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Benefits of Purchasing Your Two-wheeler Insurance Online from ICICI Lombard

By Juhi Walia
01 August 2022, 2:36 PM

ICICI Lombard is credible, reliable, and one of the country's most trusted general insurance companies. With more than 5,100 cashless networks of garages, a hassle-free claim settlement process, 24/7 customer support and approximately 273 agencies, ICICI Lombard offers you the perfect bike insurance plan that focuses on protecting and covering two-wheelers. It provides financial security in case of theft, natural disasters, and the responsibilities of third parties. However, the exact coverage will depend on the type of ICICI Lombard two-wheeler insurance plan you choose to buy. We have elaborated that in this post for you to look at. So, read this article further to know the benefits of purchasing the insurance plan of ICICI Lombard in detail.

Why Choose ICICI Lombard Two-wheeler Insurance?

The following are the reasons why ICICI Lombard two-wheeler insurance is a great choice for customers seeking protection against unforeseen expenses involving their insured bikes.

  1. ICICI Lombard offers two-wheeler insurance in different variations for various coverage needs.
  2. The company's claims settlement ratio in fiscal 2020 was 87.71% for its motor insurance.
  3. ICICI Lombard resolves most of its complaints effectively.
  4. The bike insurance company works with over 7800 workshops offering easy cashless repairs for bikes.

Types of ICICI Lombard Two-wheeler Insurance Online Policies

There are three main types of two-wheeler insurance policies offered by ICICI Lombard:

  1. A comprehensive ICICI Lombard bike insurance policy protects the bike owner from accidental damage to third parties and his own vehicle. You can add a personal accident cover of INR 15 lakhs in case of accidental death and disability for a small additional premium.
  2. Standalone own damage ICICI Lombard bike insurance policy covers damages to your two-wheeler caused by natural disasters or man-made disasters. You must buy this if you already have an active third-party policy for your two-wheeler.
  3. Third-party ICICI Lombard bike insurance covers legal liability following an accident. If your two-wheeler causes injury to a third party or its surrounding property with this type of bike insurance online policy, ICICI Lombard will reimburse these costs.

Advantages of Buying Bike Insurance from ICICI Lombard

ICICI Lombard offers the best bike insurance and exceptional service and infrastructure, allowing you to purchase two-wheeler insurance online with several benefits. 

No Paperwork

Gone are the days when it would take weeks to process a simple bike insurance policy. The agents were the middlemen who would make you read and sign several never-ending forms. Now all you have to do is apply for an ICICI Lombard bike insurance plan online, enter the basic details of your two-wheeler, choose your coverage options, fill in the details, and pay.

You will receive a digital copy of your two-wheeler insurance online policy by email within seconds. You will also receive the hard copy at your registered address.

Online Renewal   

You can easily renew your ICICI Lombard two-wheeler insurance online by entering your policy details and renewing your subscription immediately.

Digital Complaints Process

ICICI Lombard has an effective IL Take Care app, wherein you can file a claim and receive instant repair authorisation via InstaSpect.

24/7 calls for help

ICICI Lombard offers extensive customer support so that you can make your claims easily.

Add-on Benefits

ICICI Lombard bike insurance add-on offers benefits at a little extra premium which are:

  • Roadside assistance coverage
  • Zero depreciation coverage

Inclusions of ICICI Lombard Bike Insurance Policy

  • Loss or damage of your bike due to natural disasters, fire, explosion, spontaneous combustion, landslide, etc.
  • Accident insurance with ₹15 lakh cover for the registered owner/driver. As an option, you can take out passenger accident insurance for travelling companions for an additional premium.
  • Loss or damage to your two-wheeler due to man-made disasters like theft, riot, terrorist activity, etc.
  • Legal responsibility towards third parties.
  • Protection against legal liability for damage resulting in death, bodily injury, or damage to nearby property.

Exclusions of ICICI Lombard Bike Insurance Policy

  • Wear and tear of the bike, tyres, and tubes.
  • Depreciation or consequential damages.
  • Mechanical or electrical failure.
  • Damage caused by a person driving the two-wheeler under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Loss due to war or nuclear risk.

How to Buy Bike Insurance from ICICI Lombard?

Just follow these simple steps and get your ICICI Lombard two-wheeler insurance online within minutes:

Step 1 - Visit the two-wheeler insurance page on the ICICI Lombard website and fill out an application with your details like your mobile number, email id, two-wheeler registration number, year of registration, etc.

Step 2 - Select the plan of your choice. You can also modify your coverage by selecting supplements, deductibles, etc.

Step 3 - Once your selection is complete, you can submit the necessary documents and make an online payment by debit card, credit card, net banking, etc.

Step 4 - You will receive your ICICI Lombard bike insurance policy documents online by email.


With the above perks, ICICI Lombard two-wheeler insurance online is a perfect choice. It is one of the best bike insurance companies that offer low premiums, maximum coverage, add-on benefit, high claim settlement ratio, etc. 


1. Does ICICI Lombard provide zero depreciation two-wheeler insurance?

The zero dep insurance offsets the depreciation at the time of a claim, and you can avail of this from ICICI Lombard for a nominal additional cost.

2. What factors influence the premium of ICICI Lombard's two-wheeler insurance policy?

Here is a list of factors that influence ICICI Lombard's two-wheeler insurance premium:

  • Market value
  • Place of registration
  • Build and model the two-wheeler
  • History of complaints
  • Age of the two-wheeler

3. What happens to ICICI Lombard's bike insurance policy if the person changes his location or job?

Two-wheeler insurance from ICICI Lombard is valid everywhere in the country. So, if you change jobs and move to a new location, you must notify the insurance company and continue using the same policy.

4. What documents are needed to renew the two-wheeler insurance online from ICICI Lombard?

When you renew your bike insurance online from ICICI Lombard, you do not have to provide any documents. All you have to do is share the correct details of your bike and the existing policy. Make sure you provide accurate and relevant information when purchasing the policy online.

5. What are the benefits of buying an ICICI Lombard two-wheeler insurance online policy?

The benefits of buying an ICICI Lombard two-wheeler insurance online policy include-

  • Road assistance.
  • Accidental injury coverage.
  • Damage due to an accident, natural or man-made disasters.
  • Affordable premiums.


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