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All About Passenger Cover in Two-wheeler Insurance Plans

15 July 2022, 3:35 PM

Passenger cover means covering the passenger's financial liabilities in case of any damage to the vehicle or accidents. The passenger cover provides financial security against any damage or injury to the passenger.

Having a passenger cover is not mandatory, but it is very beneficial where the passenger has been harmed with injury in any case of accident or vehicle demise. A passenger add on cover in  bike insurance is the safest option for ensuring the health and well-being of fellow passengers in case of any unfortunate scenarios.

Passenger Cover for Two-wheelers

Passenger cover is a necessary add-on for the protection of fellow passengers. This is a valuable add-on in a two-wheeler or a car. But this becomes more useful in the case of a two-wheeler. This is because the risk to the passenger and driver would be higher in case of an accident if they are travelling in a two-wheeler.

A passenger cover is bought for nothing but the security of your fellow traveller. This traveller could be a family member, friend or anyone you just got to know. But if you plan to have long journeys on your two-wheeler, it only makes sense to buy this for the passenger who will travel with you. This will help you navigate tough situations with ease. 

In any unfortunate scenario such as hospital admission, vehicle breakdown, key loss, etc,  passenger cover will help with financial and legal liabilities that may arise. 

This, however, is not mandatory to purchase. But as in comprehensive bike insurance, a personal accident cover for the owner or driver is mandatory. This one could come across as a major add-on benefit. Having an add-on in your bike insurance cover for your fellow passenger could help not only in case of an accident but also when the vehicle goes through some damage or inconvenience and the passenger undergoes injury because of it.

Cost of Passenger Cover

The cost of passenger cover differs from one company to another. To know the exact cost of adding passenger cover to your comprehensive bike insurance, contact your insurance company.

What is Covered in the Passenger Cover?

The damage or liability caused in a case of an accident is the primary part of the coverage on passenger cover. The following things are included in the passenger cover:

  1. Financial support in case of accident or death of the passenger.
  2. The cost of medical treatments is covered in times of an unfortunate accident.
  3. The charges and liability for the passengers are covered in case of any disability, i.e., permanent or temporary, due to an accident.

As straightforward as they may seem, all these coverages prove to be quite useful in case of any such scenarios.

What is not Covered in Passenger Cover?

There are certain circumstances in which the insurer does not cover any damage to the passenger. Some of these conditions include-

  1. If a passenger undergoes any injuries while trying to harm himself/herself, the policy won't cover the medical expenses of the concerned individual.
  2. If a person has consumed alcohol or drugs and there is an accident under any such scenario, the insurance bans the protection of the policyholder in such circumstances.

Benefits of Passenger Cover in a Two-wheeler

If you are a responsible driver, it is only fair to take insurance for your fellow passenger. In case of any scenarios where there is any damage or injury, the insurance will come in handy. 

There are certain benefits associated with buying an add-on for the passenger cover in a two-wheeler. These are as follows:

  1. Financial support in times of an accident.
  2. Instant hospital care in case of any injury.
  3. Coverage for medical expenses in case of injuries.
  4. Financial liabilities are reduced on the parts of the driver and passenger in case of any situation, including vehicular damage.
  5. Protection against any legal hassle in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Having an add-on for your passenger is a benefit that could protect them and you in case of any unforeseen situations.


An add-on for your passenger is not mandatory but is a value addition. This will protect the passenger against injuries and damages in accidents and cover their financial liabilities and medical costs. This frees the driver from any expenses or liabilities against the passengers. Passenger add-on also protects against any legal liability arising in unforeseen scenarios.

A passenger add-on is highly recommended to be added to your bike insurance policy.

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1. How advisable is it to have a non-compulsory add-on to your comprehensive bike insurance plan?

It depends upon the nature of the vehicle and your travels. For someone who frequently travels with a passenger on a bike, getting a passenger cover added to his/her bike insurance is advisable.

2. Should I change my comprehensive bike plan to add the passenger cover?

No. There is no need to go through that hassle. The passenger cover is an add-on. You can add it to your ongoing comprehensive bike insurance plan.

3. What if I don't want to add a passenger cover to my two-wheeler insurance?

There is no mandatory need to add a passenger cover to your insurance plan. It only makes sense for the people who prefer to travel with a passenger. In that case, having a passenger cover can reduce the financial liability and medical risk.

4. Can I add the passenger cover to my bike insurance online?

Yes. Most companies allow their policyholders to do so.

5. Is it possible for me to integrate the add-on by myself into my bike insurance?

Yes. It is possible to make changes to bike insurance with the add-on. You can do it online or contact the company for the same.

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