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How Can Emergency Assistance Services in Bike Insurance Help?

By Juhi Walia
14 September 2022, 12:15 PM

The Indian government has made it compulsory for two-wheeler owners to buy bike insurance. A comprehensive insurance policy offers better coverage as it offers third-party liabilities and coverage on its own damages. 

Comprehensive insurance also allows the policyholder to purchase add-ons to solidify the coverage. Roadside assistance or emergency assistance service add-on is an efficient cover you can buy along with your comprehensive plan.

The emergency assistance service can help you when you are on a journey and your bike breaks down. Whether it is a minor issue, such as a flat tyre, or a big problem, such as a dead battery, this bike insurance add-on can help you in such cases without accounting for it as a claim. 

When going on a long journey on your two-wheeler, the conventional insurance policy may not suffice. In these instances, the roadside assistance cover can provide the much-needed professional help to help you fix your two-wheeler anywhere.

What is Emergency Assistance Service in Two-wheeler Insurance?

When the comprehensive bike insurance policyholder purchases emergency assistance services add-on with bike insurance, the insurance company provides roadside assistance in cases when the bike is not in the condition to function. The insured bike owner will have to pay the premium for the assistance. 

Roadside assistance is provided to those bike riders whose two-wheeler has broken down while on the road. If you have this add-on and your bike has experienced some technical issues, all you need to do is to call your insurance provider, and they will make the necessary arrangements.

Emergency assistance bike insurance add on cover is designed to minimize the inconveniences caused to the policyholder while on a journey. 

You can get this add-on online and offline by contacting your insurance company. To get this coverage, you will have to pay an extra fee, which gets added to the final payment of the comprehensive insurance policy. Buying this add-on is the most appropriate option if you travel regularly. 

Claiming Bike Insurance for Breakdown with Emergency Assistance Cover

The goal of roadside assistance is to lend a helping hand to bike riders on a journey. Policyholders can raise the bike insurance claim by contacting their insurance provider and telling them about their issue.

The insurance company will then provide on-the-spot repairs, towing, emergency accommodation, alternate transportation modes, etc., if you are stuck in the middle of the road. 

What is Covered in Emergency Assistance Cover?

Reading the inclusion of your two-wheeler insurance policy is the best way to know what is covered in the emergency assistance cover.

The policy wordings contain the exclusions and inclusions, and you can download them by visiting your insurance company's website. The exact coverage may differ from provider to provider, but the following are the standard coverage of roadside assistance bike insurance add-ons:

Battery Issues 

A dead battery can cause a lot of hassle, especially on a long journey. In this case, your insurance company will make the arrangements to get your battery back to life so you can continue your journey.

Tyre Issues

Tyre issues are pretty common for bikes. They usually occur when the road is improper and the two-wheeler is not maintained well. A mechanic can assist you with a spare tyre or tow the bike to the service center in case of a flat tyre.

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Key Concerns

If you have lost your key, your insurance company can retrieve it from the location, such as your house (if it is within 100km).

Technical Snags

Your bike can suffer from technical issues such as breakdowns. In cases like these, your insurance company will make arrangements for a mechanic who can repair your bike on the spot.

However, the add-on does not cover bike replaced parts, just the traveling cost and labor charges.

In Case Your Bike is Out of Fuel

Your insurance provider will arrange fuel up to 5 liters if your bike is out of fuel.

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Pick-up and Drop

Sometimes, your insurance company will also arrange for the damaged bike to be picked up from the location and sent to the policyholder's residence.

Accommodation Cover

If you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and far away from your house, the insurance company will arrange a hotel for you to stay in. 

Legal Assistance

Bike accidents can expose you to some legal issues. If you happen to get involved in such an issue, your insurance company will make arrangements for legal advice according to the insurance policy's terms and conditions.

Benefits of Emergency Assistance Coverage

Following are the benefits you will get by adding a roadside assistance add-on to your comprehensive bike insurance:

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your insurance company will help if your bike breaks down is comforting. With the add-on, you can go anywhere with your bike without concerns.

Instant Help

After informing the best bike insurance company of your location, they will send a mechanic as soon as possible. Your insurance providers will arrange for the bike to be towed to the nearest garage if on-the-spot repair is not helpful.

With the RSA, you will not have to worry about managing these instances as your insurance company will do it on your behalf.

Value for Money

Buying emergency assistance coverage is affordable. You can add it to your motor insurance by paying extra fees. It is better to know that paying such a fee can help you in worst-case scenarios. 

Key Takeaways

When you have a bike, it is necessary to protect it with a bike insurance policy as it can save you money in cases of accidents or mishaps. However, there may be times when your comprehensive policy is not sufficient.

Hence, it is necessary to buy emergency assistance coverage to ensure that your insurance company has your back in case your bike breaks down in the middle of the journey. 

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1. Is emergency assistance available for free trial?

In most cases, this add-on is not accessible for a free trial. However, because this add-on is cost-effective, you can purchase the yearly package and evaluate your decision during the two-wheeler insurance renewal.

2. How is emergency assistance different than comprehensive policy?

Comprehensive bike insurance is a standalone plan, whereas emergency assistance is an add-on that you can add to your comprehensive plan.

3. Can I call my insurance company in case my bike breaks down mid-journey?

If you can contact your insurance company through a phone call, you can get roadside assistance without logging in to the website.

4. Does emergency assistance cover applicable for battery jumpstart?

If your bike needs a battery jumpstart, emergency assistance can help you.

5. Is emergency assistance only applicable on national highways?

This add-on is applicable if the policyholder's bike breaks down on state highways, national highways, or city roads. Some insurance companies also cover motorable routes. 

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