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Best Two-wheeler Insurance Add-ons that HDFC ERGO Offers You

By Juhi Walia
17 October 2022, 11:26 AM

If you have a bike, you should also have proper bike insurance. Yes, this has been made mandatory in India by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. But, even if we set aside this legal obligation, having a strong two-wheeler insurance policy is important for your financial and mental health. Meeting an unpredictable incident like theft or an accident can leave you with a huge financial burden, which will surely affect your mental health.

A sound bike insurance policy from a trusted insurance provider will keep things within your control. HDFC ERGO is a joint venture between HDFC Limited and ERGO International AG. The company offers its clients an entire range of insurance-related solutions, including car, bike, travel, home, and health insurance. The company adopts the customer-first approach and does all that ensure the best and most seamless service to the clients.

HDFC ERGO offers third-party liability only two-wheeler insurance policy and also a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy. Some benefits of buying your HDFC ERGO bike insurance include online policy issuance and no inspection renewals, unlimited claims, and a simple process for claims.

But, what you should not ignore while buying your HDFC EGRO two-wheeler insurance policy is the range of their impressive and highly beneficial add-ons. We shall try to understand the different and best HDFC ERGO bike insurance addon covers for their comprehensive bike insurance policies.

What is an Insurance Add-on?

To put it in simple terms, an add-on is an essential aspect that, when added to your insurance policy, will enhance its effectiveness and coverage.

It is applicable if you already have a comprehensive policy, say a comprehensive two-wheeler policy, and is willing to add some extra features to it to strengthen the covers further. So, you can go for add-ons by paying an additional premium for the ones that you feel are important to be added to your existing insurance policy.

Two-wheeler Insurance Add-ons are Must-Haves

So, if you have a HDFC ERGO standalone own damage bike insurance or HDFC EGRO comprehensive bike insurance policy, then below is the list of the best add-ons that you can add to your policy for that additional protection:-

  1. Zero Depreciation Cover – It is normal that in case of claims, they are done after the depreciation of bikes is deducted from the claim amount. But, if you purchase this add-on cover by HDFC ERGO, then during the time of claim settlement, you need not worry about paying for the depreciation, which you would otherwise have to. 
    With this particular add-on, you will be able to get the entire bike insurance claim amount as mentioned in the two-wheeler insurance policy. Zero depreciation bike insurance add-on, you can purchase for a 1-year two-wheeler insurance policy.
  2. Emergency Assistance Cover – This is another vital add-on that you can get from HDFC ERGO for your two-wheeler insurance policy. As a vehicle owner, you know how difficult it is to get mechanical or technical assistance on the road due to sudden breakdowns or accidents. 
    With Emergency assistance bike insurance add-on, you will get round-the-clock assistance for any such unpleasant occurrence. Tyre replacement, towing the vehicle to the nearby garage, accommodation arrangement and emergency fuel delivery, and alternate travel options will be available on the spot under this add-on cover.
  3. No Claim Bonus Protection – Under this useful HDFC ERGO add-on, in case of any event of an accident, your no-claim bonus discount will remain intact till the following renewal of the two-wheeler vehicle insurance policy.
  4. Return-to-Invoice – So, if you go for return to invoice bike insurance add-on with your HDFC ERGO two-wheeler insurance policy, you will praise yourself for taking such a wise decision. Because, in case there is any loss or theft of your two-wheeler, the system is that you can claim the Insured Declared Value(IDV), which is different and less than the ex-showroom price. This add-on will help you differentiate between IDV and ex-showroom prices, reducing your financial burden.
  5. Accessories Cover – This add-on is the one that will help you by taking care of the expenses that are incurred on the extra accessories of the bike. It covers the extra bike accessories under the insurance policy so that in case of theft or damage, you do not end up losing much, as these accessories are also very expensive.
  6. Engine Protection Cover – The engine is the bike's powerhouse and is also the most expensive part. So, if you opt for this add-on from HDFR ERGO, along with the damage coverage caused to the engine due to an accident, the maintenance cost for the engine's longevity is also covered. Engine protection bike insurance add-on is important to better the performance of the engine.

Two-wheeler insurance is done to safeguard the insured against any unprecedented financial burden that can arise due to an accident or any other mishap. Add-ons are the full-proof way of providing additional safeguard to the insured with enhanced financial protection to ensure that such sudden financial expenses do not cause worry or trouble for you.

It is like thinking of all types of probable dangers that can come your way concerning the two-wheeler and keeping yourself financially insured to face them in a calculated way. So, by enhancing the coverage of your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy, you are keeping in a better situation of handling expenses during claim settlement. 

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1. What add-ons cover bike insurance?

Two-wheeler add-on covers are different options as provided by the insurance policy provider to enhance the overall coverage of the basic plan by paying some extra premium.

2. How to opt for two-wheeler add-ons?

You can go for two-wheeler add-ons either during the buying of the insurance. But, suppose you already have a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy but want add-on covers, you can opt for them during the renewal of the existing policy.

3. What are the different types of add-ons for two-wheelers to opt for?

The two most commonly opted add-ons for two-wheeler insurance policies due to their obvious advantage are zero depreciation cover and emergency assistance cover.

4. Are two-wheeler add-ons compulsory?

No, they are not. The benefits are optional.

5. Will opting for a two-wheeler add-on increase the premium amount?

Yes, they come at an extra cost if you opt for a two-wheeler add-on. You need to pay an additional premium for the cover you are getting.

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