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Best Bike Models with High Resale Prices in India

By Juhi Walia
12 October 2022, 5:00 PM

Do you want to buy a second-hand bike? You need a motorbike if you commute every day. Motorbike transport is cheaper and more convenient. You won't endure long hours in a traffic jam using a two-wheeler for transport.

With many bike models coming out constantly, bike owners sell to acquire new ones. You will get a nice second-hand bike at an affordable price. However, you should buy two-wheeler insurance to protect your motorcycle after purchase.

Bikes with higher resale value sell faster, like a hot cake. A motorcycle with supreme performance, a highly reliable engine, and dashing looks is a buyers' favourite. Some models of motorbikes age faster than others, making them undesirable in the second-hand market.

If you buy a bike intending to resell, check a machine with a higher resale value to fetch reasonable prices. Remember, not all motorbikes have a desirable resale value. Here are bikes with a good resale value you can consider in India.

Sports Bikes with The Best Resale Value in India

Are you just a fan of motorbikes? You can ride a sports bike on any road and enjoy smooth rolling. Sports bikes will interest you due to their comfort, braking, acceleration, and speed. Sports bikes are fuel-efficient, which saves you fuel costs. If you own a sport bike, ensure you purchase comprehensive bike insurance for protection.

Sports bikes are made of high-tech materials and come with a lightweight body. A sport bike's front and rear tyres are larger, allowing better turning speed. In addition, a sport bike has a high-performance engine.

List of sports bikes with the best resale price in India.

Brand                                                    Model                                          Engine  Capacity                                    
SuzukiGixxer SF 250249cc
YamahaYZF R15 V4155cc
BajajPulsar NS200199.5cc
KTM200 Duke199.55cc

Cruiser Bikes with The Best Resale Value

You will find many riders in love for cruiser model bikes. A cruiser bike gives you excellent performance with farfetched horsepower. In addition, cruiser model bikes come with stronger brakes and better suspension.

Cruiser bikes are good on all roads. The riding comfort and style of the cruiser bike give it a higher resale value. But avoid riding your motorcycle without two-wheeler insurance. Bike accidents are common, and insurance will shield you financially if you get into an accident.

List of cruiser bikes with a good resale value.

BrandModelEngine Capacity 
HondaH'ness CB350348.36cc
BajajAvenger Cruise 220220cc

Commuter Bikes with The Best Resale Value

Buy a commuter bike if you have daily tasks requiring a lot of movement. A commuter bike gives you a comfortable ride, and it's affordable. You won't spend much on fuel costs since the commuter bike is fuel efficient and delivers high mileage.

Spare parts of the commuter bike are readily available and less expensive. In addition, the cost of maintenance of commuter bikes is minimal, making them have a high resale value. You can avoid the expense of bike maintenance with a bike insurance policy.

List of commuter bikes with a higher resale.

      Brand                           ModelEngine Capacity
BajajPulsar 150149.5cc
TVSStar City Plus109.7cc
HeroSuper Splendour124.7cc

Factors That Influence Resale Value of a Motorbike

When seeking to dispose of your bike, you need to pay attention to factors that affect a bike's resale value. When you understand bike resale conditions, you can get a better value for your motorbike. Below are some of the factors you should consider.

Bike Mileage

Many buyers check the mileage before buying a second-hand bike. A bike with good mileage has better resale value than a bike with a bigger mileage stretch. Make sure you look at the distance the bike has covered before buying.

And once you buy a used bike, don't forget to purchase two-wheeler insurance to minimize the cost of regular repairs. Remember, a second-hand bike requires a lot of care, which can cost you without insurance.

Timing of Sale

You need proper timing to resell your bike and fetch better prices. Many buyers opt for the newest or improved models of products. When new bike versions come into the market, they affect the prices of second-hand motorbikes.

So, if your bike is older than two years, you can offer discounts to get buyers amid the launch of new bike models.

Demand for Bikes

Market demand for specific bikes also affects the resale value. You will find some bikes more popular than others. If your bike is among the limited-edition models, it will have a good resale value.

Makes sure to take care of your bike if it is among the popular models. You are sure to resell it in the future at a reasonable price. With comprehensive bike insurance, you will always have your bike in perfect condition.

Bike's Modifications

Do you love a bike with a custom look? Bike modifications influence the final selling price. Modifications improve the appearance of the motorcycle, leading to a better resale. However, any less appealing improvement can reduce your bike's resale value.


In conclusion, you can get a second-hand bike in good condition at an affordable price. You can choose commuter, sport, or cruiser models if you are looking for a bike with the best resale value. Buying a bike with higher resale value allows you to get value for your motorcycle when selling to buy a new bike model. Before reselling your bike, check the market demand, timing, and bike mileage.

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1. Which bikes have maximum resale value in the Indian market?

Yamaha, Honda and Hero are some bikes with a good resale value.

2. Is a second-hand bike worth the cost?

A used motorbike is economical. Yes, you will get a perfect second-hand motorbike in the market. But ensure you choose a quality bike and purchase a comprehensive bike insurance cover to enjoy financial protection against expenses that come with the maintenance of a used motorbike.

3. Why is the Honda bike model popular in India?

Honda has a reliable engine, and the bike can last long. In addition, many riders prefer smooth and noiseless bikes, and Honda is a perfect example.

4. How does one calculate the resale value of a bike?

Check the model year of the bike or manufacturing year. Bikes with several years after manufacture may fetch lower selling prices. You should also check the mileage the bike has covered. Consider the bike's appearance, service, and maintenance when deciding the resale value.

5. What specifications should I look for when buying a second-hand bike?

You should check peak power and torque when buying a bike. Build quality and braking also matters when considering a motorcycle to purchase. While a bike insurance policy helps to cater to maintenance expenses, you should consider the cost of maintaining your bike before buying.


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