the insurer cast suspicion on your intent. Also, the insurer’s surveyor may not be able to assess the damage prima facie. This can get your claim request rejected.

3. If my friend had been riding the bike at the time of the accident and I was riding the pillion, can my claim request get declined?

No, but the person who is riding your bike must have a valid driving licence plus your bike must be insured as well. 

4. I occasionally use the bike to offer rides to others for a specific charge. If, during this process, an incident happens, will my claim be settled?

Using your bike for commercial purposes for any duration renders your claim rejected. If you intend to use the bike to make money, you must opt for a commercial insurance policy.

5. It has been a day since my insurance lapsed, and I met with an accident. Can I raise a claim request?

No. A delay of even a day in renewing the policy interrupts your coverage. Your claim request will not be honoured.


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