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Consequences of Riding without a Helmet in India

By Vikas Chandra Das
22 July 2022, 1:25 PM

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, bike insurance and a helmet are important. Bike insurance and helmet are not only essential but are also compulsory by the law. 

Section 129 of the Motors Vehicles Act discusses the laws for two-wheeler riders, including two-wheeler insurance. Initially, the penalty amount for not wearing a helmet was a mere INR 100. As a result, riders didn't care and ventured out without a helmet. But things have changed now. Fines have gotten bigger as rules have become stricter, making violators face the music when caught by the traffic police.

Let’s look at all the rules and consequences for not wearing a helmet.

What is Section 129?

According to Section 129(b), the headgear (helmet) must secure the rider’s or driver’s head with solid fasteners, such as straps. This ensures that the protective headgear will stay on the rider's head in case of an accident.

Motorcycle riders who violate the laws above may be subject to a fine of INR 1,000 under Section 194D for not wearing a helmet. A three-month license suspension is also imposed for the first offence and a six-month suspension for the second.

The protective headgear referred to in this section is a helmet. A helmet is a piece of equipment worn on the head to protect it from harm. A motorcycle rider who wears a helmet is less likely to suffer a head injury in the event of an accident.

What is a Challan, and How does it Work in India?

If the police catch us riding a two-wheeler without a helmet in India, we can be subject to a challan. A challan is a formal notice of an offence, and if caught without a helmet, we will probably have to pay a fine. We could also be required to attend classes or seminars on road safety in specific situations.

Depending on the violation, the fine might be any amount, but it usually starts at around INR 500.

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Information Regarding the Penalty for Riding a Vehicle without Helmet in India

  • As per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory for two-wheeler riders to wear helmets while riding. Not wearing a helmet while riding is a punishable offence and attracts a fine of INR 1000.
  • Riders caught without helmets will now have to pay a fine of INR 1,000 for the first time. For second and subsequent offences, the fine will be INR 2,000, along with a driving license suspension for three months.
  • If the police catch a rider wearing a helmet without tying the strap will now have to pay INR 2000 for not wearing a helmet properly.
  • If the helmet’s strap is untied and does not have a Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification or ISI mark, you may face questions by the traffic police.

Wearing a helmet while riding protects the rider and ensures the safety of other road users. Head injuries are one of the leading causes of death in road accidents, and wearing a helmet can help reduce the severity of head injuries. 

Challan for not Wearing a Helmet in These States

StatesChallan Amount
Andhra Pradesh1000
Maharashtra 1000
Punjab 1000
Haryana 1000

Benefits of Always Wearing a Helmet

We should always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle for various reasons. Not only does it help us abide by the law, but it is also common sense to do and stay protected against severe head injuries. The following are some of the prime reasons for constantly wearing our motorcycle helmets

Protection from Head Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can lead to severe head injuries. Wearing a helmet can help protect our head and brain in an accident.

Protection from the Elements

Riding without a helmet exposes us to elements that can be dangerous in extreme weather. We can protect ourselves from the wind, rain and sun by wearing helmets.

Improved Visibility

Wearing a bright-coloured helmet can help make us more visible to other motorists on the road. It can help reduce the risk of being involved in an accident.

Peace of Mind

Wearing a helmet while riding gives us peace of mind, knowing that we are doing everything possible to protect ourselves in case of an accident.


Riding without a helmet is not only illegal in India but is also hazardous. We would be subject to a heavy fine if the police caught us riding without a helmet. And if we are involved in an accident while not wearing a helmet, we could seriously injure ourselves or even die. So please, for our safety and the safety of others, always wear a helmet when riding a bike in India.

To prevent fines, we kindly ask our readers to follow the law when riding and always wear a helmet. Let’s all agree to drive safely.

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1. What is the punishment for not wearing a helmet?

The punishment for failing to wear a helmet is INR 1000. This is a financial punishment imposed on the motorcycle rider. The motorcycle rider may have his license suspended for three months for the offence or permanent suspension of licence in a few states for the second offence.

2. Will the traffic officers charge riders twice for not wearing a helmet?

Yes, the traffic officers can charge a fine to riders multiple times for not wearing a helmet, and the fine may increase the second time.

3. Is there any no-helmet law in any state of India?

No, The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, applies to the entire nation. So, whichever state you are in, you must wear a helmet when riding a bike.

4. Why is a helmet a must for riders?

It is against the law in India to ride a two-wheeler without a helmet, but it is also very important for our safety. It is crucial always to wear a helmet because head injuries are one of the top causes of disability and death among two-wheeler riders. It is simply not worth going without one because we risk receiving a significant punishment if the police catch us.

5. Is it compulsory for both rider and pillion rider to wear a helmet?

Yes, both riders (the rider and the pillion rider) must wear helmets. Police can take strict action against those who violate this law.


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