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All Women Biking Groups That Make India Proud

By Vikas Chandra Das
27 July 2022, 4:19 PM

Bye-bye to the days when girls, particularly in India, preferred to spend their time at home playing with dolls and learning domestic skills. The world has evolved, and women have changed as well. In recent decades, women have become more interested in extreme sports and outdoor activities. India's female bike riders are encouraging the younger generation by defying social norms and preconceptions.

These girls are more than simply women bike riders. They also aim to improve society through various activities such as education, training, and even conducting blood donation camps to give back to the community. In India, about 4000 women ride motorcycles, and several all-women motorcycle groups are gaining popularity. The groups bring together women who share common interests and wish to impact society positively.

Biking Groups across India

The Bikerni

The Bikerni, founded in 2011 by Urvashi Patole, is one of India's first all-women biking gangs. The organization began with a mission to bring together female bikers from across the country to go on bike riding excursions, demonstrate stunting skills, and organize bike races.

In 2013, the group became the largest all-women group to ride to Khardung-La, the world's highest motorable mountain pass, according to the Limca Book of World Records. You must complete three rides with the members to become a member of this organization. Any bike will do as long as you have the will to ride it.

The Bengal Lady Bikers

The Bengal Lady Bikers began as a rider's group for and from Kolkata. Today, they form small groups and go out to the mountains, travelling paths from Uttarakhand to Kashmir.

Some of their riders embark on solo adventures and document them on the website's blog, inspiring other women to do the same. According to their philosophy, they don't have set plans or seasons; they just put on their helmets and go.

The Riderni

The Riderni was founded by Anjaly Rajan in 2012. The organization, based in Ahmedabad, has members aged from 20 to 50.

Tinkering with their bikes and breaking gender stereotypes are as passionate as riding for the women in this club. The group, which believes in social justice, has held protests in support of Nirbhaya to raise awareness about substance misuse.

Hop On Gurls

Bindu Reddy started the Hop On Gurls, a Bullet riding gang located in Bengaluru, in 2011. This association assists several dedicated and ambitious female bikers in realizing their dreams of riding. All women who desire to ride a Royal Enfield and tackle open roads worldwide can do so through the biking club.

The community educates female motorcycle enthusiasts on how to ride a Bullet and encourages them to pursue their goals of hitting the streets on a Bullet. In addition to educating, Hop On Gurls teams up with other bikers to go on long rides. This organization has locations in Pune and Mysore.

Ladies of Harley

Ladies of Harley, or LOH, is a riding group for ladies who share a passion for owning and riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles. This group of fun-loving, creative, professional, and amazing female bikers from all walks of life wants to inspire and support other female riders.

The group believes in freedom, whether on or off the road. You can also join the organization to show your love for Harleys. Women who own Harley-Davidson motorcycles in India gathered during the India Bike Week 2016 to celebrate their femininity.

Lady Riders of India

Maral Yazarloo has been a member of many biking groups for a long time and has finally decided to start an all-women group for female bikers all around the country. This club is about delving into the depths of a biker's enthusiasm.

Lady Riders of India is an organization of women who enjoy riding larger-capacity motorbikes such as Harleys, Ducatis, BMWs, and other 650cc and higher motorcycles. The organization recently participated in India's largest biking festival, the India Bike Week, which took place in Goa in February.

Biker Babez

If motocross and drag racing are two of your favourite sports, then this is where you should be. Biker Babez takes the love of riding to new heights. The group feels that individuals who do not give up and attain what they truly desire are successful. Sindy Soundari created 'Biker Babez' in 2013 with two girls, and it has grown to a strong-headed group of ten girls.

The organization describes itself as 'safe and smart' ladies who ride. Sindy's motivation for forming this group is to encourage other females to pursue their dream of becoming motorcycle riders. Despite their busy schedules, the crew also organizes awareness rides and rallies throughout Chennai.

Biking Queens

Sarika Mehta founded Biking Queens in 2015 and is based in Surat. This group was created by Sarika to work for the betterment of society. Biking Queens was founded in response to women's increased interest in biking. The community welcomes any female motorcyclists from Surat who desire to ride on two-wheelers and contribute to the betterment of society.

The REgals

The REgals' bikers are known as the "Queens of Mumbai" for their magnificent Royal Enfield motorcycle rides. Aparna Bandodkar, a Mumbai-based dentist, launched The Regals in 2012.

Its rides are mostly motivated by concerns about women's safety and other societal issues. This group's proud riders are excited about biking and highly enthusiastic about it.

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In the last few years, Indian women's interest in horseback riding sport has skyrocketed. Various bicycle groups have been formed to promote women's equality and societal empowerment. Since 2011, these all-women rider clubs have allowed them to express their passion for motorcycles. Every year on March 8th, Women's Day is observed to honour women's achievements in various professions. Here's a list of popular all-women riding organizations across the country that you may join to demonstrate your passion for the sport.

You can obtain further details of biking groups, which make India proud, and two wheeler insurance policies on Paytm Insurance.

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1. When was the first women biker group founded in India, and what's its name?

Urvashi Patole and Firdaus Shaikh formed The Bikerni, India's first and largest all-women motorcycle club, in 2011.

2. How many women biker groups are present in India?

There are approximately 8-10 popular women biker groups in India.

3. What are some of the popular women biker groups in India?

Some of the popular women biker groups in India are The Bikerni, Biking Queens, Ladies of Harley, Biker Babez, Lady Riders of India, Hop on Gurls, The Riderni, etc.

4. Who are the top five female bikers in India?

The top five female bikers in India are:

  • Alisha Abdullah
  • Priyanka Kochhar
  • Neharika Yadav
  • Anam Hashim
  • Roshni Sharma

5. Who founded The Riderni Biker Group?

The Riderni was founded by Anjaly Rajan in 2012.


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